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Bob Hugin: Can 1972 Republicans elect him New Jersey’s next senator?

Written By | Oct 19, 2018
1972 Republicans

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WASHINGTON. Can 1972 Republicans elect Bob Hugin New Jersey’s next US Senator over the current scandal-tainted Democrat incumbent, Senator Bob Menendez? In answer to that question, we first need to answer this one: Where are all those “1972 Republicans” across this surprisingly diverse small state?

1972 Republicans?

What we’re calling 1972 Republicans includes the voter class that began to vote early in that decade. It’s a voting class that has endured moments of prosperity, but has also experienced serious economic downturns bad enough to slow or halt forward economic progress.

If you were an 18-year old New Jersey resident in 1972 you would now be mid 60s today. Think back. How did life say “thank you” to 1972 Republican economically, socially, biologically, intellectually, psychologically and spiritually?

A lot of transformations occurred over that span of decades. Imagine going through an economic downturn at age 55 at the outset of the Great Recession. As a result of that experience, how much could you have saved between the time you elected the last Republican?

Or this. Let’s say you were in your 70s when the 2007 recession hit. It follows that if you were 77 in 2007, you would have been in your 40s in the mid to early 1970s. You might have been halfway through your career, or perhaps just embarking on the serious part of your career depending on the executive route you chose. How stable had your life become until then, and how stable had you intended it to be?

Compare and contrast

Taking a look at those two age groups, today, we can see an 80-year old who may or may not be struggling with the burden of exorbitant taxes. Some may enjoy all the creature comforts of home and all of the modern express in home conveniences and the latest technological amenities.

Or, we can see a 65-year old, just about to come out of early retirement to chart a new course and looking for trading partners across the globe. But maybe not so scandal tainted as Bob Menendez.  Or possibly entering retirement and pondering all the philanthropic and altruistic life goals left on his or her plate – goals that government has yet to achieve or fails at providing effectively.

Internal poll shows Bob Hugin within two points of Bob Menendez in New Jersey https:

Can 1972 Republicans help elect Bob Hugin New Jersey US Senator?

New Internal Poll Shows the Senate Race in New Jersey is Significantly N… via @YouTube #NJPolitics #2018Midterms.


It has become clear that Bob Hugin has developed a broad mass of popular voter appeal. His supporters appear to range from aesthetically enriched Republicans to introspectively savvy Republicans. At any mention of Bob Hugin, they instinctively say, “What a great guy!”

How many of those voters make up the current New Jersey voter pool. The voter pool that for some reason hasn’t yet found a need to change the conditions they are working in. If all of those Republicans were to act on the moment, imagine what might happen. The moment in question has occurred on the national level, and includes the impetus to overhaul the public infrastructure, regain America’s technological and economic competitive advantage all across the globe and improve the future for all Americans.

How many promises aligning with desire do we want the present administration to keep? Each promise kept takes time to keep. They all take hard work, which includes a firm executive hand to keep the process moving forward.

President Trump is willing to make the decisions and act on these promises in whatever way will keep them moving forward. He will use all the tools at his disposal to make things happen, adapting and improvising along the way as any dynamic modern leader must do.

How these two groups of Republicans affect Election 2018?

All residents of New Jersey urgently need economic expansion, better working conditions and better economic returns on their investments. They also need better access to products and the ability to enjoy their leisure time.

Younger Republicans, the ones under 45, want the same things, but for different reasons.

During the period ranging from 1972 to 2007, New Jersey elected numerous male and female Governors, countless Congressmen and even kept two Bushes in the White House. They also experienced successful non-Democrat leadership during Ronald Reagan’s two successful terms, which have been revived by the new Trump Administration, often with the approval of a GOP Congress. A congress with implicit faith in a modern American geopolitical agenda.

The change is a a strategic, pro-American realignment of investment opportunities, structured economic activities, and technological refinements. They are improving our existence by improving our confidence in the safety of our American vision and legacy.

Will a Republican wave work against Menendez?

Changing the structure of the GOP geographically and maintaining a Congressional majority will also serve to emphasize how uniquely structured our well designed articles of government – our U.S. Constitution – was so judiciously constructed  to express the way of life to which we all aspire.

According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, with both candidates equally split along party lines in terms of their favorables, the edge goes to Hugin for capturing 48 percent of the independent vote compared to Menendez’s 43 percent. Yet it remains a fact that this is a tight racet. Energy, momentum, GOTV activity are going to determine the outcome of this race on Election Day 2018.

The poll also finds that Menendez’s ethics are seriously in doubt for many New Jersey voters. That’s in stark contrast to what Menendez says publicly about being declared “innocent” over his ethics violations. That, however, is yet another reason for Republicans to elect Bob Hugin as New Jersey’s next U.S. Senator. Public trials aside, Menendez still lies blatantly. He was also censured by  a bipartisan Senate ethics committee. Censure is the punishment for individuals found guilty and in violation of the rule of law. What does this tell New Jersey voters about Bob Menendez?

Senate Ethics Committee admonishes Sen. Menendez

Clearly, Menendez will unthinkingly say anything. He’s used to getting away with it. It follows that he has no structure and no fundamentals necessary to implement a vision to construct a brighter, more prosperous future. I hope New Jersey voters don’t forget that. According to the October 3, 2018 poll, New Jersey likely voters believe, by a 59 to 25 percent margin, that Sen. Menendez is not honest. That could be the deciding factor. No one wants to elect a politician that they don’t trust. But will New Jersey voters mistrust Menendez enough to break their habit of voting for him anyway?

In answering that critical question, New Jersey voters have to question how complicit the media has been in this entire Menedez corruption racket. None of the usual political outlets have taken him to task for his long-established pattern of  blatant lies and related falsehoods. The mistrial that famously left him off the hook for provable violations of the law is not an indication of innocence. it is only a further indictment of the inability to bring about justice based on the circumstances surrounding an accused who happens to be a powerful politician, even in light of overwhelming evidence against him. In other words, is Menendez too corrupt to bother with when it comes to New Jersey voters?


Saying you were found innocent because of a mistrial? That is like saying you are a virgin because you ate a packet of Oreos. One has nothing to do with the other. Republican voters in New Jersey of all stripes may finally have seen the light.  Particularly 1972 Republicans with long memories. Now, add in Democrats who may have finally seen the light. They may be growing in numbers sufficient to topple the long and unworthy reign of Senator Bob Menendez. In doing so, they can by replace him with someone who can get the job done. And get it done without the apparent need to feather his own nest at the expense of New Jersey.


Kerry Baynes

Kerry Baynes is currently a Msc University West Indies, Financial Economics. As a research assistant for the New Jersey State Senate, he was responsible for research on economic, budget/fiscal issues, and the impact of tax policy. He served as a Media Strategist for Garry Cobb For Congress, in 2014 and Giordano for Assembly, in 2015. Since 2006, he acted as Manager of Alpha Strategy Group, an Urban Media Company. Currently an Associate at World Financial Group (WFG), he works to build and protect wealth for families and individuals from all walks of life.