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Uncle Joe Biden tests the 2016 election water

Written By | Aug 25, 2015

WASHINGTON, Aug, 25, 2015 — Hold the phone and stop the presses. Vice President Joe Biden may be ready to throw his hat into the 2016 ring. Recent buzz from “sources close” to the VP, as well as common sense, have indicated that Uncle Joe is seriously considering a run for his current boss’s job in 2016. And today, from behind the Resolute Desk, President Obama has received a kneeling Joe Biden and given him his “blessing” to run for office.

Biden running for oresident has some pretty game-changing implications. It also forces us to think about the simple question: Why Biden?

There are a number of ways to answer this question and interpret this move. Here are a few:

It’s Biden’s turn. Joe Biden has done his service to the DNC, and it is time for them to recognize it. With nearly four decades as a Delaware senator, during which he was the Senate Foreign Relations chair and the Judiciary Committee chair, there are few in the DNC bullpen who have the time served resume as he does, not to mention his two terms as VP. Hillary Clinton’s two terms as first lady, two terms as a senator, and four years as secretary of state seem to pale in comparison with Biden’s political experience. All of that time in the Senate and Joe was just Biden his time … (so sorry for that).

Obama is getting back at Clinton. The 2008 campaign was brutal, it was scorched earth and total war, and Obama and his allies are not quick to forgive Clinton for her actions then. The Obamas have not forgotten how Clinton launched the birther campaign, questioning the president’s citizenship and credibility, a little historical tidbit that many liberals wish to place at the feet of “teabaggers.” Clinton also launched brutal attack ads, attempted to snipe Obama’s financial backers, and criticized Obama’s limited political experience.

Hillary may not be able to get the job done. When a crazy old man seems to be your biggest threat across the aisle, it may be time to call in your relief pitcher, who is also a crazy old man. Just like when they call in Godzilla to defeat Mothra, only this time one of them is a surprisingly well performing “Republican” candidate, and the other is the vice president of the United States.

Hillary is facing trouble for her latest scandal, which involves violation of federal policy and lying about it, but none of that is new, what is new is that this particular scandal seems to have shaken the faith the DNC has in Clinton. With Obama still calling some shots for the DNC, he may kick Clinton off the mound and call in Uncle Joe for the relief.

Obama needs to protect his legacy. Not only may Clinton be unable to get the job done, Obama may see that the political tides are turning against her and want to put someone in there who will have a better chance at winning. If a Republican is elected to office with a Republican Congress — unlikely, given their tendency to shoot themselves in the foot — Obama may see much of his progress wiped away in the first hours of the 115th Congress. If Obama thinks Biden is the best man to fight for his legacy, perhaps that is enough to kick Clinton aside.

The party wants nothing to do with Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is a socialist, and he poses a threat to the DNC establishment. He is too far left. Of course he espouses the same rhetoric that many in the Democratic Party do, including rapid government expansion, government takeover of certain sections of the economy and other terrible things that have made socialist countries so successful over the years. The DNC knows that if Sanders gets the primary nod, he will introduce socialism to this country with the subtlety of a hammer. Obama’s ideas, which are very progressive leaning, were almost too much for the country to handle. A Sanders primary victory could spark backlash against the DNC.

Biden’s entrance into the race may spell the end for Hillary Clinton, whom the DNC may end up pushing away as the investigation into her email account activity goes on. Look to see some jostling and elbow throwing in the Democratic Party, and when the dust settles it would not at all be surprising to see Uncle Joe standing tall as he grabs all the young whippersnappers by the ears.

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Conor Higgins

Conor Higgins has a BA from Catholic University in DC and an MA form George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, both in history. When he not getting his hands dirty in 2nd Amendment and firearms news he is doing his best to take a crack at some drive-by political analysis. And every now and then he may or may not review a low end bourbon for the tax write off. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Back Porch Politics.