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Breitbart spokesman resigns following Trump incident

Written By | Mar 13, 2016

NEW YORK, March 13, 2016 – Following the mismanagement of the Trump incident, Breitbart spokesman Kurt Bardella announced he is resigning because of the website’s treatment of Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields.

“When you reach a point where you can’t give 100 percent to people you represent it’s not tenable to continue representing them,” Kurt Bardella tweeted Friday.

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Bardella believes Breitbart had not properly supported Michelle Fields, who said her arm was yanked by Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski as she was attempting to ask Trump a question last week.

Asked why Breitbart seems to be siding with the Trump campaign over its reporter Michelle Fields, Bardella said he wasn’t sure.

“I think there certainly appears to be conflicting agendas at play here. Your guess is as good as mine,” he said.

He added that Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski had not, as was previously reported, admitted to the assault. In a text message exchange with Breitbart’s Matt Boyle, Lewandowski only said that he didn’t know Fields was a Breitbart reporter and that he would look into the situation, according to Bardella.

“My own personal observation is that there is a cycle of behavior that is escalating and it’s happening exclusively at Donald Trump events,” he said in the statement. “It is wrong, disgusting and indicative of an ugliness that is contaminating the public and political discourse in our country. Life is too short to invest your time in things you don’t believe and aren’t passionate about. That is why I made the decision to resign from representing Breitbart.”

The Washington Post identified the person who grabbed Fields as Lewandowski and the Daily Beast reported that Lewandowski acknowledged to a Breitbart editor that he grabbed Fields. Lewandowski said he did not recognize Fields as reporter for the site, which is friendly to Trump.

Bardella said Breitbart has been looking for a reason to disprove the incident, when all the evidence strongly suggests Fields’ version is accurate.

BuzzFeed posted Saturday screenshots of internal chats showing Breitbart editor-at-large Joel Pollak telling staffers not to publicly comment on Fields. Pollak said the outlet needed to coordinate a response.

Bardella’s public relations firm teamed up with Breitbart in 2013. Bardella was to “help Breitbart News take more of a part in shaping the national conversation and narratives on politics and culture with the fighting spirit that is a hallmark of Breitbart News,” according to an announcement of the hiring.

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