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British royals rail against America’s deplorable commoners and President Trump

Written By | Sep 29, 2020
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WASHINGTON. Harry, the sorry product of 350 years of royal inbreeding and England’s Duke of Sussex, joined with his C-list actress wife Meghan and urged their American subjects to vote in the upcoming general election in a video sponsored by Time magazine.

Duke Harry and Meghan Markle in 2017. Photo: Mark Jones via Creative Commons,

Duke Harry said,

“As we approach this November, it is vital that we reject hate speech, misinformation, and online negativity.”

Duchess Meghan commanded America’s simple folk, dazzled by her golden crown and glittering jewels, to aid in their quest to slay the evil, orange, fire-breathing dragon this November,

“Every four years, we are told the same thing: that this is the most important election of our lifetime. But this one is.”
Muttonheads for Biden

Vice President Joe Biden has problem focusing. MSNBC screen capture.

If these two muttonheads sound like imperious, out-of-touch Democrats in the tradition of shrill former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and word-slurring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, it’s because they are.

Harry and Meghan: America-bound British royals with a Napoleonic Complex

Britain’s Daily Mail says Duchess Meghan has been “cold-calling US voters to encourage them to get out to the polls.” They quote American feminist icon Gloria Steinem, whom they describe as a “Democrat campaigner,” as being with her royal highness when the Duchess placed these calls from her $14 million Beverly Hills palace.

Piers Morgan. Photo: Piers Morgan via Creative Commons,

“Good Morning Britain” host Piers Morgan, formally of CNN, said in a column for the Daily Mail,

“It’s very obvious from a video… which way they want the result of the election to go, and it’s not in Donald Trump’s direction.”
Some men and women are more equal than others

Morgan added that for all the Duke and Duchess’s “constant talk of ‘equality’, they deliberately brand themselves as royals, perhaps the most elitist, unequal, privileged group of human beings on earth.”

Presidential Portrait

President George Washington by Stuart

244 years after our Founders signed the Declaration of Independence, Duke Harry and Duchess Meghan remind us what Gen. George Washington supposedly told members of his staff who urged him to seize control of a fledgling US government: “No kings here.”

Lords and ladies

The Duke and Duchess of Beverly Hills don’t like political opposition. Especially when it comes in the form of free speech and through alternative information sites in competition with the mainstream media. Like Democrats and their fake-news dissemblers, our Beverly Hills royals call such expressions of freedom “hate speech, misinformation, and online negativity.”

We fought a revolution in 1776 to throw off the yoke of royal oppression. We did likewise in 2016 by the revolutionary act of electing Donald J. Trump the nation’s 45th president.

It will be interesting to see if in 2020 American deplorables remind Beverly Hills royals and their Democrat elitists friends,

“No kings here… or Dukes and Duchesses for that matter.”

Top Image: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Time magazine video. Time magazine screen capture.


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