Climate cult doubles down on fear mongering – Al Gore spreads BS

Climate Chaos - Jim Bozeman

MILLINOCKET Maine, May 18, 2014 – On Tuesday, May 13th, 2014, John Kerry hosted French foreign minister Laurent Fabius at the State Department in D.C. In his “happy to be here” speech, he made a bold prediction: “…we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos…”

In case you’re wondering, that means that, if Minister Fabius is correct, we can look forward to said climate chaos on September 25th, 2015 — almost a year and a half from now.

Is “climate chaos” to be considered the same thing as “doomsday?” It’s striking that a world leader would step onto the “the-end-is-near” stage with so many previously discredited “prophets.” Such predictions are usually met with ridicule and debasement.

But the Minister knows that his prediction falls into the laps of the climate change/disruption cult.

This gives him insulation from ridicule, because the fear mongers in the cult have crept into positions of power and influence, and they will whole-heartedly endorse his dire prognostication. Using the word “chaos” is a clever move on the Minister’s part. It allows him to bring some originality to the cause and adds a new buzzword to the climate cult’s lexicon.

Al Gore
Al Gore

Even NASA has jumped onto the bandwagon, albeit with a longer timeline. Some new reports declare that it’s possible that we may experience rising sea levels (over the next two centuries) by as much as ten feet. And other recent reports have gone so far as to confidently and adamantly declare that this trend is irreversible.

They must have some incredibly advanced or remarkably clairvoyant computer models, because meteorologists can’t accurately predict the weather more than three days from today.

It’s telling that there are so many non-committal and qualifying words in their reports. They lean heavily on the use of may-be, could-be, suspected and speculate.

What is maddening is that these “experts” expect us to accept their word as gospel, beyond reproach, and infallible. Sounds less like science and more like a religious cult.

Finally, Al Gore in a speech at the Aspen Institute recently, expressed his disdain toward critics of climate change:
“They pay pseudo-scientists to pretend to be scientists to put out the message: ‘This climate thing, it’s nonsense. Man-made CO2 doesn’t trap heat. It may be volcanoes.’ Bulls**t! ‘It may be sun spots.’ Bulls**t! ‘It’s not getting warmer.’ Bulls**t!”

Al Gore may not be a scientist, but he has achieved star status among the climate cult elite. And as we can see, the Nobel Prize winner certainly has a way with words.



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  • Lambadafan Ed

    Al Gore was gonna block all the volcanos?

    • Joe Conlon

      I don’t know how he’ll block them all. He can only sit on one at a time.

  • Steve Davidson

    Be it for me to defend the French foreign minister, but he wasn’t suggesting that there would be a physical climate catastrophe by September 25, 2015.

    What he was saying is that there is only 500 days (actually 560 from today’s date) to come up with a legally-binding international climate treaty for approval at the next United Nations Climate Change Conference, called COP21, which just happens to be hosted in Paris, France. The conference runs from Nov. 30, 2015 thru Dec. 11, 2015.

    The purpose of COP21 is to replace the 1997 Kyoto Treaty with a new, more comprehensive one with more stringent CO2 restrictions. The new treaty is also supposed to approve funding of $100-$200 billion to mitigate the effects of climate change caused by industrialized nations in 3rd world countries. The money, of course, is to be confiscated from industrialized nations and distributed by the UN.

    Come to think of it… that IS a man-made climate catastrophe!

    • Joe Conlon

      I’d like to see a copy of that treaty. I do know that there’ve been Globe Warmers crying for the prosecution of those who choose “non compliance” to the Warming Dogma (or is it Theory?); and criminal prosecution for the crime of “Climatacide” and the institution of an international court for that purpose. I’d like to see what the “Progressives” in what was once our government are about to sign as they attempt to turn America’s sovereignty over to the United Nations Who Hate Us.

      • Steve Davidson

        The United States never ratified the original treaty so is not bound by it.

        The new treaty to be decided in Paris in 2015 has not been drawn up yet. Working on that is what French Minister Fabius meant when talking about the 500 days.

        The first treaty passed by the UN on December 11, 1997 is called the “Kyoto Protocol”.

        Direct links are not allowed inside this comment tool (really, really dumb), but a Google search of the words “kyoto protocol” will get you started.

        First on the return list is a link to a United Nations information web page on the treaty. On the right side at the top of that page is a box titled “Text of the Kyoto Protocol” with links to the original text in 6 languages, including english.

        Specific details on what each country must do was decided later and found with a Google search for “unfccc 3145.php”

        UNFCCC stands for “United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change”

        It’s complicated and, quite frankly, boring reading. However, that treaty is probably responsible for TRILLIONS of dollars wasted world-wide fighting global warming.

        • Joe Conlon

          Thanks, Steve. I do realize…about the 500 days. It’s basically the “coy ploy” that takes advantage of any scare-tactic gain they/he might achieve. I often wonder what it would take to dump the UN, altogether. if someone wanted to levy a tax or fine on a privately owned American business in a foreign country, they don’t need the UN to do it, anyway. I suppose they’re just trying to figure out how to get everyone accustomed to internationallaws and some type of global sovereignty; so they can then usher-in some kind of ultra charismatic Lucifer-type, to bring it all home. Thanks again, Steve. I’ll check out that treaty, when I get a chance.

          • Steve Davidson

            The UN can be a useful organization.

            That being said, most people don’t realize that the climate change debate isn’t being spearheaded by science, it’s being controlled by the United Nations, a political organization.

            The IPCC is NOT a body of science. Its an arm of the UN. Each of its reports are sanitized in week-long meetings by UN political types before they are released.

            The UN has a hugely vested financial interest in the debate. Money comes in from Annex I industrialized nations like the United States. The purse strings to hundreds of billions proposed to help the Annex II (3rd world) countries fight climate change is controlled by the UN itself.

            It’s like leaving a wolf in charge of the chicken coop!

          • Joe Conlon

            Yeah, Steve…I only have a glancing knowledge of the particulars; but I’m aware of the political nature…the ideological nature of the push for “Climate Change” compliance. Oh, yes…and the petty third world thugs, hoping to stuff their pockets with American tax dollars. As far as the “science” goes, it seems that “ology” gets tacked onto anything these days, to give it an authoritative sound. Well, until lately, by “my” clock, I don’t recall hearing of anyone being called a “Climatologist”. Somebody is quite impressed, though; as I heard again, on the news today, of another Progressive plea for the jailing “Deniers”.
            In evaluating the “scientific” input of, what is said to be, the formidable number of “Scientists” who support all that “Climate Change Theory” emplies, I find that (although my major was in Bullshitology) simple Arithmetic can be quite telling. A full 50% of all the “scientists” on whom Global Warming proponents rely to bolster their “mandate”…have graduated in the bottom 1/2 of their class.

          • Steve Davidson

            As if you don’t hear it enough already, but be advised you’ll be hearing more about human-caused global warming later this year.

            El Nino, a perfectly natural event, is developing in the equatorial Pacific. Its a west-to-east, large, slow moving wave of warm water that wreaks havoc on global weather patterns, and warms the earth. It moves all the way to South America before dissipating. It will be blamed on human activity, but humans have nothing to do with it.

          • Joe Conlon

            Of course! I can hear them now…”El niño usually moves slowly; but not “this” slowly!” or “The water temperatures aren’t normally “this” abnormal!”. And, then there’s also, la niña. But, neither of these happens every year, like clockwork; so, I suppose, it will be too long since the last time…or maybe too soon. Good grief! If the weather doesn’t kill us, the forecast might.