Beware the return of Slick Willie Clinton

Bill Clinton on Arsenio Hall Show

WASHINGTON, May 8, 2014 — Many American’s like Bill Clinton. He was the first baby boomer to become President of the United States. During his time in office, he was viewed very positively as a Democratic President who could work with a Republican House of Representatives to achieve legislation that truly benefited the country. From Free Trade agreements to welfare reform, he led in a very positive way.

Since leaving office 13 years ago he has continued to take actions that benefit all Americans. From his humanitarian actions both here and abroad to the global foundations where he encourages open dialogue and promotes world peace, he is the perfect example of how an ex-president can get things done when no one else can. More than two thirds of Americans currently view him positively.

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Still, he is far from a saint. Beginning with his days as Attorney General in Arkansas through his time as governor of that state, he was constantly getting into trouble, sometimes with criminal implications. Always he was able to talk and dance his way out of it.

From the Whitewater scandal to his actions where he dodged the draft to his admission that he tried smoking marijuana but “didn’t inhale” Slick Willie Clinton always avoided paying the price for his actions. In 1977 he was pardoned by President Carter for his potentially illegal actions concerning his draft status.

Perhaps his most blatant example of slickness came when he was caught committing adultery with women who worked for him. After he committed numerous counts of adultery, he was then forced to answer questions to Congress about those affairs. He lied to Congress and as a result was impeached by the House of Representatives. While a majority of Senators also voted to impeach him, the tally fell short of the required two thirds majority, so he stayed in office.

Then he snookered us. He said he did not lie to Congress. When asked if he had sex with intern Monica Lewinsky he said “no”. The reality was that he did have sexual contact with her but he said since he did not fully complete sexual intercourse, he says that he really didn’t have sex, so he did not lie. Slick Willie wiggled out again and, since we liked him, we went along.

So now he is back trying to snooker us again. At the Democratic National Convention in 2012, he said that “yes” we are better off than we were four years ago. While we like the guy and want to believe him, we knew we are not better off.

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About 15% of the roughly 120 million households have an adult that is unemployed, under-employed or discouraged from seeking work. Almost 70 million households have seen the value of their primary investment (the home) decline in value. Almost all workers have seen stagnant wages or a decline in income. While the recession technically ended almost five years ago, the recovery has been almost non-existent. The truth is we are worse off today than we were five years ago, no matter what Slick Willie tries to say.

And then he tried to tell us that it is Bush’s fault we are in this mess and unless we re-elected Obama we will go back to worse times. Nice try.

The reality is that while the recession may be George Bush’s, the anemic recovery is all Obama. Never in history has government Fiscal policy and Monetary policy been so expansive, and yet the results are terrible. The reason is that the economic policy that Obama put in place, while helping the bottom 15% of the population, have placed such a heavy burden on the economy, that it simply can not fully recover.

Picture a runner who stumbles and falls while rounding a turn on the track. Instead of trying to help him get up, Obama keeps placing additional weights on his shoulders. With the extra weight is takes him longer and longer to start running again. From burdensome health care reform to over regulation of key markets to the 442 tax increases that Obama has proposed, the additional weight is simply too much.

Now that it appears that his wife will run for President, Slick Willie will be back in the spot light with more distortions. But we are not going to fall for it this time, even though we really do like the guy a lot.

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  • RGZ_50

    Count me as one of many who don’t like Bill Clinton even a tiny bit. He is a born and bred, walking talking fraud from beginning to end. This is another president that has had the benefit of an aiding and abetting Fourth Estate to escape the consequences and full exposure of his high crimes and misdemeanors.

    Don’t mince words – Hill and Bill need to be prevented from another White House move in at all costs. Our national future depends on it.

  • TokyoTengu

    He should speak for himself. I have met the Slick Willie type many times in my life, and I have never liked them. He epitomizes the breed. Still and all, I consider him less of a danger than his wife, and certainly less dangerous than Obama, because ultimately he’s just a conman who will do and say whatever it takes to get what he wants, and whatever he wants is going to further HIS gratification. Hillary, on the other hand, is more of a true believer type who genuinely feels that she is right about everything she believe in, and that she has a duty to impose her belief system on anyone and everyone. Obama is the same way, but he has a visceral hatred of the United States and takes positive glee in damaging it.

  • Hans Ohff

    Liberalism is childish.

  • Bren Pool Vignaroli

    Three words…Lord help us.

    • Sandra Goetz

      best three words on this thread

      • Bren Pool Vignaroli

        Thank you Sandra…the TROLL, GWENKILLERBY, would disagree of course. LOL!! Not only does she disagree, but she post a response then blocks you before you can answer her…typical cowardly little liberal with a misguided attitude. Poor her…

  • GwenKillerby

    “The reality is that while the recession may be George Bush’s, the anemic recovery is all Obama.”

    Sure. Instead of blaming the arsonists Bush/Reagan who set the house (America/the world) on fire, you’re blame the brave fire dept. chief (Obama) and his firemen, who are severely and criminally hindered by the arsonist and his friends by cutting his fire hose, throwing rocks at him and yelling all sorts of racist abuse at him.

    Good one.

  • GwenKillerby

    Today’s conservativsm is simply fascism by a different name. The deeply religious Hitler’s government was completely in bed with Big Corp of his day and age. Krupp-Thyssen, IG Farben etc.