Bloomberg’s ‘Every Town for Gun Safety’: Saving you from you

Come and get it / Photo: ttstam (Terence Tam), used under Flickr Creative Commons license
Come and get it / Photo: ttstam (Terence Tam), used under Flickr Creative Commons license

WASHINGTON, April 16, 2014 — The time has come for the American people to rise up and fight the NRA.

Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City — assuredly one of the safest and least gun crime ridden cities in the World — wants you to join Every Town for Gun Safety (ETGS) in its anti-NRA crusade. He has pledged to raise $50 million to help elect smart, “gun sense” minded politicians in local and federal elections around the country. This will help counter the NRA and other gun lobby groups intent on undermining the integrity of state and federal elections with their blood- and gun-grease-soaked money.

ETGS is a response to an imaginary problem: skyrocketing, apocalyptic levels of gun violence that have left America strewn with bullet-riddled corpses. While that America is foreign to most Americans, it is the America inhabited by people like Bloomberg. Along with Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, ETGS will raise money to fund political campaigns and initiatives that erode the intent of the Second Amendment while leaving the filthy thing formally intact.

The name is genius. How can any Republican or NRA supporter oppose an organization called “Every Town for Gun Safety” and be taken seriously? That would be like opposing Mothers Against Child Abuse. ETGS doesn’t have to actually promote gun safety; they just have to say their name.

Nothing is more intimidating than numbers, especially if they are smartly placed next to graphs and drawings of homes and children. The ETGS website is full of numbers and info-graphics. Say it with a chart, and the claims must be real.

In the section labeled “Backround Checks Save Lives” we read, “Americans overwhelmingly support background checks. Surveys show that 92 percent of Americans—including 82 percent of gun owners and 74 percent of NRA members—support criminal background checks for all gun sales.” Case closed, though the sources for those numbers are left out so people can focus on the their stark reality.

In the section“Preventable Deaths” we read, “About a third of U.S. children live in homes with guns. That wouldn’t pose a risk if guns were stored responsibly. But because many guns are not, American kids are 16 times more likely to be accidentally shot and killed than kids in other developed countries. A majority of these deaths happen when children are in their own homes, unsupervised, and playing with a gun.”

They ram home the point: “We need to start an honest conversation about what responsible gun ownership means, and we should develop technology and laws that make safe storage the norm.”

Those gun nuts at the NRA seem to think that they’re qualified to teach children the tenets of responsible gun ownership at an early age, an effort the NRA has been pursuing for decades. The ETGS recognizes the futility of that kind of effort and won’t be dragged into it. The suggestion that an organization with the words “gun safety” in its name should teach gun safety is just a Republican dirty trick. Gun safety can’t be taught; it must be legislated.

In their “In the News” section, ETGS posts news stories about Bloomberg’s pledge to raise $50 million for the campaign; how Facebook was pressured by gun-control groups to responsibly  restrict users’ speech and reduce the visibility of pages which have anything to do with guns; and stories about the scores of school shootings since Newtown.

Those are the only stories they need. They don’t need stories about the defensive use of guns, about people who deter threats to neighbors and their families by their ownership of guns, or about the way armed citizens stood up to intimidation by the federal government in Nevada. To ETGS, those stories are irrelevant.

Bloomberg believes that we should be pleased ETGS is out there, ready to protect us from neighbors who want to own guns. Groups like these make it easier for everyday people who fear their neighbors’ right to defend themselves, and who know nothing about firearms, to come together and demand that action be taken.

Without the guidance of wealthy men like Bloomberg, grassroots movements to influence national and local elections and to defang the Second Amendment might have no chance against grassroots groups like the NRA and NAGR and their grassroots pockets full of blood-money.

What else would Bloomberg do with the money? Pay the bail of Leland Lee, the California lawmaker and gun-control advocate who was caught running guns? The laws of the land don’t apply to the government; Lee will walk and maybe find a job at ETGS. Who knows more about illicit guns in our streets than a man who helped put them there?

IF ETGS is to be successful, Bloomberg needs to learn from his earlier “gun safety” groups. If Mayors Against Illegal Guns taught us anything, it’s that groups that go after law abiding, rational, gun-owning Americans and their rights will succeed mostly in swelling the ranks and coffers of the NRA.

