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Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation a blow to the cult of nasty, old, white women

Written By | Oct 6, 2018

WASHINGTON: After weeks of screaming protestors who fail to understand anything, it over. Friday, the Senate Judiciary Committee, by one vote, sent the question of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh confirmation to the whole Senate. And if news reports are correct, his certain confirmation on Saturday will not only signal a political triumph for President Trump over Democrats but over the cult of nasty, old, white women – a religious sect that continues to conjure terror in the hearts of weak-kneed Republicans.

Defeating the blue-state monster
Kavanaugh, Nasty, Kavanaugh Confirmation

President Trump at rally. Fox News screen capture.

In 2016, Donald Trump was the first to deal the group’s pagan, blue-state deity, Hillary Clinton, a shocking defeat. The continual liberal shock stems from the belief Mrs. Clinton and the Democratic Party had honed the seemingly passive “soccer moms” of the 1990s.

They believed that the undaunted supporters of husband Bill throughout his many White House scandals had grown into formidable, if not much older, foot soldiers in the war against the “privileged, old, white men” of Washington, D.C. They were wrong. Hillary lost. Liberal heads continue to explode.

All hat, no substance


Kavanaugh, Nasty, Kavanaugh Confirmation

Actress Ashley Judd at Women’s March on January 20, 2017. Fox News screen capture.

That view was further reinforced when throngs of angry females assembled in the nation’s capital for the Women’s March in protest of Donald Trump’s inauguration. Donning pink pussyhats, listening to one angry, old, white woman after another, this new feminism would declare it was time to get, in the words of old, white actress Ashley Judd “nasty.”

The cult of “nasty” attacks Brett Kavanaugh
Kavanaugh, Nasty, Kavanaugh Confirmation

Feminist activist in pussyhat. CNN screen capture.

No one knew exactly how nasty they would get. Then President Trump nominates constitutional originalist Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court. The nastiness took the form of false charges of attempted rape, lecherous behavior, and alcohol abuse.

All followed by charges that Kavanaugh displays inappropriate anger at the insults to himself, his wife and two young daughters.

Even the FBI is now accused of being part of a Trumpian conspiracy. The same FBI who has waged a continuous counter espionage assault against Trump since he was a candidate running for president.

However, the FBI issued a report finding the deraigned charge that Kavanaugh attempted to rape Professor Christine Blasey Ford was devoid of evidence and witnesses.

Kavanaugh, Nasty, Kavanaugh Confirmation

Christine Blasey Ford testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, 27 September 2018. U.S. Congress image, public domain.

In reality, all the recent nastiness is over fear Kavanaugh will rule to overturn the infamous 1973 Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court ruling as a new and more assertive member of the court’s conservative majority.

Fearing the Constitution as written

Originalists prefer that Congress or the states submit constitutional amendments for consideration and ratification.

Can a “right” to abortion pass the same constitutionally mandated process as did the original amendments protecting the rights to free speech and to bear arms? Considering the false charges leveled against Kavanaugh, and the thuggish attempts to pressure milquetoast Republican Senators by the cult of old, white women that answer is clearly no.

The stranglehold of Thuggees

Kavanaugh, Nasty, Kavanaugh Confirmation

A group of Thuggees circa 1894. Photo: Widipedia

This cult is reminiscent of one that terrorized India’s countryside during the 19th century. Adherents known as Thuggees (where today’s word “thug” comes from) ritually strangled their victims in service to the goddess Kali. She is sometimes depicted with blue skin, a crazed look in her eyes, and her mouth wide open. Instilling fear in those that would oppose her,  she wears a necklace of severed heads. Holding aloft a head in her left hand.

Some estimates put the number of Thuggee ritual murders at around 2 million souls.

It fell to William Sleeman, a British army officer, to eradicate the deadly cult. That took a decade.

Waging all-out war on the cult of nasty, old, white women

The Republican Party has found its William Sleeman in President Donald Trump. He made it clear he would not withdraw Kavanaugh’s name for consideration. President Trump pushed squeamish GOP Senators to fight through their  fears.

And now it falls to Republican voters to deal the nasty cult of old, white women a second blow at the polls this November.

Also, remember, President Trump still has to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And, entering his 25th year on the bench, Justice Breyer at age 80 may very well step down during a Trump presidency.



Top Image: Hillary Clinton as the goddess Kali. Photo illustration by the author.

Steven M. Lopez

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