Can a liberal open his mind enough to change?

Sally Kohn, Van Jones, Cornell West, Bill Maher
Sally Kohn, Van Jones, Cornell West, Bill Maher

AUSTIN, May 30, 2014 — It is possible for a committed left-winger to repent, but not without a fight.

There have always been those who were committed to following their base nature rather than following the strait and narrow path which has been paved by the Creator. It often takes a major catastrophe that shakes the ground on which they stand to make people change, and sometime even this isn’t enough. That seems to be the case of the far-left and their reluctance to bend to those things which cultivate the highest moral fiber and dignity of humanity.

Just what would it take for the parents of America to see that their liberal attitudes toward drugs rob their children of their right to pursue happiness? Almost all of us have seen first-hand what happens when parents satisfy their own desires for intoxicants before seeing to the needs of their children. The result should be the loss of their children.

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Custody of these children may be awarded to family members, but they can be lost for good to strangers. How can any sane person who cares about children promote the legal use of drugs?

There can be only one reason: the total disregard of any responsibility toward their earthly brothers and sisters. This is one more tool the far-left uses to demoralize America and destroy the family unit.

The far left is now pushing not just to expand same-sex marriage throughout America, but to force everyone into acceptance or silence. By making open opposition to same-sex marriage, and even open dislike for homosexuality impossible or financially ruinous, they look to change the very fabric of our society and our concept of rights. Those who oppose behavior they consider reckless and immoral will be silenced. If they silence the opposition there, the left is free to move as it pleases in any area of our lives.

What will it take for them to reverse course? Perhaps the destruction of their own families, or other things they hold dear. Man is a stubborn creature, but God will have his way. Some will bend and some will not, but a price for rejection of God’s laws must always be paid.

People who reject God, or who think that they have the world figured out and can organize it for the good of all must think they have cornered the market on smarts. True-believing liberals can’t conceive that an intelligent or good person could disagree them. If you have a different viewpoint, you’re either an idiot or depraved. Disagree with President Obama, express concerns about same-sex marriage, argue that abortion shouldn’t be free and unrestricted up until labor, and you’re a bigot, a racist, a homophobe, a potential rapist, or in the pay of the Koch brothers.

They have no idea of how to listen, and no interest in it. What will it take for them to recover their sanity?

Some people see no reason to change. If you’re right, what is there to listen to? What is there to change? If our opinions are right, why think about them?

Is it possible to debate a liberal? They’d rather shout you down. Your role in a debate is to sit and listen.

Why do they attempt to stifle the opposition? Because, like any religious fundamentalist, they’re terrified of doubt. If facts and figures contradict them, the facts have to be talked away. When Obama gets an uncomfortable question, he goes into talk mode. Talk enough and the question goes away, and the doubt.

What would it take for a liberal to stop talking and just listen, or to just honestly answer a question? Who knows?

Liberals claim to champion the working person and the American dream. Like Santa, they deliver food, clothing, shelter and good cheer. They’ve enticed millions to believe that the only road to prosperity is through them and a government program. Perhaps that’s more Al Capone than Santa.

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Liberals are economic drug dealers. They enslave people with free goodies that they can’t give up: free medical care, free food, free cell phones. When Obama was elected president, some followers thought he’d pay their credit card bills. They don’t get all they want? Blame it on Republicans.

How do we capture people’s attention and turn their minds to a more constructive way? Perhaps when there’s no more free food, free clothing, or free shelter, when so many people aren’t working that there’s no one left making anything. Maybe then and only then will they seek another course.

Man has always been a stubborn creature, but God has always been able to find a way to change our way of thinking. Are liberals the rock too heavy for God to lift?

For fundamental change, enlist the youth. The older generation has learned from experience, and have found that the United States Constitution works well, and know that there’s value in the past. Youth has no patience with experience or the past. They want new, fast and flashy.

The youth of today are no different than they were two and three generations ago. Only the faces and heroes have changed. Allegiances have changed. Once the youth could look to the leaders of this great nation and feel proud to be an American. We look back and see that even those leaders and the nation weren’t perfect, but America was a dream worth loving and moved youth to give their best.

But the left discovered the joy of freedom from moral principles, and learned to hate the American way and those who believe in it. So now the youth accept that people lie for gain, and that cover-ups are a part of government, and as long as it delivers free stuff, why not shape their lives to serve such government?

New and flashy media are the ideal tool with which to reach the youth. They’ve learned that America is flawed, no better than other countries, really, even worse than many, nothing special. Certainly not a “city on a hill” or a “light unto the world.”

It isn’t all gloom. Every day young people go to school, are active in church and community work, are taught honesty at home, and learn that government can be an honorable profession. God preserves some salt in the world.

The left will fight hard for the minds of youth, to poison their idealism and twist it into cynicism. But there is and always has been a solution to this: Teach them right principles, and do it by example. Keep lighting candles, and darkness will never triumph.

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