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CAPS-Harris poll supports Kavanaugh, GoFundMe raises over $525K

Written By | Oct 2, 2018
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WASHINGTON:  After just seven days, more than 11,000 American have voted with their pocketbook.  A GoFundMe account for the Kavanaugh Family has raised nearly $520K. With many donations between $5 and $10, Americans are showing their support of Brett Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court justice.

Rude statements by the anti-Trump and anti–Kavanaugh led to comments being closed. However, messages were generally supportive of the nominee and his family until then.

America believes in innocent until proven guilty

Most Americans believe in the idea of innocence until proven guilty. Those who feel that Democrat political gain usurps our individual rights to the presumption of innocence notwithstanding.

The Bucknell Institute for Public Policy poll held between July 25 and August 1 of this year, show that Americans overwhelmingly agreed that due process is necessary for those accused of the heinous crime of sexual assault.

Sixty-five percent of Democrats, 77 percent of Republicans, and 67 percent of Independents told researchers they agreed with the statement: “Students accused of crimes on college campuses should receive the same civil liberties protections from their colleges that they receive in the court system.”

Brett Kavanaugh, Hollywood, #MeToo, and the neo-pagan “sacred feminine”2018 

Sixty-one percent of all respondents—including 58 percent of Democrats, 70 percent of Republicans and 60 percent of Independents—agreed that accused students should have the right to cross-examine their accusers.

Further, 71 percent of respondents said accused students should be punished under the “clear and convincing” standard of evidence. Currently, a student can be expelled under the much lower “preponderance of evidence” (more likely than not, or a better-safe-than-sorry shrug) standard. A full 81 percent of respondents said the accused should have the right to know the charges against them (because currently, that’s not required and many schools don’t tell the accused of what they are being accused).

The CAPS – Harris Poll on Kavanaugh Nomination

Conducted between September 26 and 27 among 1,2228 registered voters and a flash poll after the Kavanaugh hearings conducted Sept. 29-30, 2018 among 1,330 Registered Voters provides some interesting statistics.

Prior to Kavanaugh – Ford testimony

Prior to the testimony of Dr, Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh before the Senate Judicial Committee, 82% had heard about the sexual harassment allegations. Surprisingly the majority of those polled, up to 60% believed the allegations are mostly true. 16% think they are definitely true, 44% probably true.

Thirty-six percent wanted their Senator to vote in favor, 38% against, and 26% were not sure.

Democrat savagery toward Kavanaugh ensures their defeat in November

On aggregate, voters wanted corroborating evidence before calling for Kavanaugh’s withdrawal. Sixty-one percent of voters said that if no corroborating evidence is found that they would like the nomination to proceed. When asked if the allegations against Kavanaugh are mostly true, 51% of voters still through the nomination should proceed (49% say it should be withdrawn).

Post Kavanaugh – Ford testimony  

Following the testimony of Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford, a majority of voters polled (89%) said they watched or heard about the Kavanaugh hearings. Most voters (67%) found Dr. Ford to be a credible witness; 50% also thought that Kavanaugh was credible.

The majorities of voters, 66%, approved the Senate decision to delay the vote by one week, involving the FBI to search for corroborating evidence.

If the FBI review finds no corroborating evidence, 60% of voters support the confirmation of Kavanaugh. (CAPS – Harris Poll).

A majority of voters believe that Kavanaugh’s confirmation process was politicized and mishandled, with 69% calling it a “national disgrace”. They blame both parties for being partisan, with 54% blaming the Republicans and 55% blaming Democrats.

Further, 75% of voters believe that Senator Diana Feinstein should have immediately turned over the letter from Christine Ford to the Senate Judiciary committee in July, when she received it.

The Kavanaugh nomination battle also appears to have further polarized the political environment, with 45% of voters saying they are more likely to vote in the midterm elections.

Ultimately, 63% of voters believe Kavanaugh will be confirmed. (CAPS – Harris)
We don’t need a poll to recognize fairness

One thing we do not need a poll to tell us is that American voters want transparency in politics. Particularly when it comes to the how and why of the Kavanaugh investigation. There is a question if the process is a quest for the best jurist. Or is it simply Democrats quest to block Kavanaugh. The Dems goal to hold the seat open so they can fill it to ensure the continuation of their liberal agenda, particularly Roe v. Wade.

Sixty-five percent say it’s important to turn over evidence from the investigation. That it is important to clear the air regarding the investigation.

** The GoFundMe account for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s family was started by John Hawkins. Read about Hawkins on Right Wing News. Hawkins identity has been verified by both Twitter and Facebook. He is also a weekly columnist at at PJ Media . He is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know. The author does not know Hawkins or Kavanaugh, but did send a donation into the GoFundMe account.



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