Brexit: Obama and Clinton on the wrong side of history

. . . secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity . . .


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., June 24, 2016 – Europe is proving to be the canary in the coal mine early warning system for America. Borders are demolished ‘over there.’ Borders are disregarded ‘over here.’ Government centralizes, systematizes and delegitimizes the individual ‘over there.’

President Obama’s government disregards the U.S. constitution and states’ rights with little regard for the nameless, faceless electorate ‘over here.’

For pundits struggling over a reason for the phenomenas that are Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, the Brexit vote by the English to exit themselves from the Brussels-based European Union literally has thrown it in their faces.

It’s called nationalism

Early on, both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders caught the pull of nationalism that’s been surging here in America. Both men promised to elevate individuals, although one would do it through income redistribution, “taxes,” while the other would do it by taking a meat axe to the powdered and fluffed establishment that’s dined these many years at the public trough.

Margaret Thatcher smiles as Britain votes for sovereignty

To see what’s going on inside often requires an outsider. The stale, and some would say, foul air inside the nation’s establishment is long overdue for a good airing. When both political parties sound alike, while still doing some sort of a mad kabuki dance of fake opposition, eventually those watching catch on.

Long ago, conservative radio host, Dr. Michael Savage, dubbed these politicians the “Republicrats” and “Demokins.”

As this year’s national election has proven, the fight has suddenly shifted from Republicans versus Democrats (although the pretense endures), to Establishment versus Non-Establishment. The electorate most of whom live outside the LA-Washington-NYC nexus want more than these fakers can offer. They want the truth. They want new solutions.

Most especially, they want to throw the bums out.

Britain just told Brussels where to put their offshore government.

If nothing else, America’s national election is adding up to much the same. Americans by the hundreds of thousands have shown up the bookies in Las Vegas and their more proper prognosticators, the political pundits. As it turns out, the two men who loudly and often pointed at the Establishment to say, not “Look! The Emperor has no clothes,” but, “Look! The Emperor is wearing sable, at our expense.”

The successful divestiture from its Brussels chains by the English has, within hours, given a good part of the rest of Europe hope. France, Italy and The Netherlands already are wondering if they too might leave the Magic Kingdom for a return to their national identities. The unthinkable is now being pondered: Rebuilding national characters and responsibilities.

Who is losing from the Brexit vote?

As men and women find their voices again in America and Europe, others warn, “Not so fast.” The dinosaur holdovers are flailing about, desperate to stuff this genie back inside the bottle. A headline in the LA Times, “The isolationist catastrophe of ‘Brexit'” follows with, “On Thursday British voters willfully walked off a cliff when they decided to leave the European Union.”

The ‘Brexit’ vote is a defeat for Britain, Europe and the global blah, blah, blah.”

President Obama, a longtime fan of large, centralized government, believed himself to be on the leading edge of world leaders with the European Union. All those international summits. High-sounding international trade deals forged behind closed doors and guarded hedgerows in elite resorts.

Proponents’ plans sounded good at the time: A trading bloc that would be arguably the modern world’s first attempt at creating a “super state” – a collection of nations agreeing to give up meaningful aspects of their own sovereignty in exchange for greater collective security and economic development.

British Prime Minister David Cameron once supported the series of treaties that gave courts and politicians in Brussels the power to change his country’s national laws and bring them in line with European standards. The result is that up to 55 percent of Britain’s laws and regulations are currently set by Europe under the Union arrangement.

American politics 2016: Turning fine wine into sewage

It cannot be overstated that this forfeiture of national authority, alongside porous borders and an uptick in European Islamic terrorism, lies at the root of concern among many British voters. The phrase, “How’s that been working for you?” springs to mind.

But the Brexit vote might be viewed in a larger context. In a news report dated before the vote on June 17, the global cabal known as the Bilderberg elites trumpeted their dictates: stop Trump, the nationalist, borders guy, boost Hillary, the get-along-to-go-along former State Department deal-maker, stop the Brexit vote, and boost migration.

To the extent that the action by Britain, the country that defeated Hitler now also has defeated pan-globalism is America’s warning canary, the Establishment better start packing their bags. While they’ve been successful in doing away with one man they feared, the Socialist, Bernie Sanders, with all of his outdated “man-of-the-people” rhetoric, the one left standing, Donald J. Trump, remains problematic.

Britain, in voting for its own independence, may have unwittingly also voted for America’s. Casting off their offshore masters, they have led the way for those across the pond. With the Trump unlikely outsider success so far, has come a sense of verification for those who support him.

Business-as-usual may be dead or dying. Outsiders, like those upstart revolutionaries 240 years ago, now are having their say. Hopefully, Americans won’t be using muskets or riding through towns warning, “The insiders are coming! The insiders are coming!”

What we have, both with the British vote and with the coming American election is no less than a revolution. The individual is on the rise. The almighty state, proving itself unworthy, seems to be failing. Perhaps it’s time we revisited the precepts of the American Constitution, that document some have termed outdated that today seems more timely than ever:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States of America.”

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