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The quavering voice of Blasey Ford and the railroading of Brett Kavanaugh

Written By | Sep 27, 2018
Christine Blasey Ford, Quavering Voice, Railroading of Brett Kavanaugh, Jacquie Kubin

WASHINGTON. For a little more than two hours thus far, Christine Blasey Ford has recounted why she believes she was sexually attacked by Brett Kavanaugh. With a quavering voice, she spoke of something that she alleges happened decades ago and that would, if true, be horrific to endure. And neither Brett Kavanaugh or the Republicans can fight back.

Democrats and Ford are cynically playing the “crying woman” card, and it is a maneuver nearly impossible to beat. This tried and true maneuver will, unless he can stand up for himself à la Clarence Thomas, destroy Brett Kavanaugh. That may be the ultimate reward for a man who has spent the last thirty years of his public life being a fine and dedicated servant to his family, friends and the bench to which he serves.

While Ford is being called a believable witness, what is it we are supposed to be believing?

Today we are hearing a women’s unverified and unverifiable murky recollections alleging a sexual assault that may have taken place long, long ago. Her allegations may very well ruin one man’s life, career and family and erase two-hundred years of jurisprudence from our history.

Unfortunately for the #MeToo movement and women’s believability going forward, Ford and the Democrat senators who do less to seek the truth than bolster the ego of Dr. Ford, have done more to harm the credibility of women already reticent to come forward.

The presumption of Brett Kavanaugh’s guilt and Blasey’s credibility

These hearing should not have been held based on what she said. Or he said. The legal term for that is hearsay.

These hearings instead should be based on the real, credible and actionable information that proves Ford’s statements. That is something Ford is unable to provide. And because of that, these hearings should not have been held.

Americans should demand that any complaint, any charge taken up in any court or confirmation hearing is credible and verifiable.

Because when we fail to demand verifiable honesty we, as Americans, lose. We take one more step toward living in an oligarchy run by a kangaroo court society that can destroy anyone at any time. Because they said so. 

Because, personally speaking, it is easy to be railroaded by the justice system.

The problems with the Christine Ford Blasey testimony

It seems that when Ms. Blasey chose to leave the party long, long ago, she must have walked the roughly five to seven miles journey home shaken, crying and scared because she does not remember getting picked up. She did not file a complaint. She did not tell her parents or a friend.

Her “proof” that this story is true is that she had to have two front doors installed in her home.

That, in turn, is what led to her attending marital counseling. A marital spat over a home remodel led to emergence of the alleged attack in “recollected memories.” But then, a little later in her testimony, Ford changed her story and claimed that her second door is actually there for “sponsored interns from Google and students” to use. Really?

Seems like the purpose of the door is not exactly as Ms. Ford would ask us to believe. It was not installed as a second escape route for a person suffering from claustrophobia as a result of an attack. It was installed to give the interns and students they sponsored a private door to enter their area of the house.

How convenient that no one caught that little omission of fact.

To date, there is no one willing to stand up and confirm her story. In fact, those she has identified as witnesses have all – to a person – denied being present or seeing Brett Kavanaugh ever act in the manner in which she describes.

Despite that, the end game of this Senate chaos is the destruction of Brett Kavanaugh.  It will turn his years on the bench to a side note to what should have been an illustrious career. 
Hazy recollections versus the judge’s calendar

Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s calendar from the summer of 1982 is available for review. And it was a mistake to allow the media to have it. Because now Christine Blasey Ford can change her testimony to fit the calendar.

But what it does show is that the windows of opportunity for Ford to attend a party with Kavanaugh are slim. Because Kavanaugh was busy – drinking beer or lighting weights.  Regardless of how credible, brave or human Ford may be, the dates, times and chances of the events happening as she describes are few and far between.

The Senators should have asked for an FBI investigation, not Brett Kavanaugh

Judge Kavanaugh is no fool, though he seems to be getting some bad advice on how to deal with this fight for America’s rule of decency, and democracy. There are some real holes in Ford’s testimony. Whose house? Why were parents not home? Neighbors? How did she get home? What color was the blanket on the bed? What was Kavanaugh or Mark Judge wearing? At the age of 15, what was she doing going to parties with older boys?

Personally, my patience with Ford and the Democrats ran out with the very first of her ongoing train of lies. When you are a child, mistruths and misspeaks are stories. When you are an adult, they are lies.

If you don’t know, for sure, before you destroy the life work of a man and toss America’s base of fairness into the wood chipper, you need to be 100% sure of your accusations.

I have heard nothing that convinces me Ford’s accusation has one iota of truth to them. An investigation would have proven this out. But then that would have been fair to Kavanaugh. Just another Republican mistake.

The calendar does prove Brett Kavanaugh was a busy teen

And that he was grounded for unknown reasons – though we can be assured a Democrat will ask if he was grounded for groping Ford. Because Democrats are acting like juvenile delinquents at these hearings.

It’s insane, even given their already bottom-of-the-barrel standards.

Kavanaugh submitted his calendars evidence that he was not at a party of the kind referred to by Christine Blasey Ford. Her accusations that he groped her drunkenly in the presence of others (all of whom have contradicted her claims) are nothing more than speculative lies.