If Moms Demand Action has taught us anything, it’s that people who are completely ignorant of firearms and who are filled with irrational fear of their neighbors’ constitutional rights are highly effective at getting pro-gun Republicans nominated for office. If Bloomberg has learned from these previous errors, perhaps he can make ETGS a success.

With a name like “Every Town for Gun Safety,” how can he lose? Well, rather than promote gun safety, ETGS might focus its resources on combating the NRA, a grassroots, gun-owner organization with nationally certified gun safety programs. If it does that, it might fail spectacularly.

And it might not. The ETGS strategy is simple: Scare people, restrict their rights to bear arms, coerce the market into producing “smart guns,” and eventually disarm the populace. They hope to make us safe from ourselves, to make America free of gun violence forever, because no one will have guns. They have met the enemy, and it is us.


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  • williamdiamon

    The NRA has an excellent way to teach children of the danger of weapons. It is called the Eddie Eagle program. A volunteer wears a eagle costume and addresses school class rooms. They stress the 4 things children need to remember when discovering a gun, “Stop, Don’t touch, Leave the area, and Tell an adult”. This program has reached more then 26,000,000 children in all 50 states. It is the premier gun safety program for children.

    Consumer Reports verifies guns factor into less then -2%- of home deaths. You or your child are more likely to die from electrocution, consuming poison or falling.

    The United Nations is not made up of people from around the world. It consists of governments from around the world, the enterprises meant to control the people of the world. Gun-control is an evil and draconian way to control these people as it reduces the common man to the status of herd animals. This is why governments propagate it. Gun-control does not make you safer (unless you are a criminal), it makes governments safer. Consider the proposed “assault weapons ban”.

    America in perspective:
    Total murders- 12,664
    Handguns- 6,220
    Hands and feet-728
    Hammers + clubs-496
    All rifles- 323 (that includes your “assault” + .50 rifles)
    Source: FBI 2011, Expanded Homicide Data Table 8

    Why would anyone suggest banning the semi-auto rifle when more people have been murdered with “hands and feet” then all types of rifles? Because it is an effective battle weapon and the one a modern day Minute Man would carry. This is what concerns them, not your safety.

    • The_Mick

      It would NOT be an effective battle weapon in opposing the U.S. government. Lack of standardization of weapons among rebels and lack of training would make them fail. That lesson was clear during the Civil War when a platoon of Union troops could hold a small town with a couple hundred gunowners.

      • williamdiamon

        .223, .308, 9mm, .45, .40 cal, 12 gauge and .22 are the most popular. Most are carried by our military AND owned by the public. This makes it easy to replenish your supply. As many citizens are former military with expertize in gorilla warfare training and guidance would not be an issue. Consider also, most personal polled will side with the populous.
        This was a tack tried by General Gage in 1775, for political reasons. It didn’t end well for him. Either.

      • Marc Blaydoe

        Not really sure what you are responding to or what you are really saying here. Fail what, exactly? Do you know how to use a search engine? If so, I recommend you search on the following terms: “Battle of Athens TN” and also “Watts Riots Koreatown”. Then you can come back and parhaps we can have an intelligent conversation. We’ll wait, but we won’t be holding our breath. To cut to the chase, goving against the government isn’t always at the national level (you DO know that ‘all politics are local’ right?) And sometimes the “government” sort of just “bugs out” when the going gets really tough, then who you gonna call?

  • williamdiamon

    The NICS record tells us that gun sales are at record highs. Store shelves tell us that lead is the new precious metal. Do the math and use common sense, the reason the Federal gun control bill failed is lack of public support. People like guns and the safety they can provide.

    Public support for “universal background checks” was never at 90 percent. That number came from a poll by Quinnipiac University, a institution well know for it’s biased and “progressive” ideology. The questions asked of participants were phrased to give these numbers. Rasmussen came out later showing only 49 percent replied they thought background checks even make any difference to crime rates. They are right. Would a criminal even buy a gun? Why would they if their job description is to “rob and steal”? Their “homies” would probably laugh at them.
    Interviewed incarcerated criminals report getting -2- percent from legal sources, that includes gun shows. Would a criminal pay $400-$900 dollars for a handgun to rob a store for $300? Maybe but I doubt it. They steal guns and buy them from other criminals.

