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Buzzfeed, NYT, WaPo escalate liberal McCarthyism against the President

Written By | Jan 21, 2019
Buzzfeed, President Trump, Michael Cohen, L.J. Keith

WASHINGTON, DC:  Buzzfeed is in full survival mode following Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel’s office shooting down their false reporting. Buzzfeed’s report is that Donald Trump gave Michael Cohen instructions to lie to Congress. The headline is still on their front page.

However, the Special Counsels office is clearly refuting the core facts of Buzzfeed’s claim that Trump had Cohen lie on his behalf. That corroborating witnesses to this tale exist. Furthermore, Buzzfeed’s report that the Special Counsel has documents backing their claim left Liberal Media salivating.  According to the Special Counsel’s office, none of this was true. Unequivocally.

Trump impeachment imminent! Oops. Just media wishful thinking

Buzzfeed flounders, drags CNN down with them

It was a firm three-way denial, meant to convey no ambiguity about how wrong Buzzfeed was. Did that stop Buzzfeed, distinguished purveyor of the Steele Dossier and favorite cat photos, from doubling down on their accusations?

Of course not.

Worse than the Buzzfeed report was the intoxicated mob rush to impeach Trump. Both on all the TV “News networks” and by their slave masters in the Democrat Party. The Media glee was everywhere.  A firestorm in the making, especially on CNN and MSNBC.

The Buzzfeed story was a certain smoking gun.  Democrats beat each other to get in front of cameras and rail at the coming demise of the Trump administration.

CNN eats crow, media credibility decimated

So it was with a particularly sadistic glee that I was watching CNN when the Special Counsel made his announcement denouncing the Buzzfeed story. This was made even more important by the fact that the Special Counsel almost never comments on ongoing stories.

The immediate realization by Jeffrey Toobin and Preet Bharara and the CNN anchors that they had gotten it so wrong was actually delicious to watch. They fumbled over themselves. Trying to explain how they could have been so foolish and irresponsible.

It was only Bharara who managed some level of conscious self-awareness of just how unjust this episode was.

President Trump: Oval Office address declares war on illegal immigration

Wishful thinking, IF TRUE,  but it wasn’t

The greater lesson is that the entire biased main stream media and its overlords were flush with the excitement that the story, IF TRUE, was the end of Trump. Whether the story was true or not didn’t seem to matter, only that if it was true, it was huge.

So they called for the Presidents impeachment and danced a jig in the pubic square. Then they found out they were wrong. Dead wrong. And put in their place by a story so completely outrageous it had to be rebuked by the Special Counsel.

An ongoing McCarthyite smear campaign against Trump

For three years an unwavering McCarthyite smear campaign has been waged against Donald Trump. It is on a level and scale that is both mind bogglingly surreal, and deeply disturbing.

Tom Clancy couldn’t write a scenario this outrageous.

Just last week the New York Times reported breathlessly that the top echelon of the Trump-hating FBI and DOJ actually launched an official investigation as to whether the President was actually a Russian agent.  That a guy the media and Democrats have been saying is “too stupid to be President” is actually smart enough and cunning enough to be a secret Russian agent.

The triggering for this act was the firing of James Comey. Andrew McCabe was desperate to get this new inquiry launched. He was ultimately short circuited by the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel.

Disgraced coup plotter “J. Edgar” Comey’s phony outrage

It says more about the FBI and the NYT than Trump

The NYT story tries to paint a picture that considering Trump a Russian agent was a plausible suggestion. This story says a lot more about how corrupt and unhinged the top levels of the DOJ and the FBI were than it does about Trump.

This says a lot more of how skewed and pathetic the New York Times is. How poorly it takes its responsibilities to truth and free press. The Times has been repeatedly and willingly used as a stooge and minion of the anti-Trump coup plotters in the DOJ, FBI, and national intelligence communities.

Subverting the free press: Minions of the Deep State

Both the NYT and the Washington Post have been the direct source of a stream of illegal leaks. From Jim Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Sally Yates, and Andrew McCabe. Each time the high government “unnamed sources” would unload supposed bombshells attacking the President as a stooge of Russia.

The so called “intelligence report” commissioned by John Brennan that supposedly showed all 17 intelligence agencies agreed that Russia was trying to support Donald Trump was written by Peter Strzok at Brennan’s request. Do you mean that Peter Strzok? The corrupt anti-Trump head of FBI counterintelligence? Oh yes, the very same.

Dr. Jerome Corsi, Mueller target speaks out after court hearing

Bruce Ohr: Top DOJ and FBI knew dossier was from Clinton/DNC

Last week it came to light that in July 2016 Bruce Ohr briefed top officials of the FBI and DOJ about the Steele dossier. This is a full two months previously than had previously been thought. Also revealed is that it was a political hit job paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

That the dossier contents were bought from Kremlin agents and were unreliable as a court document.

They knew they were peddling salacious information planted by Russian foreign agents. For a political smear job. They then perpetuated that smear, knowingly and willingly.

