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The left on Tara Reade: Biden is not Kavanaugh and should be believed

Written By | May 3, 2020
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Joe Biden -Image by Gage Skidmore –

WASHINGTON: Why is it such a surprise as to the unadulterated difference in the challenge to Joe Biden’s alleged assault of a woman and Brett Kavanaugh’s?  The record for any number of Democrats’ political stars regarding ungentlemanly conduct toward women (some even ladies) reads like some pulp fiction sex-ka-plot: Lyndon Johnson, any of the Kennedy’s, Bill Clinton (the Arkansas Traveler).

FDR did a bit of horsing around, but then if you had to listen to His-Gal Eleanor every night, you’d turn frisky outside the house yourself. And now, the over-the-hill, addled, Joe Biden had denied charges by Tara Reade that he assaulted her. But then he may truly not remember. Joe Biden appears to fall asleep in Hillary Clinton town hall – Washington Times

There is no evidence clearly convicting him

But then that is not, take your pick: Liberal, Feminist, Democrat, Progressive, Me-Too (er), any hill for a climber. After all, any of the previous choices (including Joe, himself) says that women must be believed–period.

Of course, Adam went for that line and here we are today. But then what did he know? All he had was advice from God.

In an attempt to save our lives, we have lost our minds

Today we have the likes of Hillary Clinton and the Toledo Torpedo, Gloria Steinem, to seek spiritual wisdom from.

“What you write in one decade you don’t necessarily write in the next. But I’m glad I wrote it in that decade.” Gloria Steinem – Women’s groups remain silent on Joe Biden allegations
“I want to add my voice to the many who have endorsed you to be our president.” Hillary Clinton, speaking to Biden a couple of days ago. – Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden: ‘I am thrilled to be part of your campaign

If this is a random sample of women’s beliefs then the evidence is only important depending on which side’s cause is most important to them. So, law schools now must junk courses in Rules of Evidence for courses in Unruly Evidence. This is what women believe?

It was this kind of logic that simply burned Joan of Arc up.

It is sad to watch this living tissue (Biden) attempt to construct a complete sentence.

He is even more pitiful when he is interviewed with the give and take of questions and answers. Mika Brzezinski interviewed him on Good Morning Joe the other day and Biden denied everything but the fact that he had been in the Senate.

He sounded like a fool. And this as a result of a woman’s questions who has heartily endorsed him previously. Either someone put something in Mika’s water at MSNBC or Joe couldn’t hold his. He simply babbled.

There are probably few people on the planet who have not watched that pitiful exhibition of question and answer. Accordingly, the same people who were defending Biden for his public display of international extortion are defending him now.

And these same people, with few exceptions, have ever offered one scintilla of an apology to Brett Kavanaugh. Nor likely will they.

Make no mistake, the Republicans have their share of ignoble blokes. But the Democrats are so very brazen about their disdain for sexual dalliance– until they are faced with it.  It is not even close to simply an honest difference of opinion. It is just blatant dishonesty.


Who knows?

Biden Does. Reade does

For the rest of us who believe there should be law and order as well as honesty among its servants (including the F.B.I. and the C.I.A.), we will have to hear and see ALL of the evidence.

For the Liberals, the Feminists, the Democrats, the Progressives, and the Me-Too(ers), Biden is innocent. Kavanaugh is guilty. Full Transcript: Hillary Clinton’s Remarks on Kavanaugh – The Atlantic

Well, republican law and order wasn’t a bad idea. Too bad it’s history.

Lead Image: Joe Biden -Image by Gage Skidmore –


Paul H. Yarbrough

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