Black Conservatives Fund: Mount a challenge to the status quo

Dr. Ben Carson - Creative Common
Dr. Ben Carson - Creative Common

WASHINGTON, April 14, 2013 – Inner City unemployment, crime, hopelessness and slums: In these issues we see Obama standing proudly on the foundation that others have built and adding his own accomplishments.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt got the ball rolling originally. It is not widely known, because liberals control the narrative of recent history through their death grip on academia and mass media, but there were widespread slums in Washington D.C. going all the way back to the FDR-era.

None of his New Deal programs had any effect on eradicating them. In fact the opposite was true, they grew exponentially and not just in D.C. but all over the country. Where welfare programs go, slums, ghettos and barrios follow.

The Welfare State eroded the work ethic, morals and family stability of all those it touched, from its very inception. It is ironic that while Democrats now applaud the abolition of slavery, not only was their party the party of slavery, but was also the party of resistance to the emancipation of slaves.

The Democrats’ resistance to abolition ultimately was unsustainable. But, since blacks could no longer be held in a position of servitude, perhaps they could serve another purpose. They could be coaxed to become recipients of government enforced wealth transfers in exchange for adopting the role of  a growth engine in the Democrat political base, thus fueling a electoral realignment.

The simple reality is that they moved off one plantation and marched directly on to another one. In this social plan, the Black has been shown his ‘place’ by the Democrats, and predictably following the pull of the lowest common denominator of human nature, has willingly accepted that place. If ever there was a social plan created to fulfill the earnest desires of racists, the Welfare State has to be it.

Then came LBJ and the next phase of massive government expansion in social programs – this time called, the ‘Great Society’. More welfare and government housing, more ghettos and urban crime.  A succession of Democrat politicians, most notably Ted Kennedy – leading up to the present day, have expanded the nightmare of the Urban existence, while promising to alleviate it.

All of which leads us back full circle to 2014, with Obama, who made a lot of promises to Blacks and other minorities which have all turned out to be empty.

Enter the launch of Black Conservatives Fund. In the tradition of accomplished black conservatives like J.C. Watts, Lt. Col. Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, Mayor Mia Love, Senator Tim Scott (SC) and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, the Black Conservative Fund reflects the desire to promote conservative ideals and draw qualified black conservative candidates from the local to national level.

The Black Conservative Fund begins today raising funds and reaching out to the black community promoting constitutional policies and limited government. This is quite an interesting development, given the earlier history of blacks in Congress.  According to the Council for African American Republican Leadership (CAARL):

Blacks entered Congress in 1869 as members only of the Republican Party. In fact, all of the first black congressmen were Republicans until 1935 when the first black Democrat was finally elected to Congress.

Some of these original dignitaries include: Sen. Hiram Rhodes Revels (R-Miss.) – 1869, Rep. Joseph Rainey (R-S.C) – 1869, Rep. Jefferson Franklin Long (R-Ga.) – 1870, Rep. Robert Brown Elliot (R. S.C.) – 1871, and Gov. Pinckney Pinchback (R-La.) – 1872.

Anita Moncrief, a founding member on Black Conservative Fund’s board of advisers, and the key whistleblower on the ACORN election fraud outlines the purpose and inspiration that is the foundation of BCF’s aims and objectives:

All across America, black conservatives are running for office in record numbers. The lock that the liberals have held on the black vote is slowly but surely breaking. An entirely new generation of black leaders is stepping forward to help save this nation. They believe that the welfare state and corrupt education system are destroying our future. They understand that big government has created nothing but big problems. Not only that, they are willing to stand up and fight back against the Left-wing race baiters of the Democratic party.

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  • melsbabysis

    Right on with this article! The only thing I’m not in agreement with is Clarence Thomas. He is a huge suppoter of Monsanto. And that just nixes him in my book.

    • beenthere

      Please do not be a one issue person. If you disagree with Thomas and his support or Monsanto that’s fine. But do the great opinions he as written and what he stands for out way one strong objection you have?

      • Becky Belanger

        With the issue of Monsanto…. yes!

        • disisdadrum

          If you are a “one issue person”, you won’t be voting for anyone at all as, ANY candidate for public office will have some issues!!
          It’s just a question of the candidate with the least issues. BTW, for you and the OP, Clarence Thomas is a moot point as his post is an appointment not elected {^_^}

      • caar

        The ONLY “one issue” that is BASIC is the “kill the babies” issue – if a person believes in murdering babies than HOW can we trust him/her with OUR lives??? Much less our money, property and freedom?

      • melsbabysis

        Considering how important this issue is, YES.

    • disisdadrum

      “not in agreement with Clarence Thomas” is irrelevant as he was appointed NOT elected!!

  • Ken Largent II

    How will I know if a candidate (regardless of race) is truly conservative BEFORE I cast my vote? I’m concerned that the type of person that wishes to run for office has nefarious reasons for doing so and will do or say anything to accomplish that goal. I would not put it past a Democratic thinking candidate to run n a conservative platform and then show their true liberal colors (no pun intended) Once they’ve achieved election. If I were a Saul Alinsky disciple, I would see the tide turning in favor of Republicans in the coming election and I would run as a Republican in order to win the election. HOW DO WE KNOW WHO IS TRULY CONSERVATIVE?

    • Sine_Labore_Nihil

      Ken, your concern is legitimate. We need to be diligent with our own research into any candidates background. Today, it is relatively easy to find out what public figures have done and hopefully our conservative blogs and news media will do a much better job at vetting any candidates for political office than they did for Obaama.

    • stevenaquinn

      There just isn’t any way to know for sure. Take John McCain for instance.

    • Jon Fields

      I agree with you. That’s why I would only give directly to one candidate. I’d give to Ben Carson, and Allen West, but I refuse to give money for one person at the head of the fund to pick winners and losers.

  • beenthere

    Another tool in the fight to get our country back on track. The more ways of getting out the truth the better. The dems will not like many of the facts but they cannot refute them.

  • Kenneth Allen Donaldson

    I normally would question the need for ethnic groups within any organization, however in this case, maybe these folks can shine a light on black democratic lies.

  • Del

    I understand what everyone is saying but this needs to be a reason for celebration. Openly embrace their decision to reject the progressives. This is a good thing. Nit picking will only seperate us even more. I whole heartedly welcome our black brothers witn open arms and a smile on my face. We can work out our differences later.

    • Smoltzfan

      I totally agree. I am so proud of the black leaders that we have now & look forward to more. Tim Scott {R. S.C.} is a rising star.

      • caar

        hope you don’t mean by “black leaders” the BOs of the world

  • George Lewis

    Finding real conservatists are almost impossible as I see it. Blogs tell untrue stories of some good politicians and the news media compounds an issue. I am reminded of a Speaker who is doing all he can for the right, yet he is slandered by the above members of our society.