    It is also evident stopping crime and mass murders are not the reason for the bill as it would not have stopped any of the mass murders. It cannot stop crime either. Witness laws on the books now against drugs, murder, rape or any crime. If you want to make a difference in crime rates go after gangs. The FBI considers between 50% and 80% of our Nation’s murder and violent crime rates to be gangs fighting for drug turf in our inner cities. Addressing this issue will effect these rates more then any other effort to effect public safety.
    Mass murders? Address mental health care. The only way we can effect the desired change through law abiding citizens is to liberalize concealed carry laws and remove the “gun free zone” as this is where mass murders happen. Crime has gone down across the USA. It has gone down faster in states with “shall issue concealed” laws faster than “discretionary” laws. And not at all in places like Chicago, or DC, with draconian gun laws.
    Had the current gun control bill addressed these issues it would have made a difference to our safety. It was obviously crafted for other reasons.

    The DOJ told Eric Holder the UBC bill can’t work without a complete registry of gun owners in the USA. This is the danger of this bill and why there is so much resistance to it. The NICS is set up in a certain way, You can trace a gun to it’s owner but not a owner to a gun. If a weapon is found at a crime scene, we call the FBI with the serial number, they have a record of who sold the gun, they call the FFL and they will search their records for the buyer. This way no one can look up your name and know what guns you own, then persecute in some way. This system was set up this specific way to prevent what happened in Nazi Germany. Still, All it would take is someone keeping a copy of the checking list to know who has what. Don’t think it could happen? Neither did the disarmed Jews. Or the other 6 million undesirables.
    Read History, it hasn’t been kind to those who’ve been disarmed, we know them as “victims”.

    • The_Mick

      “People like guns and the safety they can provide.”

      And yet we have a 3rd-world homicide rate with them! Safety? When do murderers walk up to gun carrying people and say, “Pardon me. I’m going to shoot you. But I see you’re carrying a gun so I’m going to wait 60 seconds so you can get it our and release the safety.”?

      • Kevin Mitchell

        You obviously have never handled a firearm. Please educate yourself before trying to legislate our rights away.

      • buck

        I can draw and place two rounds into a dinner plate sized target at 25 feet in just a hair over a second. You are completely clueless.

      • williamdiamon

        I carry on the advise of my father. It turned out to be good advice as it saved the lives of 8 people in an interrupted attempted armed robbery one night. My Scout’s motto said be prepared, so I am, big deal.

        The proper response, when someone is shooting at you is to shoot back. You will need a gun for this. It is also the only way to protect an innocent, If you care as much about people as you think you do. If you do not have a gun, call police. Why? Because they have a gun. / Reread paragraph until it sinks in.

        • RGZ_50

          I wouldn’t personally rely on the police for protection. First of all, more and more of them are revealing themselves to be thugs and secondly, they can do nothing more than show up after you are dead and put a chalk mark around your dead body.

          • williamdiamon

            Just common sense that they can’t be everywhere, that’s understandable. Even though someone had called 911 before the robber even entered the store (they saw them pull the gun out of their pocket while putting on the mask), the news van showed up 5 minutes before the first squad car did.
            In my case they were very civil and supportive, two days later I received a phone call from a LEO, he offered to buy me another carry gun as the one I used was in the evidence locker. All I came in contact with were decent and respectful.

      • FiftycalTX

        More anti-gun LIES. Our murder rate is virtually the same as any other industrialized country. And if you take out the gang/banger vs gang/banger, we are safer. Not to mention the 8 MILLION people that have licenses/permit to carry handguns on their persons.

      • Marc Blaydoe

        You really have no idea what you are talking about do you? Clueless people like you is the primary reason the 2nd Amendment exists. Perhaps we should license your 1st Amendment rights to post stupidity.

      • RGZ_50

        no doubt you are of the naive notion that murder and felonious assault can only be accomplished with the use of a firearm. Homicides, in case you were unaware, occur in every nation on the face of the planet. The only difference is the implements involved. If firearms are severely restricted, murderers use other means.

        Do an internet search on mass knife murders. The numbers of people killed by lone assailants with bladed weapons in China alone, make our sensationalized gun violence pale in comparison. Is that the direction you’d like to see us head in?

      • Servo1969

        You’ve never shot a gun, have you?

      • pyrodice

        I earnestly suggest you inspect a glock carefully, under supervision if you don’t trust yourself or the inert lump of metal, and see if you can discern how the safety functions on it. Your supervisor can assist when you give up. Their answer may intrigue you.

