Brenda Lenard, Tennessee Senate Race: 14 question for 2014 Mid-Term


WASHINGTON, June 28, 2014 — Brenda Lenard is a candidate for the U.S. Senate from Tennessee, running for the GOP nomination against long-time Senator Lamar Alexander. The tea-party-backed candidate describes herself as a “Constitutional Conservative” and the serious conservative alternative to incumbent Lamar Alexander. The seat is also being challenged by Tea Party candidate Joe Carr

Why we like Brenda Lenard: Winning Tennessee would put the first black, and first woman into the seat. Brenda’s story is one of a bootstrap rise that keeps her in touch and her key issues of jobs and education go to the heart of the people of Tennessee.

Communities writer Jennifer Oliver O’Connell writesSo if you are a Tennessee resident who believes in the triumph of grassroots conservatism over the entrenched establishment, then Brenda Lenard might be your candidate. 

Motto: A better, brighter, bolder America.

Quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Top 4 Issues: Jobs/Economy, Education, Immigrations, Balanced Budget

Favorite books

The Word CEV Bible
All the King’s Men
The Road to Serfdom
Free to Choose
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Favorite music

Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, Lacrae, Hillsong, Adele

Favorite films

The Wiz, The iron Lady, Red Tails, Gone With the Wind

Favourite TV programmes
Nashville, Friends, ESPN College Game Day, BOSS

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14 question for 2014 Mid-Term Candidate Brenda Lenard

1. What do you see as the biggest challenge to Republicans / Democrats in 2014 and 2016?

The biggest challenge to both Republicans and Democrats that I see in 2014 and 2016 will be their ability to reconnect with the American people via a relevant and meaningful message that is cohesive, comprehensive and easily understood.

2. What is the biggest issue for voters in Tennessee this year and in the presidential election year?

There are two issues that come to the top of the page no matter where I go:  the economy (unemployment and underemployment); 2) Obamacare and keeping the insurance they want along with maintaining relationships with those healthcare professionals they have come to know and trust.

3.  What policy change do you think is the most important change that should be made?

I want to provide school choice to all Americans, especially in those areas where failing schools are common place.  Every citizen, not just the financially well healed or the cultural elites among us; every citizen should be able to act in their personal liberty to send their child or children to the school of their choosing.  In this way, programs of this nature will drive up the quality of education and will drive down costs as institutions compete for market share in the form of clients and business.  Couple this with returning educational control to the states and we will have a powerful formula for truly educating the young people of America.

4.    Do we repeal, or fix, Obamacare and can either be done?

We all agree that health care reform is necessary.  I believe that all Americans should have access to high quality health care that remains affordable.  It is also my position that there is only one way to achieve such an important societal objective:  liberty as found in a free market economy.

First, that the issue health care reform be legislated at the state level, period.  After all, each state is confronted with unique challenges which need to be overcome.  Let each state make those decisions which are best for its respective citizenry and preserve liberty in this most personal arena.

Second, the introduction of market forces will drive prices down and quality up, as organizations compete against one, another across state lines, for the right to earn your business as a client and a customer.  A component of this initiative means allowing individuals to select the health care coverage they deem appropriate.

5.    What will be the biggest challenge for the next president – Republican or Democrat or Both?

When great challenges arise, common sense solutions must prevail.  Complex problems are not solved with complex answers; rather they are solved by getting to the heart of the matter at hand and having the courage to stay there until the problem is solved.  This in and of itself is going to be a challenge for the next President of these United States.

With regards to issues, the next President must be to refocus our national priorities on three key issues: 1) Taxes/Economy; 2) Education/School Choice; 3) National Security/Immigration.  Each being mission critical to our success; together they are essential to our long term survival as a country.

6.    Every politician says “reduce waste” and no politician actually does.  How do we eliminate the ridiculous waste – from money burned to resources wasted – that is so endemic in Tennessee and Washington?

I support the Penny Plan, a conservative and reasoned approach to bringing our financial house in order.  By asking the politicians in Washington to cut a whopping one cent of every dollar they spend and bringing these United States to a balanced budget in five years’ time.

Additionally, I would also support legislation to eliminate foreign aid that emboldens those nations and groups who mean to harm the citizens of these United States and disrupt our way of life. I would eliminate “investments” to green energy projects and companies, which are replete with bankruptcies and I would return to the states those powers not specifically enumerated to the Federal government in our Constitution.

For example, I would support legislation that would remove education from a federal bureaucracy and return it to the state level, where states and local authorities can make key decisions as to how address the specific needs of local communities.

