Carly Fiorina gaining traction in a crowded GOP field

She can take on Hillary and crowds are responding to Carly Fiorina's straightforward message and clarity of thought


PASADENA, Calif., June 30, 2015  – Fourteen Republicans have thrown their names into the mix with the hope of becoming the next president of the United States in what has officially become the deepest field of candidates in history.

That list is expected to get even longer over the next several weeks as the first GOP debate looms just around the corner on Aug. 6.

The polls have remained fairly static with the expected front runners remaining near the top and those with lower name recognition dwelling at the bottom, but if the past few weeks are any indication, former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina is poised to make a serious run toward the top of the GOP field.

Over the weekend, Fiorina spoke at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, “wowing” the crowd with her remarks on foreign policy.


Carly Fiorina demolishes phony ‘War on Women’ meme on CNN

According to reporters, Fiorina made the case that she has more foreign policy experience than any Republican in the race, and the crowd erupted after she promised to call Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu on her first day as president to show him that he has a true ally in the United States.

This kind of performance is becoming a fairly common occurrence since Fiorina launched her campaign almost two months ago. Crowds across the country have been responding positively to her message of foreign policy leadership and background of success in the corporate world.

The strategy that most unknown candidates typically adopt is an aggressive ground game in the early states like Iowa and New Hampshire.  Fiorina has done that with a noticeable amount of success.

Carly has been a fixture on almost all the major networks, including Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and ABC, just to name a few.  She has also kept an extremely busy event schedule, making sure to answer as many questions as possible while continuously pointing out that Hillary Clinton answered only eight questions from the media between April 12 and May 11, compared to Fiorina’s 322 in half that time.

Fiorina’s aggressive media blitz has paid off when it comes to polling.  While she is yet to solidify a position in the top 10, a requirement to participate in the August debate, her numbers are moving in the right direction.

In the national average of all the major polls, Fiorina has seen only a modest increase since early April, when she was positioned at 1 percent compared to 3 percent today.  However, in the statewide polls in the areas of the country where she has been campaigning heavily, her progress is more apparent.

In Iowa, Fiorina has polled as high as 5 percent while garnering several headlines suggesting she has a shot to win the state-wide caucus early next year.  In New Hampshire,  she is polling as high as 6 percent, which essentially puts her in the middle of the pack.

Hillary supporters can’t name one thing she has “done”

It was also reported last week that Hillary Clinton, Carly’s likely opponent in the general election were she to win the GOP nomination, was having trouble filling seats at her fundraising events.  Carly has also gone out of her way to keep Hillary’s missteps in the forefront of every discussion.

The former CEO has often called out Hillary for her questionable foreign policy record and commented that, unlike Hillary, she knows that flying around the world is an activity and not an accomplishment.

Fiorina hasn’t held back against the media either.  She has regularly mixed it up with interviewers who ask her questions containing a loaded premise.  On ABC’s “The View,” Fiorina went toe to toe with Whoopi Goldberg, who pressed on the abortion issue and implied that Carly’s pro-life position is out of step with the average American voter.  Fiorina, perhaps being aware of the fact that many polls contradict Whoopi’s assertion, stood her ground and explained her position in a calm and collected manner.

Carly Fiorina has shown she is not only willing to take the tough questions but she will also answer them effectively.  If the relatively unknown presidential hopeful can somehow get herself into the Fox debate on Aug. 6, she could very well find herself in striking distance of the Republican nomination.

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  • dogjudge

    She nearly bankrupts HP. Sends tens of thousands of US jobs overseas. Essentially tells all Americans that they have no reason to expect jobs from American companies.

    And after all of that, the HP family, with the help of others FIRE her for being incompetent. Ooops. In order to fire her they have to pay her $30 MILLION dollars.

    So other than “C” level executives, and maybe some sports figures, do you know of ANYONE who has gotten fired from a job and was paid to leave?

    We can’t fire a President. And if we did, we sure as heck wouldn’t owe them money.

    And THIS is someone the Republicans consider a viable candidate? Why?

    • Donald Mack Flippin

      And you, dogjudge, are a Hillary supporter?

      • dogjudge

        DON’T ever assume things that you don’t know anything about.

        I am an unabashed liberal. Hillary is the LAST person I would vote for.

        If it actually came down to Fiorina vs. Cinton, it would be the first time in my entire life I would not vote.

