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Bernie’s legacy: A fake champion who abandoned principles for politics

Written By | Aug 1, 2016

PASADENA, CALIF, July 31, 2016 – Bernie Sanders was, is, and will always be a fraud.

There never was a revolution. There never was any serious movement that was going to change the course of politics. It was a facade.

Bernie Sanders, from Day 1, was supposed to be different. He was the guy who was going to turn the system upside down and push back against establishment politics. He railed against Wall Street, promised to break up the banks, and was not going to be bought by special interests.

If you could get past his nonsensical beliefs about the role of government, like a 100% tax rate on every dollar earned over a million, it was inspiring.

Voters, especially impressionable millennials, were excited by this guy. But then, something completely ridiculous happened.

Bernie gave up. He caved on all the principles that were supposed to set him apart from Hillary Clinton. He stood up at the Democratic convention and kissed the ring in front of all the people who had given him money and supported his message of turning the establishment upside down. He supported the very system he claimed to oppose.

Bernie surrogates are running around trying to say that his campaign was a success because he “changed” the platform and started a conversation.

Is that what this was about? A conversation?

When Bernie was taking money from people and insisting he had a chance to win the Democratic nomination, he wasn’t talking about a conversation. He was talking about winning. And he accepted that money with the understanding he would use it to accomplish his goals of pushing back against politicians like Hillary.

But, then he endorsed her. That’s exactly the kind of politics that people are tired of and it is that kind of “go along to get along” attitude that he was supposed to be above.

And to be honest, you are kidding yourself if you think he is going to change anything about what Hillary Clinton does.

Just moments after Clinton formally won the nomination, the back pedaling began. Bernie Sanders, as part of his pitch to America’s working class, vehemently opposed TPP.  Clinton has famously flip-flopped on the issue.  She moved to Bernie’s position in an effort to impress Bernie voters. However, immediately after Clinton earned the nomination, her longtime friend and serial shyster Terry McAuliffe, openly admitted she would end up supporting it.

Anyone who thinks that Clinton will take cues from Bernie supporters in the White House hasn’t been paying attention to Hillary Clinton.

People who are new to politics and jumped into the process during the Sanders campaign were probably more surprised by Sanders’ flip than those who have studied his entire political career. He has not only previously benefited from the support of the NRA (a group he claims to hate now) but he also has been the beneficiary of financial assistance from Wall Street and Super PACs. It wasn’t until he realized he wanted to be president that he began to rail against those things.

After all the rhetoric, all the talk about a “revolution”, the outrage about how the DNC stole the election from Bernie, we were left with the undeniable reality that Bernie Sanders chose politics over principle when it all came down to it.

Hillary Clinton is firmly in the pocket of Wall Street and has taken millions of dollars from them. Sanders, who was supposed to be different, told his supporters to put what’s best for the party over fighting for his message.

There isn’t any honor or integrity in that stance. Usually, revolutions are movements with a lot more principle than that.

When it comes to legacy, Bernie will be remembered for motivating a lot of people and getting young people involved in the campaign. But the story didn’t stop there. All of the excitement and energy didn’t accomplish anything. Regardless of the words that were added to the platform, Hillary Clinton is going to do whatever Hillary Clinton wants. Bernie Sanders’ supporters are going to fall in line and support the establishment they claimed to oppose. Sanders himself told voters to vote for Wall Street after telling them for months how bad it was.

That’s not change. It’s not progress. If anything, he moved the needle backwards within his own party by not running third party or at least telling his voters that they can’t in good conscience fall in line behind someone who is only beholden to what the popular opinion is that day. Hillary Clinton will move the Democratic Party even further toward big donors and establishment cronyism.

That’s not something Bernie Sanders was supposed to be OK with.

Andrew Mark Miller