Please understand this is a scratch of the surface, wherever there is government waste, for example, $5.4 million dollars spent on alcohol and crystal for the State Department, this just before the government shutdown.  In so many ways we have nickel and dimed ourselves into debt, we must nickel dime our way out of it, as well.  The federal government is collecting sufficient revenue from the citizenry; however, it is not spending this money wisely or frugally, as if it were their own.

7.    Every American is affected, one-way or another, by wages. Why is, or isn’t, minimum wage hikes a positive next step for America?

First, in a free market economy wages paid are in direct proportion to the determination of skill sets with regards to an individual worker on the part of an employer.  That the higher the determined skill set, relative to supply and demand, the higher the wage earned by an individual.

Second, the minimum wage is a form of price fixing on the part of government in our economy because they are artificially inflating this wage rate.  Therefore, this wage rate is not allowed to reach its natural equilibrium in the economy when compared to market demand for individuals with those given skill sets.

So, what do these two realities mean to the vast and over whelming majority of Americans?

First, minimum wage price fixing prevents individuals with lower skill sets from entering the job market and higher levels of unemployment those individuals.  This presents a double-hit to our economy because this demographic has to apply for governmental aid in the form of welfare or other social services, instead of earning a living via employment.

The second effect; minimum wage price fixing is inflationary for all consumers.  All goods or services a person purchases have associated labor costs as a part of the selling price.  The higher the minimum wage the higher the minimum costs the higher a given selling price will be. A high minimum wage is also inflationary to wage rates in general; eroding the purchasing power held by all Americans, regardless of income.

The third effect; is the availability of jobs in our domestic economy, reflected in Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  When employers cannot afford to employ people at a given wage employers must choose:  1) go out of business; 2) find a way to outsource off-shore; 3) automate the process.

The reality is that higher minimum wages drive low skill labor out of the marketplace and the net result is an ever increasing unemployment rate among that particular demographic.

8.    One of the themes we constantly here about is the “haves” and the “1%”.   The question is, are those that are from comfortable to the 1% the problem, or is the problem that our present economic structure is creating more and more of “the poor” class?

The problem is we have economic system that does not embrace the miracle of free market capitalism.  The problem is we have a federal government that punishes success and achievement through a punitive tax code and burdensome regulations. The problem is we are developing a culture in America where exceling financially and personally, for one’s own best self-interests is being demonized and viewed as a wrong that should not exist.

This is very dangerous, for as we look back at the history of our nation, people did not rise up from humble beginnings by having an attitude of “I can’t”.  Actually, it is now a bit worse than that, it is not just “I can’t,” it is changing into, “I shouldn’t.”

What we need to do is rev-up the greatest economic engine the world has ever seen in the form of these United States and encourage people to take initiative, to make capital available in solvent business plans and encourage individuals to act in their liberty and pursue the vision they think God has written upon them to pursue.

9.    In detail, what steps would you take to create a leadership position for the United States in the global energy marketplace?

Rising gas prices and our current administration’s support for Cap-and-Trade initiatives are causing the costs of energy to soar and further increase the growing burden upon middle-class families, entrepreneurs, and farmers.

As Americans we do not need government telling us what kinds of light bulbs to use, what kind of toilets we must purchase or where our thermostats ought to be set, no!  What we need is a government that will get out of the way of the private sector so that energy needs can be fulfilled at the highest level of quality possible at the lowest possible price point.

Our energy challenges are great, but not as great as are out domestic resources or our talents to access them.  The United States can reduce its dependence on foreign oil and reduce the overall cost of energy by applying some very commonsense solutions:

First, insist that the construction permits necessary to begin work on the Keystone Pipeline Project, a proposed 1,700 mile pipeline that has the capabilities to transport from Canada to U.S. refineries in the Gulf Coast 700,000 barrels of oil per day.

Second, insist that the current administration lift the de-facto moratorium on drilling in the off-shore Outer Continental Shelf and permitting research and development of the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge.

Third, cease and desist with the current persecution of the coal industry in states like West Virginia, where thousands of workers are losing their livelihoods due to the fact that coal is not the preferred method of energy by the current administration.

Energy in these United States must be a woven tapestry of new ideas along with tried-and-true infrastructure.  But above all, it must be driven by the free market and private sector venture capital.

10.    America has long been the preeminent World power. Do you feel that Obama’s a) non-intervention policies and b) encouraging the Middle East and Western Europe to take an equal seat at the world diplomatic table – without demanding their participation in the UN and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are in the best interest of America.

