Can we handle the truth about Benghazi?

Obama, Clinton, Carney and Rice are all part of the Benghazi question

WASHINGTON, May 2, 2014 – Can Republicans demand the truth about Benghazi?

House Republicans and Speaker John Boehner are announcing the formation of a special committee to investigate Benghazi. Party to that will be the subpoenaing of Secretary of State John Kerry.

Which begs the question: Do we know the truth about Benghazi? Can we handle the truth about Benghazi?

If we look back to May of 2013, questions about the September 11, 2011 attacks at Benghazi were still being asked close to two years after the attack. Nearly a year ago (May 14, 2013) a leaked White House Email sent by Benjamin Rhodes, a top aide to President Obama discusses the Administrations reaction to the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks on Benghazi, Libya.


If, as Rhodes says, there is a “ton of wrong information getting out into the public domain…” why did the President, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, Hilary Clinton, Jay Carney and everyone else that stood there repeating the same falsehoods, lie to us saying it was about a film?

Why has there been nearly three years of smoke screens and misdirections?

On April 30, 2014, and with unbelievable hubris, Jay Carney continues to lie about the White House’s influences on Rice’s media tour stating that Rhodes email and Rice’s talking points were not about the Benghazi attack, but the overall protests in the region including Cairo, Cairo, Sana’a, Khartoum and Tunis.’

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And that the White House did not, even though Rhodes email says differently, provide talking points to Rice saying that the video was the catalyst for the attacks.

Even when everyone knew different.

CNN (Jake Tapper/The Lead) reported in May of 2014 that 30 people were evacuated from Benghazi and that of those thirty, at least 20 were CIA employees leading to the conclusion that the mission in Benghazi was covert.

There are two known objectives for the teams in Benghazi per reports: Countering the terrorist threat from extremists pouring into the country and helping to secure the flood of weapons after the fall of Ghadafi, the fear being that they were weapons that could have gone to terrorists.

The CIA roles, particularly in their relationship to the Libyan state arsenals at risk, have escaped scrutiny as the focus has instead been turned onto the State Department and their failure to heed growing signs of terrorist threat and/or the political debate as to why the White House downplayed the terrorist attack.

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It is because the White House doesn’t want us to know the truth? It is because the CIA needs to protect the truth?

It is national security, or a bungling administration that felt that the collateral damage of a few Americans were an acceptable price to pay? And pay for what? To protect secrets? To protect radical Islam? To protect the incompetence of our sitting leaders?

Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama led the cheerleading cry that Benghazi was the fault of a filmmaker even as they, and the American people knew, that it was the actions of radical terrorists.

It was just one more lie told to us from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. They were complicit in the arrest of the filmmaker, removing him from public, and press questioning.


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  • thinkingabovemypaygrade

    Bob Schieffer had some good questions (above)–like this one where he quotes then-candidate Paul Ryan

    ““If we project– if we project weakness, they come. If we are strong, our adversaries will not test us and our allies will respond to us.” What’s your response to that?”

    You can read her response above…but note how she triumphs the supposed destruction of Al Quaeda…and what she calls the “baseless charge” of weakness.

  • thinkingabovemypaygrade

    …and why are we NOT extra prepared on the anniversary of 9/11? the extremists/terrorists have a good sense of history.

  • James Hampton

    why not try telling the truth one time and see if the AMERICAN people can handle it, it’s a whole lot easier to remember the truth than having to keep notes upon top of notes to spread lies.

  • Trythis Last

    So, Jacqui, please tell me the truth that “we”, but not I , know.
    Let’s see how I handle it.

    • jkubin

      The truth is that our government, our administration failed. Top down. And that they continue to lie about it. I can’t see it any other way. Its a play on words. Like an ostrich too many American’s are sticking their heads into the sand. Van Jones on CNN was actually defending his “party” saying they did not lie, and what difference did it make. The same difference Ms. Clinton spoke of when she said “Four American are dead, what difference does it make.”

      • Trythis Last

        Thanks for the reply
        But I’m kind of dense….if “our government” failed us and continues to lie, do we send “our government” to jail?
        I want to know WHO did what; when;why.
        Regardless of the root cause….gun running or killary incompetence, a cover-up was botched by the White House to avoid criticism and win an election.
        Was the chief engineer Barack Obama who expressed a demand and then, in typical fashion, walked away? Who was the main accomplice? Was it killary who that night was already pumping the video angle? Who really crafted rice’s talking points….and approved them?

        By the “truth that we know”, I mean names, actions, when, motives.

        Do we know that truth?

  • SFC_Swede

    Scooter Libby went to Federal prison for less than this. I know in my heart, we’ll never know the full truth and that those directly involved in the continued lies and disinformation, including possibly POTUS himself or Hillary will never be held to account. But I’ll take Carney’s head on a pike as a consolation prize

    • DavBow

      No. We want the ones who started the lies, and we know who they are.

  • William Fuzi

    See the thing everyone is missing, is that the video was uploaded in early July. All of the protests around the middle east were about Bin Laden. All of the protesters were chanting we are all Osama. The video had nothing to do with anything. The administration knew about the video in July, and used it as an excuse, but the video had nothing to do with it. If the video was the cause of anything, there would have been uprisings in Pakistan in July, or August, but there were none. The administration knew about the tensions ahead of time but refused to meet force with force.

  • jimmyrourke

    Obama might not have been able to help the Ambassador but there were up to 30 people who got saved by the Ex Seal. Obama left them to die or fend for themselves. What a message to send to the World.Impeachment is coming.It all going to fall apart. Same with the IRS,Obama sicked them on people also,ask Dr Ben Carson who spoke at the breakfast for Obama and said some things against Obamacare.Next day IRS shows up

  • Mike H1776

    The video excuse is a non point, in reality 4 Americans were left in a foreign country to die by their leaders back in DC. The orders to abandon them to die came from DC, what does it really matter that they used a video to try to cover up the facts. The facts are the President and his Administration gave the stand down orders to the base commanders in the area that could have saved them. All involved have dishonored their Oaths and their people, they have colluded with the enemy numerous times and should be tried as traitors then imprisoned, and anyone that went along with them and said nothing are just as guilty.

    • DavBow

      You are right, but there were more than four who were abandoned to die, there was a total of over THIRTY. Had it not been for the CIA Security Personnel (ex Navy Seals) who responded to help despite having been told to stand down it is likely that all would have died instead of only four. This is a critical point in my view.

      • Mike H1776

        thank you for reminding me of the others and it makes me proud to be a Navy Vet.

        • DavBow

          Thanks for your service, Mike!

  • Pam

    America can handle the truth. Its is this regime that cannot handle the truth because it would be their undoing.

  • Obama Lied, Americans Died; Clinton and Rice Lied; the LameStream ObamaMedia Covered-up a Cover-up; and the Democrats Don’t Care