        Hillary is hardly a liberal and hardly someone who supports liberal causes. She’s as big business as her husband was and as big business as most Republicans. Regulate Wall Street or the big banks would never happen under her.

        Bernie Sanders’ jumped into the race and is now gaining on Hillary, despite Hillary’s HUGE money advantage.

        The Republicans have long talked about RINOs. Way too many DINOs in the Democratic party, which is why I feel that enthusiasm on the Democratic side is low.

        • TC

          She didn’t nearly bankrupt HP – that is just nonsense. Now liberals and socialists know a thing or two about bankruptcy – see Greece. Also only a socialist would be comfortable with a 17+ trillion dollar deficit.

          • dogjudge

            Same old, same old. Greece.

            Texas and much of the US states have higher GDPs than Greece. Chicago has a higher GDP and MORE jobs than Greece.

            Don’t go into economics.

        • Donald Mack Flippin

          I assumed something?
          Read my post once again: “And you are a Hillary supporter??”
          I know that we look at life differently (seeing that you have confessed to being a liberal); however, my post looks more like a
          question than a stated assumption. Right? (as in ‘correct’?, not as in ‘right-wing’.)

          • dogjudge

            You asked if I was a Hillary supporter, with the inference that I was. No reason for you to ask the question otherwise. Guess you lose.

            Confessed to being a liberal. Au contraire. I’m proud of being a liberal. We’ve done more for the country and the majority of the population than the Republicans ever have.

            Only one who has ever come close was Nixon. He got together with Ted Kennedy (as in knowing how to compromise) and set up the employer paid health insurance program that lasted until the Republicans allowed the pharmas and the insurance companies to rape the country.

  • Donald Mack Flippin

    Dogjudge would have us believe that Carly Fiorina nearly bankrupted HP. From whence did the judge of dogs get his information; i.e., which Democrat operative fed this questionable information to da judge? And she, personally and all by herself, sent ‘tens of thousands of US jobs overseas’? (Ordinarily, when 30,000 US jobs are lost, one does not refer to the actually figure as being ‘in the tens of thousands’.) However, two questions come forth from this statement. #1: How many US jobs were SAVED because 30,000 low-paying jobs were exported??? Question #2: How many Americans died because she was ‘incompetent in exporting those jobs to foeign countries??’ (I’m thinking ‘Bengahzi . . .)
    Next question: Who was it that declared Mrs. Fiorina incompetent, and . . . then paid her $30,000,000 dollars to leave? Was that a competent business decision???
    Last question: How many toes did Mrs. Fioria have to step on in order to keep HP a solvent enterprise; i..e., did she nearly bankrupt the company, or did she save it? And, again, how
    many sticks-in-the-mud did she have to offend in order to save the company? (I take it that HP is still operating and showing a profit{???})
    At the end of the day, perhaps dogjudge should stick to judging dogs!

    • dogjudge

      TC and Donald. CNN Money 5/4/2015.

      Firoina – “The stock under Fiorina was a disaster — falling 65% from July 19, 1999, to Feb. 8, 2005. It was a tough time for the stock market, too, as the Standard & Poor’s 500 dropped 15% during the same time. But HP’s stock even underperformed the S&P 500 Information Technology Sector index.”

      “The company’s net income under Fiorina didn’t budge during her tenure and even dropped into the red in 2002. HP’s net income was flat during the period, even while reported net income of the S&P 500 rose 70%.”

      “While CEO revenue went up, but at the cost of that revenue came at the price of amassing huge amounts of new debt.”

      Donald, Love the tea party A****. Benghazi has ZERO to do with Fiorina and her tenure at HP.

      Who was it that declared her incompetent? As with any situation such as this. The BOARD and the STOCK HOLDERS.

      Save the company? BS. If she had, she wouldn’t have been FIRED. Saved the company? During her tenure, she bought Compaq and the value of HP lost 50% of market share to their main competitor Dell. Why? Dell was operating at a 45% margin, HP (Compaq) was SIX percent.

      Jobs? HP LOST 18,000 AMERICAN jobs. Yes, or no? She was partially able to hide that number by buying Compaq and claiming job growth, which was a lie.

      Donald. Here’s a suggestion from Mark Twain. “You can keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re a fool, or you can open it up and take away all doubt.”

      HP still operating . . . Yep it’s BECAUSE she’s GONE.

      Did she get 30 Million to be FIRED? Yes, or no?

      And that’s who the tea party lemmings think is a good candidate to run the country.

      My dogs could do better.