This is an awesome question because it is an overwhelmingly important question; not just for this election, but for the world and what it will look like for generations to come.

Thousands of years ago Aristotle concluded that “nature abhors a vacuum,” and that every part of our existence must be filled with something, even air.  I believe this is also true with regards to relationships and the display of power, be that personal or between countries.  So when we talk about reducing America’s standing in the world we also have to consider the other side of the coin, what will rush in to fill the void we are leaving behind?

We must ask ourselves, who has stood the test of time with regards to liberty in the world, who has sent its young people far ashore to fight and even die so that others may be free?  Who has been a light to whom others can look as an example, not of perfection attained, but as those striving to always make a “more perfect union”?  That example has been these United State of America, no other and none other than.  For those allies who have stood with us in this cause we are grateful, but let us not forget our role as the keystone for liberty in the world can only be fulfilled from a position of strength as displayed via consistency.  Consistency springs forth from those individuals who hold close and value liberty themselves and want such a way of life for others.

So do I think this action on the part of the current administration is dangerous?  Yes, I do. Do I think this action on the part of the current administration will have a negative impact on these United State of America and the rest of the world for generations?  Yes, I do.

11. Which Federal government agencies would you eliminate to reduce wasted costs?

It goes without saying that we would not be spending money on programs such as:  $41K on a mobile application that announces the eruption of Old Faithful; $95K teaching Haitian inmates to sew; $3.35M improving media content in Armenia; $20.3M by the Department of Education studying “isms”; $1.2M developing strawberry harvesting robots; $1.7M on how to attract jobs to Ohio; $29M on prescription drugs for 4,139 illegal aliens; $50K on viewing/collecting Poppy visiting insects; $742K testing global breast milk samples; $600K to radio track bats; $777K advertising New Jersey blueberries; $450K in family planning service for the Navajo Nation (whose population are actually in decline); $25K making park benches from garbage in Tijuana; $1M to improve gender equality in Morocco…I need not go further, do I?

Instead of an extensive laundry list of the redundant or antiquated alphabet soup agencies or departments I would rather talk about the principles of our Constitution and the activities to be performed by the federal government.

The simple truth is that our Founding Fathers designed the states to hold sovereign power and that there were very specific duties they would delegate to this entity called the federal government.  Providing for the common defense is one of those key functions enumerated in our Constitution which is to be handled at the federal level.

So if it is not specifically called out as being delegated to the federal government by the states, then that program or department needs to be placed under harsh scrutiny and then returned to the states for administration.  No longer can the federal government make decisions and design programs for citizens from whom they are removed both in terms of distance and experientially.  No longer can the hardworking taxpaying citizenry of these United States fund a federal government that is accountable to no one except its own inherent desire to spend, spend and spend.

It is time that we return to the inspired design of our Founding Fathers and require the states, as the sovereign governments of this Republic, to address the needs of the citizenry, those whom to this day give their consent to be governed and delegate accordingly.

12. What is your position about the United States’ role in the world…..A shining city on the hill or just another large country?

The root of our Republic starts with the Declaration of Independence in 1776.  America’s Founders set forth a moral, political, and legal principle that 11 years later would inspire the Framers of the Constitution  Thomas Jefferson captured these phrases which is the essence of America’s exceptionalism.

“We hold these Trusts to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness-That so secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed.”

However, our country is vastly different from many parts of the world. For example, in The United States of America we have the rule of law; equality-in that all citizens are equal before the law; equality for women-women have the same legal rights as men; self-government-governments are instituted; freedom of speech; freedom of religion; private property and contract rights.  In addition, the role of the government’s just powers is derived from the “consent of the Governed.” In other words, the foundation of government rests in the consent of the people’s transference of certain just powers to the government in order to protect their rights, rather than in total alienation of their rights to government. As a result, America is a light on a shining hill in which I wish to help it flam to shine bright for the world to see!

13. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

My favorite ice cream is Vanilla.

14. Do you and your family attend church, temple or other religious services on a weekly basis?  If so, why and do you think voters have a right to ask?

My family attends church usually weekly. In fact, I teach a Bible Study class at the church I attend. I think asking whether I attend church is definitely a legitimate question that a supporter may want to ask.  Clearly, I can state that when I was a child growing up in the projects of Atlanta, GA, my mother would always remind us that we could become anything that we choose to come as well as God hears and answers our prayers. There is no doubt that my Mother’s unwavering faith in God was the catalyst that moved our family from the projects of Atlanta, GA to a modest home in the suburbs.

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