Christie and Obama scandals show media objectivity is dead

CSPAN Video of Christie press conference

WASHINGTON, January 16, 2014 — Two weeks ago we heard that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may have organized the lane closures on the GWB as a form of political retribution against the Mayor of Ft. Lee. He apologized, and people were fired. Then last week we heard that Chris Christie may have embezzled money from the Sandy Relief fund by hiring a contractor and paying him $2 million more to do a commercial featuring the Governor and his family. The outrage comes from the allegation that he used taxpayer money to fund his launch into the national spotlight. Then, last week we also heard that The Department of Housing and Urban Development was ordering an investigation into the embezzlement scandals.

Ladies and gentlemen, on this rendition of Back Porch Politics, we are going to point out some things that just don’t make sense, and that may, perhaps, fall into the realm of downright moronically hypocritical.

BridgeGate and SandyEmbezzlementGate could mean the end of the governors run for the White House. The Democrats are so eager to throw the scent off of their numerous and damaging scandals that when a Republican shows any sign of trouble they send their allies in the media to yell very loudly about how all Republicans are corrupt and sing with Bruce Springsteen.

Now please, do not get me wrong, if all of this is true then this man is the prime example of another big government RINO who wants to do nothing but get in power and do whatever he wants. If the allegations are true then the man should not only give up his presidential hopes but he should step down as governor and he should be prosecuted. This kind of abuse of power is exactly what is wrong with politics in the United States. Power corrupts, there are few who are immune to its influence, and when it does we see things like this.

If we are being honest with ourselves these kinds of things happen all the time. It is only in the last thirty or forty years of our nation’s young history that we actually see politicians and vote for them based on whether or not they were good and honest individuals. Well, Washington is a terrible place filled with very cunning individuals, if we believe the best person to send to Devils Island is the Brady Bunch featuring Theodore “the Beaver” Cleaver then the problem is not corrupt politicians, it is American naiveté. But again, that is another topic and we are moving away from our intended area of discussion.

The amusing thing about this comes from a historical perspective. One hundred years ago, if a newspaper alleged that the governor of New Jersey used strong arm tactics to get back at a political rival, he would probably be given an increase in campaign donations for his eventual presidential run. One hundred and fifty years ago no one would have heard about it, and about two hundred years ago Andrew Jackson would have just shot someone. He did though, he shot someone for making fun of his wife. Imagine the scandal that would cause today.

The problem with all of this is that this is just another chance to make the Republicans look bad. But if you look at what makes the Right look bad and the amount of media coverage it gets, and what makes the Left look bad and the amount of media coverage it gets, it seems that a Republican governor could leave a bad tip at an Applebee’s and walk outside to a throng of journalists asking about TipGate and why he hates all waitresses. The Democrats are eager to not only share the troubled spotlight, but to defame the only real Republican voice in New Jersey. This is an opportunity they cannot, and are not going to pass up.

Also, did anyone else’s head turn about how fast an investigation was launched into SandyChristieMoneyGate? It took about three days after news of the story broke before the Office of Housing and Urban Development dusted off their inspector general and moved to audit the media project Christie is accused of embezzling from. It took months for Conservative groups and Congress to get an investigator to begrudgingly begin looking into what amounts to, if it is true, one of the most aggressive and staggering abuses of power in the history of the country.

Just to compare for a moment.

It took three days for the Department of Housing and Urban Development to assign an inspector general to look into possible embezzlement of a government program. The resulting scandal will most likely derail the presidential hopes of one embattled New Jersey governor.

It took months for the United States government to launch an investigation into whether or not the Internal Revenue Service, responsible for enforcing and overseeing US tax law, is guilty of targeting Conservative groups prior to the 2012 election. The resulting scandal is not really a scandal as the media seems to be more concerned about a bridge.

Does that compute?

Does that scandal dog hunt?

No, no it does not.

