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Chris Wallace a bronc buster in wild Trump, Biden presidential debate.

Written By | Oct 1, 2020
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(LEFT) Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump (Library of Congress). URL: (CENTER) “A bad hoss” by Charles Marion Russell. Lithograph. The Library of Congress. URL: (CENTER) Washington D.C. U.S. – Chris Wallace, the anchor of “Fox News Sunday”. Photo Lance Cpl. Larry Babilya – URL: (RIGHT) Vice President Joe Biden in his West Wing Office at the White House, Jan. 10, 2013. Official White House Photo David Lienemann. URL:

SAN DIEGO: We’re not voting for Fox news anchor Chris Wallace in November, yet critics rush to pin blame on him for a brawling battle of wills. Both President Trump and former Vice-President Biden set the combative tone early on and it just kept getting unsightly. Wallace had two broncos to put the spurs on at once. Snorting, bucking furiously to rid themselves of tormenting insults slung across their backs at the ‘O.K. Corral’ debate.

Wallace slides into the saddle of bronc bustin.

Both Trump and Biden engaged in incessant crosstalk, miring the important issues. GOP, Democrat hooves trampled each other as if no one is watching. Ignoring the clock and repeated requests to follow the bronc buster rules. Rules allegedly decided ahead of the debate.

You expect to see common decency in a smart fight between the presidential contenders. Instead, both Biden and Trump too many times blew opportunities to sell themselves to millions of voters. They had to bring out their proverbial ‘barking iron’ pistol – and that let us down.

For those who didn’t watch the debates – you saved yourselves some cowboy and cowgirl tears.

Wallace built a loop for roping and got his fingers burned.

Here’s my most-wanted outlaw attack on Chris Wallace (it’s so doggone ridiculous).

Chris Wallace never gave up the moderator whip, despite the Broncos’ fiery dispositions. He kept more cowboy cool than many could have.

Journalist Yashar Ali tosses in his coins,

Would another bronc buster sink the spurs a little deeper?

Why have to use the silver diggers at all? Frankly, Wallace had his hands full with these two and the questions were somewhat balanced. Not near as slanted as some in the 2016 debates with Hillary Clinton. Is this slanted?

“Mr. President, I’m the moderator of this debate and I would like you to let me ask my question and then you can answer,” says Wallace.

Wallace’s detractors defamed him with the black cowboy hat when he really wore a white one.

The ‘licking ‘of two contenders will be told around campfires for years to come.
“You are the worst president America has ever had’, says green bronco Biden in his bid to take over the American herd.
“I’ve done more in 47 months than you did in 47 years, Joe,” rips the stallion Trump. 

Trump reared up, pawed the air overtime on topics more than once. Trump interrupted so many times the score-keeper lost count.

Biden wandered out of the corral at times and had to be rounded up by Wallace. You’d see him in a brown study of deep thought – before he thumped Trump. And then smiled and shook his head when Trump thumped back.

Did you see the white of both broncos’ eyes? Oh no, can’t say that – “it’s racist”. Honest Injun.

Answering the question – Why Progressives hate ‘us’ so much?

Biden puts a hangman’s noose on Trump saying he called the military “losers” and “suckers” and Trump chews Biden up with son Hunter’s financial schemes. Instead of defending himself, naming the outlaw Jeffery Goldberg from the Atlantic who bushwacked the president, using unnamable sources.

Why not call out the ‘gotcha’ video of Joe calling the military “stupid bastards”, “dull and “slow”, like a chucklehead fool. Instead, Trump sidestepped with Hunter Biden’s Ukraine questionable greenbacks.

Trump and Biden rambled along down the COVID trail.

Transcript from

President Donald J. Trump: (05:08)

Well, he wants to shut down this country and I want to keep it open, and we did a great thing by shutting it down-

Vice President Joe Biden: (05:15)

You just admitted you’d shut it down.

President Donald J. Trump: (05:15)

Wait a minute, Joe. Let me shut you down for a second, Joe, just for one second. He wants to shut down the country. We just went through it. We had to, because we didn’t know anything about the disease. Now we’ve found that elderly people with heart problems and diabetes and different problems are very, very vulnerable. We learned a lot. Young children aren’t, even younger people aren’t. We’ve learned a lot, but he wants to shut it down. More people will be hurt by continuing. If you look at Pennsylvania, if you look at certain states that have been shut down, they have Democrat governors, all, one of the reasons they shut down is because they want to keep it shut down until after the election on November 3rd.

Then multiple times from  Wallace.

“I want to move onto another subject.”

And multiple carrying on from Trump about states shuttin’ down.

And several yahoos from ‘not so hidin’ Biden.
“I got to respond to that.” (but didn’t).

Biden a little lost on the way and Trump can’t make up his mind.

Masks are good, some say masks don’t work…rallies with thousands ok for Trump. Uhm, waiters wearing masks, touching tables full of grub  – Trump thinks it ain’t right?

Then Wallace gives Biden a chance to weigh in on the subject: Vice President Biden, go ahead sir.

Biden: Look, the way to open businesses is to give them the wherewithal to be able to open. We provided the money…”
Wallace: “But I was asking you sir, about masks.”
True or False (this ain’t no spelling bee, this is serious).

Trump says:  The Green New Deal going, going for not $2 billion, $20 billion but $100 trillion no $51 trillion and gone at $93 trillion over ten years. Who knows?

Biden:  The Green New Deal will pay for itself moving forward. False

Biden: Trump dropping a nuclear weapon on hurricanes. False

Biden: ANTIFA is an idea. False

Biden: The fact is everything he’s saying so far is a lie. I’m not here to call out his lies. Everybody knows he’s a liar. False

Trump: Fewer people are dying when they get sick [from COVID]. Far fewer people are dying. True

Trump: It’s just fake news. They give you good press, they give me bad press because that’s the way it is. True

Biden: I know how to do the job. I know how to get the job done. Jury out due to Dems holdin’ up the court.

A twinkling star point of the evening.


So when I listen to Joe talking about a transition, there has been no transition from when I won. I won that election. And if you look at crooked Hillary Clinton, if you look at all of the different people, there was no transition, because they came after me trying to do a coup. They came after me spying on my campaign. They started from the day I won, and even before I won. From the day I came down the escalator with our first lady, they were a disaster. They were a disgrace to our country, and we’ve caught them.

Moments to remember in the bronc bustin O.K. shootout corral.

Biden: Will he just shush for a minute?

Trump: He doesn’t want to answer the questions.

Biden: Will you shut up, man?

For a gentile man or woman looking how to vote on critical issues – you got robbed. It was a lynching.

It’s time to shake down on the bedroll until the next one. With the Pence and Harris face-off two hoops and a holler away, let’s hope they don’t invite us to a Texas Cakewalk hanging.

Featured Image, Dave McKinney:

(LEFT) Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump (Library of Congress). URL:

(CENTER) "A bad hoss" by Charles Marion Russell. Lithograph. The Library of Congress. URL:

(CENTER) Washington D.C. U.S. - Chris Wallace, the anchor of "Fox News Sunday". Photo Lance Cpl. Larry Babilya - URL:

(RIGHT) Vice President Joe Biden in his West Wing Office at the White House, Jan. 10, 2013. Official White House Photo David Lienemann. URL:

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