      • Harry Hudson

        Actually Mick, we do not have a third world Homicide rate. It is much lower than third world countries. The US rate is about 4.8 per 100,000 residents. Compare that to Honduras 91.6, El Salvador 69.2 and Venezuela 53.7. Take a look at many more 3rd world and even those considered 2nd world and you will find rates consistently in the double digits. Even the CDC came out and showed guns are used more for defense from a crime than to commit one. I know these facts can interfere with propaganda and become inconvenient truths for the gun control crowd but nonetheless they reflect the reality of the situation.

      • THEyardpilot

        You need to look at the actual rates instead of the fantasy land ones you have been reading.

  • williamdiamon

    Stories? He don’t need no stinkin stories. It seems Bloomberg is bitter and clinging to his gun-control.

    • joeblow1984

      We need to deport Bloomberg to North Korea.

      • williamdiamon

        Is that country big enough for both of those egos? He would fit in well though.

        • pyrodice

          Maybe if he spreads his money around right he can get deified like the glorious leader’s father.

  • The_Mick

    Where do I donate to Bloomberg’s organization. The NRA was opposed to AK-15’s and similar weapons until they betrayed their members by being bought by the manufacturers. Former President G H W Bush resigned from the NRA in disgust.

    • Kristofer Key

      What is an AK-15?

      • Unlicensed Dremel

        The leftist blissninnies like Mick know NOTHING about which they speak – and want to legislate. Listening to them on gun and crime policy is like asking your accountant to do heart surgery. They are plenarily ignorant of guns, gun use, crime, violence, history, and logic- yet they are nevertheless quite serious about stripping YOU of your fundamental civil right to keep and bear arms. Mick is exhibit A of the hyper-ignorant, low-information blissninny hoplophobotard crowd.

      • pyrodice

        hah, I didn’t even notice. I wonder if he’s satire?

    • AimToMisbehave

      Intentional self-parody? Otherwise, bravo at a brilliant satire account parroting every bit of ignorant self-righteousness coming out of the gun control crowd.

    • Kevin Mitchell

      Again, you seem to know nothing about firearms. Please educate yourself before you engage on a crusade to destroy our rights. Find a gun owner. Many would be happy to explain gun safety and function to you.

    • RGZ_50

      Mick, here’s the address for Clowns Against Guns:
      12345 Funville Lane
      False Pass, AK
      Cash only, no checks please.

    • disqus_DVKQtM6xdk

      You must be the most confident man I know. You have no fear of embarrassing yourself more than you already have!

    • Jeeves jaheebs

      Your level of ignorance is staggering Mick.

  • Lilarose Davis

    This new group can start here: I recently took a one-day course in gun safety to get my conceal carry permit. The class was sponsored by the NRA, the instructor is a member of the NRA, and there wasn’t anywhere else for me to take the course. The instructor asked us at the beginning and end of the class to join the NRA. Maybe this new group can start teaching gun safety courses with a different bent. Just an idea.

  • ttowntenor

    11,000 gun-related homicides–EXCLUDING SUICIDES–and not even including accidental shootings. As for the surveys supporting background checks, these have been done by numerous legitimate organizations using a scientific sampling of the population–including legit gun owners. We hear that background checks would not have prevented Newtown and I agree. If, however, they could prevent only 5% of those 11,000 deaths, then 550 people who died last year would still be alive. Wouldn’t THAT be worth it? (I think it would be a lot more than 5%.) YOU’D STILL HAVE YOUR GUNS!! Yes, gun owners have rights, but along with those rights go RESPONSIBILITIES. If you want to own a conventional gun or hunting rifle, fine (just not assault weapons which even the military no longer use). Just be willing to take responsibility when your 7 year-old shoots his little sister with a handgun he found on the closet shelf. Maybe if the parent in such cases faced some sort of criminal charges, then these senseless deaths might be avoided.
    Get ready, NRA. Now you’ve got a group with financial clout and backed by big numbers of supporters. We’re planning to give you a lobbying “run for your money”. Since our leaders seem to respond only to money, maybe Congress will finally take notice.

    • Marc Blaydoe

      Source? How many of those (assuming this is not a rectal-extraction number) were committed with legally-owned weapons and not directly gang-related? But first, give us a source for this number or it is NOT REAL.

