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Black America’s chains forged of political largesse favoring Brown illegals

Written By | Jan 29, 2018
Black America

Black America (Uncredited image captured from Facebook)

LOS ANGELES, January 26, 2018: The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), EB-5, E-2, work visa and chain migration programs, has created a new level of hell for Black America.  In Los Angeles, the epicenter of illegal immigration, racial tension is at an all-time high, the opportunity for Blacks is at a new low.

The furtherance of America’s native Black communities is being pushed to the back of the bus in favor of political policies and the dissenting work programs alliances being made against black.

DACA and liberal policies are tearing apart the middle class and poor communities in Black America 

Taxpayer dollars are wasting away in the fight for citizen rights for non-citizens. Many urban Black America city residents are finding immigrants, refugees, and illegal immigrants taking their place in line for jobs and opportunities.

The 1990’s EB-5 program and E-2 work visa is the fastest way to get into the USA where immigrants are given leverage over Black Americans. Think about it, when looking at a map from another country where do you go?  What areas can you change or fit in?

If you are here illegally you go to the big cities and break into poor urban black communities.

Liberals will argue illegals came here with money and a small window. They say immigrants build their business from the ground up, and Black people have the same chance as the immigrants, but that is not true.  By leveraging immigrants with EB-5 programs, and E-2 work visa, the jobs they take are the jobs Black youth are counting on.

Political leaders dominance control of America stimulates the U.S. economy through job creation, capital investment by foreign investors and exterminating working Black dreamers out of their community.

Lifting illegal immigrants ‘out of the shadows’

It will take more than low unemployment rates to lift Black America up

President Trump has not fully digested the depth of what Republicans and Democrats have done to the children of indigenous Black America.  Black Americans are now displaced and disenfranchised refugees.

Under Obama, our first generation Black president gave the DACA Dreamers new life and power over Americans, particularly Black America. Using the legacy of Martin Luther King and other leaders, Brown is riding atop the pain of the indigenous Black slave’s history of suffrage, liberal progressives have taken the civil rights movement hostage, merging it with the demands of DACA, refugees and illegal immigrants.

Brown is hired over Black. Inner city Blacks are stepped over on the ladder to success

Illegal immigrants pushing Black America out of their communities

In Los Angeles, on the streets, we see Black homelessness growing. Immigrants discriminate against Blacks. Our affirmative action rights are being stripped away and police brutality now suffers bias judgment against Blacks in favor of illegal immigrants.

Ask yourself, would a Black American have received the same sentence as the illegal immigrant with multiple felonies that murdered Kate Steinly in San Francisco?  Would that same person, if a Black American, been allowed out of prison in order to kill in the first place?

Kate Steinle verdict: Illegal immigrant found not guilty, the debate continues 

We have seen groups overtake neighborhoods before. Asian businesses hire family first. Immigrant Indians, as former Vice President Joe Biden noted, do the same.

Brown business immigrants, who do not assimilate to America, only hire other immigrants, refugees, and illegal immigrants that speak the same language. Unlike immigrants that came to America at the end of the 19th century, there is no national demand to be in America as an American.

Over the recent past, the flow of immigrants, refugees, and illegal immigrants are coming to America with high hopes and easy access to political favoritism. Black citizens who are now blocked from neighborhood opportunities in favor of Brown illegal immigrants.

Politicians have not sought to make an equal Black and White society. Their motivation is to enshrine an evolved form of slavery and keep Blacks in their chains.

Time for black America to rip off their voter plantation chains 

Black Americans were innovators in the progressive growth of America.

At one point Black Americans knew how to progress in American. They owned banks that were able to support business and housing goals. They founded churches that became neighborhood social centers that honored their culture.

Thanks to the infrastructure of government’s divisive policies endorsed by both Democrats and Republicans, governmental programs began to disable their minds, to keep poor Black America dependent on government largess. To promise Black America “government will take care of you” in exchange for their votes.

And because of those policies, the world perception now is that black Americans are generationally lazy with no work ethic.

Which is far from the truth.

America was built on the back of blacks yet immigrants, refugees, and illegal immigrants who are stealing the Black American Dream. Blacks are America’s nation of people, now back in chains and being pushed behind illegal immigrants and refugees.

White Americans history with Black Americans is still a womb that has not healed.

In 1861 CSA President Jefferson Davis was the first and only president of the Confederate States. A Democrat and a slave-owner Davis said all black people are ‘not fit to govern themselves’, and they should be treated in a manner similar to ‘lunatics, criminals, and children”.

These words still resonate as Liberal politicians have put shackles on the minds of Blacks in America. CSA President Jefferson Davis wish for the government to stand on the backs of Black America still lives on.

All while President Trump has shown no plan of action to deal with this inherited America problem.

In 2018 African Americans are the most disabled and displaced under value culture of people in their own country, where their fathers and fathers-fathers were born. Immigrants apply leverage over Black people who simply never saw it coming.

They continue to vote for Democrats who are creating a sanctuary state out of California. A sanctuary state where Blacks are not welcome.

Democrats against Black Americans are elected officials, and Blacks stupidly elected them. Today’s immigration policies are designed to replace a nation of black Americans with fresh new brown voters.

By putting Black Americans before Brown illegal immigrants, Republicans at all levels will find Blacks returning to the Republican Party that first removed our chains.  But only in if the Republican party and President Trump remove the blinders and address the problem with more than low-unemployment.

How does the Trump administration solve the problem in the Black communities?

Nonstop Democrat harassment means President Trump’s priority has shifted towards The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Have Democrats ever once threatened to shutdown the government unless the inner city and poor Blacks are lifted up?

No. Instead DACA has become an immigration policy to allow some individuals, those who entered the country as minors, to colonize the state of California as they take on a majority presence, mostly through chain migration programs, in California’s cities.

Amnesty for illegals throws Black America off the bus 

A tax-plan is not enough to cure Black America

 With the new trickle-down tax plan, black people are seeing no clear agenda for any  “New Deal” promise to Blacks who supported Trump. Like previous administrations, President Trump has not fully digested the depth of what Republicans and Democrats have done to the children of the indigenous black slave families in America.

The new deal Trump has shown is no deals for Blacks, yet gives huge concessions to illegal immigrants and Dreamers. Current political policies, gives immigrants huge leverage over established Black America.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), EB-5, E-2, work visa and chain migration programs are political malice policies with hidden agendas to furthering an extinction of Black people, and needs to be reformed.

We need no DACA programs and no more chain migration into Black American communities.

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Shirley Husar

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