The difference between these two incidents, and the apparent outrage that has resulted just goes to show what America and the media will tolerate from a sitting Liberal President, vs. a vying 2016 Republican hopeful. The media and public reaction to these particular issues are so profoundly out of scale, and so blatantly hypocritical, that it has answered and sealed shut forever the issue of media bias in this country. This is not an issue of comparing the reactions in the media to a previous president, and a sitting president, but comparing the obvious and glaring media bias that has entrenched itself within the national media that has brought us to this point. We can see side by side now the difference in the manner Conservatives and Liberals are treated in the media, we can see a direct and evolving comparison of just how far we have fallen in terms of holding the light of a single standard to the face of American politics and demanding equal and fair reporting and hoping to reveal the truth. It was in danger before, but now it is safe to say that media objectivity is dead in this country, dead as Marleys Ghost.

If the Conservative media voices want to appear fair and honest in this onslaught of pre-election ridiculousness, they need to be harder on Chris Christie than the Liberal media will be, but they also need to keep their eye on the prize. Hold Governor Christie accountable, if he is indeed guilty, but Conservative media should not for one moment let President Obama or his allies off the hook for any of the scandals for which they have yet to answer. Take away the ammunition that the Liberal media will undoubtedly throw by covering both stories, and for demanding answers concerning the most recent scandals across the board.

Conservative media should by all means circle the wagons, but while they are circled they need to hold court on the prairie.

What the hell does that mean?

It means Conservative media should be just as aggressive towards finding the truth about corrupt Republicans as they are about finding the truth about corrupt Democrats.

As stated before, there is really no media objectivity left. It has pretty much become a unicorn, Noah left it standing at the docks of the Ark and now no one will listen to its news show.

These scandals are occurring side by side, we can see with our own eyes, and without the fog on the window of hindsight to distort our contemplation of it. What we are seeing is mindboggling and terrifying.

Let’s look at it this way.

The President of the United States of America apparently had no idea that the IRS was targeting Conservative groups, a scandal the media blamed on local IRS workers acting alone, and which they believed the President was in the dark about. He had no idea that Obamacare would cause insurers to drop millions of Americans, which the media then tried to tell the American people the President never promised they could keep them in the first place. And he was clueless on Benghazi, which the media tried to sweep under the rug as the result of blowback from a YouTube video. As a result, nothing. The federal investigation into the IRS has yielded no convictions or even indictments. Obamacare is still “the law of the land,” and no one has been held accountable for Benghazi.

The governor of New Jersey apparently had no idea that members of his staff were punishing the mayor of Ft. Lee, New Jersey by closing down lanes on the George Washington Bridge, an idea which the media almost immediately rejected and labeled BridgeGate. They say there is no way that Chris Christie did not now about this particular scandal, and they gave it far more airtime than any of the scandals involving the President. The governor of New Jersey opts for the commercial contract which would put his face on TV, paying $2 million more using federal grant money for marketing. The media goes crazy, and attacks Christie relentlessly. There is already an investigation for both of these scandals, Chris Christie may never see the inside of the White House as President, and those who were responsible for the bridge closings were fired, which we learned during a two hour apology.

The President never apologized, he has not taken responsibility once, and no one has been fired as a result of any of these scandals.

Well, that is not completely true. If we count the military commanders who were summarily dismissed for trying to help the besieged Benghazi embassy, then yes people were fired. Is there media outrage over that?

Seeing these scandals evolve side by side is truly dismaying and disillusioning. Watching the Liberal media compare something like the bridge closures to the IRS targeting of Conservative groups, and with allowing an ambassador to be killed in Benghazi is heartbreaking. And while if these allegations are true about Chris Christie, he does not deserve to run for President or be governor of New Jersey, and those things may come to pass. However one fears that if all of the scandals surrounding the President turn out to be true, no one will bat an eye, and the man who has overreached his power more than any other modern president will continue to sit in the White House while his allies in the Liberal media sit at his feet and patiently wait for story time.

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