    • RGZ_50

      the logical conclusion or outcome of your prescription of more gun control and restriction measures is to then move forward with regulating every inanimate object that anyone could possibly encounter in their everyday life that has the potential for misuse or accident. Get prepared for a drastic change in your lifestyle, because the list is quite extensive.

      Also, you might want to consider that if firearms save more lives than they cause fatalities – because people used them to ward off felony assault and murder – they are a net benefit to society. And that happens to be the case. Of course, if you prefer to wait until the police show up and draw a chalk mark around your body – be my guest. I’ll remain a ‘bitter clinger’.

    • pyrodice

      “If, however, they could prevent only 5% of those 11,000 deaths, then 550 people who died last year would still be alive. Wouldn’t THAT be worth it?”

      You’d be willing to do an awful lot for 550 people, and normally that’s commendable, but only with no context. The highest number given for number of defensive uses of a firearm in a year is 2.5 million. That’s pretty high. The LOWEST, the one cited by Brady, and uniformed government officials coming around asking snoopy questions STILL got an answer north of 100,000 times per year. So let me ask you this. I know there’s a morality test saying “Could you shoot an innocent person to save 10, or 50, or 1000?” but in this case, would you save those 550, or 5500, or even all 11,000!… If the price was victimizing 100,000, to 2,500,000 people? What if you don’t know which group your family is in? Would you gamble that they’re randomly placed in a group of 11,000, or a group of 1,000,000 (to split the difference)?

      The other thing to consider is that NOBODY is actually anti-gun… You’re perfectly fine with armed government people coming around to collect the armed NONgovernment people’s arms.

      That’s where the REALLY big numbers come in.

      262,000,000 people in the 20th century were killed at the hand of the governments who were emplaced to protect them. That’s like ‎Anders Behring Breivik’s shooting, 90 times per day, every day, for 100 years. I find that unacceptable. And it’s one point I will NOT budge on. I don’t think I can consider ANYONE a moral being, who excuses or justifies what happens when only government is armed.

    • pyrodice

      As an addendum, I should point out that I’m perfectly willing to work with the liberal money machine to eliminate the entire drug prohibition, which will drop the crime rates to an extent that you may find astonishing.

    • JSH

      First of all, there’s no such thing as an “assault weapon”. That’s a term coined by the anti-gun crowd to scare you into supporting their agenda. The AR-15 that you think is an “assault weapon” is nothing more than a conventional gun, or “hunting rifle” that resembles an M16. It shoots the same ammo (in fact many standard hunting rifles shoot larger rounds), it’s semi-automatic, it has no features that make it any more lethal that any other hunting rifle.

      Second, no, it would not be worth it. Passing arbitrary gun laws and sitting around patting yourself on the back because you think you’ve done something is what got us to where we are now. These laws are useless; they don’t address the real problem. You want to take guns out of the equation so that maybe a few more people survive? Why not do some real work and figure out why the violence is occurring in the first place and address that? It would save a lot more than 550 lives and then you could really be proud of yourselves.

      As for accidental shootings; those are happening because children are not being taught the dangers of “playing” with a gun. I grew up in a house where guns were hanging on the wall, unlocked, fully loaded and not one time did I ever pull one down without supervision. I had been taught to respect the guns as far back as I can remember. I also knew how to handle a gun safely, how to load and unload it, how to hold it without ever pointing it at another person, how to keep my finger off the trigger unless I was ready to fire. Even with all that knowledge I still never felt the need to “play” with a gun unsupervised. So you think you can legislate that into a home? You can’t legislate gun safety, you can only teach it.

      Finally, not one of the gun laws, existing or proposed, is going to have any impact on the violence we’re seeing today. If someone wants to buy a gun illegally then they’re going to get it from someone that doesn’t care if they’re a felon. There are people selling guns on the streets specifically to felons and they know it. How do your laws prevent that? Why not get to the root of the violence? Find out why these people are felons to begin with and why they want to purchase an illegal gun; address that problem. Otherwise all you’re doing is passing useless laws that only affect those of us that want to keep it legal.

  • motoguzzi

    I would like to thank ex mayor Bloomberg for his new 50 million dollar NRA membership drive!

    He will join the worlds greatest gun salesman, Barack Obama, in the Unintended Consequences (but totally predictable) Hall of Fame.

  • RGZ_50

    Nice job, Conor. Might be your best column to date.

  • Darkheart11

    Has there ever been ONE(1) instance of these anti gun bowel movement demands saving ONE(1) human life?