No one with a brain could possibly believe that Trump was actually a Russian agent. I don’t personally believe Brennan and Comey ever believed it.

If they actually do then they are even more incredibly screwed up than we could even possibly think they are.

A cynical lie they created and weaponized

Yet the top echelons of our government and the White House created and perpetuated this McCarthyite lie. For the sole purpose of smearing and destroying Donald Trump. That is just evil. Plain and simple. Disgusting, and egregious, and illegal.

Last week the Washington Post followed the NYT hit piece with its own story attacking Trump. Calling him a Putin stooge for confiscating his interpreter’s notes from private talks with Putin.

This, of course, ignores the stream of constant, illegal and embarrassing leaks of Presidential phone calls and verbatim transcripts with foreign leaders. Here again, the emphasis was that Trump is somehow beholden to Putin.

Mueller Circus: Michael Cohen will apparently plead guilty to anything

The irony of Democrat McCarthyism

But Trump has been far harsher on Putin than Obama. He has projected American interests with far more forcefulness than Barrack Obama ever did. Trump has strengthened our military and eliminated the sequester. America is a credible threat to our enemies and adversaries abroad again.

It is a barrage of McCarthyism against Trump not seen since 1953. An attack from criminally biased people with no credibility. Leftist credentials make the President’s attackers sad ironic clowns. Clowns relying on the toxic rhetoric of Russophobia and smears as McCarthy employed in the 1950s’. The tactic then and now remains both reprehensible and a lie.

Obama: Tell Vladimir I’ll have more flexibility

In that infamous, but forgotten open microphone moment, President Obama promises flexibility to Putin. Then the President attacks opponent Mitt Romney for thinking Russia is a strategic threat. A second rate regional power is Obama description of the former Soviet Union.

But somehow Trump is a Russian puppet?

So Obama lets Russia invade Ukraine and does nothing, and Trump is the Russian agent. Obama lets Russia intervene decisively in Syria, and Trump is the Russian stooge?

Barack Obama creates the greatest humanitarian crisis for Europe by destabilizing Northern Africa. Sending millions of refugees into Europe. And Trump is a threat to national security?

Obama weakens the military. Then sit on his hand while China builds a military island in the South China Sea. Nonetheless, President Trump is the Manchurian candidate?

President Barack Obama: A Middle East legacy of death and destruction

Obama: Weaponizing the intelligence agencies against Trump

Obama weaponizes the intelligence agencies and the DOJ to undermine, spies on, smear, and then destroy an opposition candidate and then a sitting President, and Trump is the Russian agent?

The top levels of the FBI subvert the FISA process and engage in an outright coup attempt against a sitting President they don’t like, and Trump is the threat to our democracy?

A compliant, subservient press can disgrace their profession and the 1st amendment by being lackeys to a partisan McCarthyite political smear and Trump is the enemy of the people?

Buzzfeed and the corrupt media

They maliciously and intentionally paint him as a Russian stooge, a traitor, and ignore the obvious corruption and criminal activity they are a central part of. They know its a lie, and they do it anyway. If that’s not McCarthyism I don’t know what is.

Buzzfeed is only the last symptom of a corrupt media and political establishment that has lost all credibility with the public. That is a tragic state of affairs.

Donald Trump won the Presidency with a bare-bones staff by the seat of his pants against a corrupt worthless candidate who didn’t even bother to campaign in three crucial states where she lost.

Did China hacking of Clinton emails lead to death of CIA spies?

Hillary: A kleptocratic, bitter, criminal loser

Hillary Clinton was a kleptocratic hopelessly unpopular oligarch who spent $2 billion dollars and lost. She was at the center of rigging her own nomination. Clinton conspired with the FBI and DOJ  to criminally undermine her political rival. Its outrageous.

They simply can’t accept that he won, and they have been on the attack relentlessly ever since. They do not recognize constitutional boundaries. The weaponization of the intelligence agencies and the DOJ shifted into overdrive once Trump won. Herein lies the treason, the coup, and the threat to the Republic.

Democrats: Undermining our democracy

These criminals have done more to undermine American democracy than the Russians could ever think of. The new Attorney General has indicated a low tolerance for the unexplainable behavior of the DOJ, CIA, FBI and FISA courts when its comes to Donald Trump.

Those at the center of the conspiracy against the President, Brennan, Comey, Clapper, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Ohr, and others, must be held to account. Atty General Barr has to restore a semblance of credibility to these agencies for Government and  fairness to ever be taken seriously again..

Their minions and co-conspirators at the NYT, WaPo and Buzzfeed will never recover from their loss of credibility. They are mindlessly blind by the blood in their eyes.  Blind to the moral and factual bankruptcy of their incessant McCarthyism.

Even when confronted with the truth they press on with their smears. At long last, is there no one with any decency.

L.J. Keith

LJ Keith is a non-partisan commentator taking aim at all aspects of governmental domestic and foreign policy and the American socio-political landscape with an eye toward examining the functional realities of the modern age, how they can be understood, and what context to view the changing face of life in America and its place in the world at large.