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Charlie Hebdo’s one-million white, brown & black Texan Nazis

Written By | Sep 14, 2017

SAN DIEGO, September 12, 2017 —While Hurricane Irma begins to wind down after wreaking havoc on Florida, we don’t want to forget people from Texas and Louisiana, who are still putting their lives together from Irma’s anarchist brother, Harvey.

Unfortunately, the loss of loved ones, physical injury, and housing destruction are not the only tragedies that hurricane victims have to contend with these days. Thoughtless words can be every bit as formidable.

Shortly after Harvey hit land, Charlie Hebdo, a satirical Magazine in France, put out a cover showing Nazis drowning in Texas with the following caption: “God exists! He drowned all the neo-Nazis of Texas.”

Apparently, this is what happens when people from other countries get their talking points from our mainstream media and Democratic pundits who seek to demonize all who do not think exactly as they do, who, rather than debating people with differing viewpoints, instead resort to labels of character assassination such as “hate filled,” for those who do not accept gay marriage, “misogyny,” for those who do not accept abortion, or “racist,” for those who stand by the constitutional call to strengthen our borders and stop illegal immigration.

Even candidate Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters a “basket of deplorable’s” and suggests in her latest book that racism and anti-female sentiments were among the reasons she failed to get elected.

And now, a magazine in France jumps on board. Allow me to pose some questions for any who are independent enough to think for themselves.

So, everyone (or at least most) who live in Texas are Nazis or neo-Nazis?

Why? Because Texas has so many conservatives who believe in our Constitution and believe in the Bible? Is that the definition of a Nazi these days, defending the Constitution and the Bible?

In point of fact, changing Germany’s constitution to restrict freedom of speech and curtailing any church which defied Hitler were among the first things the real, honest-to-goodness German Nazis did while rising to power.

What about the many, African-Americans and Hispanics who lost their homes in Texas? Were they Nazis?

And even if it had been all white people who died in Texas, are we to accept the drivel (being disseminated in many quarters today) that all white people are racist?

Is not such a generalization based upon skin color the most racist, imbecile statement one can possibly make?

And even if one wanted to say “Ok, just the conservative, Republican white people,” that statement is every bit as bigoted, muttered by complete ignorants who seem unaware that Houston (while being in a conservative state) had its majority residents vote for Hillary in the 2016 election.

And, if I might test the “consistent” boundaries of this “groupthink” philosophy again, what about the many African-Americans and Hispanics who are themselves conservative, defenders of our Constitution, and believers in the Bible, living not only in Texas but all over the United States?

Here’s another good question: How many Texan soldiers died in World War Two liberating France from the real Nazis?

Ironically, this same magazine, Charlie Hebdo, gripped international headlines back in 2015 by falling victim to a horrific massacre. Twelve of their cartoonists and satirists were gunned down by hooded attackers right in the magazine offices in an event that was truly reminiscent of authentically Nazi type actions, even though (technically) they were Islamic fascist terrorist rather than Nazi fascist terrorists.

The swastika may not have been on their arms but it may as well have been for all the difference it made to their ideology and resulting carnage.

We did not need to guess about the reason for that particular attack. The killers burst into the magazine offices shouting “Allah Akbar!” They did it to avenge their prophet. They were offended by cartoons of Mohammad.

I defended the magazine’s right to print their satire back in 2015 and to draw whatever pictures they wished. Ironically, while many of us defended them, their editor did knuckle under by promising no more cartoons of Mohammad.

I will still stand by their right to free speech today. However, and this is very important, I will also use my own free speech to call this cover out for its despicable, ignorant, idiotic tastelessness, and that is the nicest thing I can think of to say.

Meanwhile, considering that Europe has an open border policy and Sanctuary Muslim areas which in some case keep the police from hunting down terrorists, and inasmuch as Militant Islam embraces both Anti-Semitism and a mandate to subject the entire world to their rule, it is time to ask when the liberals in America, France, and the rest of Europe are going to renounce the real modern day fascists and Nazis rather than pouring salt in the wounds of people who are already suffering from hurricanes and floods, whose passions rise little above love for country and love for God.

Despite their editor back peddling about pictures of Mohammad, Charlie Hebdo has occasionally continued to satirize Islam. They would be wise to not convolute this with inaccurate subjects for ridicule. If we start finding fascists under every pear tree, the real fascists camouflage more easily. After all, the best place to hide a tree is a forest, even a poison tree.

This is Bob Siegel, making the obvious, obvious.

Bob Siegel is a weekend radio talk show host on KCBQ and a columnist. Details of his show can be found at



Bob Siegel

A graduate of Denver Seminary and San Jose State University, Bob Siegel is a radio talk show host and popular guest speaker at churches and college campuses across the country, using a variety of media including, seminars, formal debates, outdoor open forums, and one man drama presentations. In addition to his own weekly radio show (KCBQ 1170, San Diego) Bob has been a guest on many other programs, including The 700 Club, Washington Times Radio's Inside the Story, The Rick Amato Show, KUSI Television's Good Morning San Diego, and the world popular Jonathan Parkradio drama series, for which Bob guest starred in two episodes and wrote one episode, The Clue From Ninevah. In addition to CDN, Bob is a regular contributor for San Diego Rostra. Bob does a good deal of playwriting as well (14 plays & 5 collaborations), including the award winning, Eternal Reach. Bob has also published books of both fiction and non-fiction including; I'd Like to Believe In Jesus, But...and a fantasy novel, The Dangerous Christmas Ornament.