Christine Blasey Ford, Quavering Voice, Railroading of Brett Kavanaugh, Jacquie KubinChristine Blasey Ford, Quavering Voice, Railroading of Brett Kavanaugh, Jacquie KubinChristine Blasey Ford, Quavering Voice, Railroading of Brett Kavanaugh, Jacquie Kubin
Let the mocking continue

Nevertheless, Kavanaugh releasing his calendar is not the sign of a man trying to hide a boyhood assault. It is the sign of a boy who grew up to be a meticulous and careful jurist. Kavanaugh in discussing the most intimate details of his life, is not exhibiting the signs of a man hiding anything. His professionalism and his bearing are the signs of a man raised by two loving parents who instilled in him a strong moral code.

A man who grew to be a kind, patient and fair jurist.

A jurist Democrats are attempting to destroy for the sake of hard-left, take-no-prisoners power politics.

Brett has a calendar. Does Blasey have a journal?

One thing the Senate can ask is if young Miss. Blasey kept a journal or diary. She was, is, also self-motivated. Her Wiki entry details that she is an:

“American psychologist and professor of statistics at Palo Alto University. Widely published in her field,  she specializes in designing statistical models for research projects.[9] During her academic career, Ford has worked as a research psychologist for Stanford University‘s Department of Psychiatry and a professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine Collaborative Clinical Psychology Program.”

So chances are good she has a diary of some type. And she probably kept it. Somewhere. Her demeanor is much too self-absorbed not to have believed that her every moment was worth memorializing.

However, the bigger question to ask is how, with her academic career and her expertise in the fields of psychiatry and psychology, was this woman, emotionally unstable, flawed, suffering from claustrophobia and PTSD able to function on a daily bases without first dealing with her own instabilities?

The navel-gazing elements embodied in her career choice led her to use words and accusations to intimidate, even while claiming she is afraid, fearful, overwhelmed and unable to cope. She is, after all, a psychologist. Building her professional toolbox should have begun with her.

An alleged crime without benefit of a court is leading to the cavalier destruction of Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Christine Blasey Ford is accusing Judge Kavanaugh of a moral crime, and she does so freely, knowing she has zero responsibility to provide some verifiable proof. She must offer some proof beyond “I believe this happened,”  “I do not remember date details, or “who I talked to after being assaulted.” But under the current kangaroo court proceedings the Democrats have so predictably engineered, she has no need to do so.

The only court available for judging this spectacle is the court of public opinion. Unfortunately, far too many of our Senators – and the media, of course – are leading the minds of the public in claiming Kavanaugh, a husband, and father to two girls, as guilty. They have no proof. They refuse to show the letter that let to all this. And they not give a date or time of the alleged offense. That’s either because it did not happen. Or, even if it did, was Brett Kavanaugh provably the ghost that has haunted Ford these last 36 years.

The accuser, Ford, can’t remember anything.

This self-described, highly successful writer claims she cannot remember anything other than “it happened.” But you don’t forget something like this, particularly if you have decided to go public with it. Not the date, the circumstances, the place or who was there. You do not forget. You remember every detail. From how you got home to the color of the blouse you were wearing. If the sun was shining or it was raining.

You remember how you felt when you entered your home, your safe place and the interactions you had with your family.  That you were angry, that you had a fight with your mother because you were acting oddly.

But Ford also can’t remember where the alleged assault happened. Or who was there. A handful of her witnesses have said, yeah, no. Not there. Did not see anything. Don’t know what you are talking about.

But she remembers it was absolutely Brett Kavanaugh. And Mark Judge, who also denies being there or having any knowledge of the alleged attack, says it never happened then. Or any other time.

The calendars don’t prove anything.

The calendars do not prove the alleged assault took place, or didn’t. But because the calendars (allegedly) exist, Ford cannot say it happened on this day, or another. It has been leaked that most weekends, Kavanaugh was out of town, spending time with grandparents and family. Not pounding red cups at pool parties.

Questions that need to be asked

And now another accuser comes forward. And yet another. So where have these women been while Kavanaugh sat on the Federal Bench?

Why was the FBI so amateurish in conducting some six different background investigations that they did not turn up these allegations earlier?

Why, when the confirmation hearings were over, did Democrats come forward just days before the scheduled vote on his confirmation? Even though they had Ford’s letter and allegations in hand at the time.

You know the answers to those questions, don’t you?

I do not debate that a 15-year-old Blasey experienced the gropings of boys. I find the stories of the rape parties during “Beach Week” a bit hard to accept, because I find it hard that no one would stand up against them (the 1980s were not the dark ages) and would need to see proof that such a thing occurred.

But based on the evidence, not the quavering voice of Christine Blasey Ford, I still do not believe the Brett Kavanaugh, the kid with his eyes on the academic prize, had anything to do with this alleged incident. Instead, he became a convenient foil, an easy target of radical Democrats who firmly believe that they and they alone are the legitimate government of America, no matter what the electoral majority proclaimed in 2016. Whatever the outcome of the current Capitol Hill charade, we may never know the truth unless Judge Kavanaugh files a civil suit for defamation of character against Ford. Small chance that will happen under any circumstances.

One thing is certain, though many may disagree about it. The “#MeToo movement” is suffering a tremendous loss today. So are the rights of allegedly privileged white men. Because first, it is Brett Kavanaugh. Then it is your son, husband, brother, father or friend. We have arrived at a point where we are one slippery slope away from what the German Lutheran pastor, Martin Niemöller described in

First they came …

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.


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