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Bernie Sanders: The best socialist politician your money can buy

Written By | Feb 20, 2020
Bernie Sanders, Democrat, Election 2020, Las Vegas

Bernie Sanders -Image by Gage Skidmore –

WASHINGTON: Bernie Sanders loves money—his and yours. He makes money from non-profits while expecting donors to give their money to these non-profits.  Non-profits? The most colossal non-profit organizations on the planet are in some form, in some place, the government.

Donors? The taxpayers.

Bernie loves to make it (money) and loves to keep it.

His wife is a conduit for most of the furtive attempts to keep it. Peter Schweizer has written in great detail in his book Profiles in Corruption the financial skillsets used to bring in the loot —then invest it in the stock market which he scorns.  (Peter Schweizer: How Bernie Sanders has used his public service to enrich his family | Fox News)

Bernie claims to be a socialist, and by extension a man who wants everything for everybody—for free. That is free to soak the taxpayers while he invests in the free markets.

Actually, Bernie is just one of several candidates who are running for president (or any office, really). Most are in what is labeled the Democrat party. They all love money. They all love socialism, for the taxpayers.

Bernie just freely admits it.

Joe Biden -Image by Gage Skidmore –

Others carry a sublabel, usually a Democrat label, which identifies them with the people whom they are actually trying to con and bilk. Mostly they just lie. But they are good at it.

These are politicians who want to take taxpayers money while pretending to save taxpayers money. “Free health care!” now, there is a saving for the taxpayers. A lie, but who cares? They have convinced many; John Roberts not the least of those.

Bernie says in his rich Yankee baritone delivery, I AM AH INDA PUNDENT. (I am an independent?)  He will also tell you he is a socialist.

Horse dung.

Bernie Sanders is a money changer

No unlike the ilk, Christ booted from the temple—not so much for the money issue as it was for the hypocrisy.  Politicians and hypocrisy? Not possible. (Bracing for Bernie: Why Sanders could be a nightmare for Wall Street – CNN)

Bernie Sanders -Image by Gage Skidmore –

One would think “Sunday School” Pete Buttigieg would know this about Bernie (and the rest), particularly with “Mayor” Pete’s penchant for preaching. But being one of the best politicians he preaches only when convenient. (Pete Buttigieg: Scripture Doesn’t Condone Trump’s Behavior But It Does Support Abortion |

And, of course, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden made their money helping out American Indians and the people of Ukraine. Bless their sacrificial little hearts.

In their path, Bernie and his bunch send out scouting little toadies like AOC or scout/extortionists like Al Sharpton to mark the political trail. They squeal like little piglets before the cameras of CNN or MSNBC or the antiquated bloviated network narcissists posing as newsmen: “FREE, FREE, FREE” is the cry of the scouts.

The cameras roll and roll and roll. And some actress/actor wannabe “commentator” like Erin Burnett of CNN attempts intelligent dialogue—usually failing.

As political socialists, they know that this idea of “free” sells to an electorate, probably half of whom could not tell you what Washington D.C. is the capital of—or if it’s the capital of anything.

They also know the greater the electorate (illegal immigrants), the greater their vote-getting for free stuff so they can take in more taxpayers’ money. It gets dizzy.

All of these people have one goal: To win the power of being president.

They don’t care anymore about the “people” than Lenin cared about the Russian people.  His biggest problem was that his chief competitor was a ruthless psychopath named Stalin. Bernie’s biggest problem may be “Lock Her Up” Hillary Clinton.

She still lurks.

Bernie had better watch his back with this old gal still on the loose.

If she would let honorable Americans die in the far-off land of Benghazi, she ain’t going to worry about the good wishes of a 78-year-old money-grubbing curmudgeon whom she doesn’t like anyway– socialism in common or not.

Each of Bernie and his bunch wants to be president to have a platform to acquire more money so they may have more and more influence to tell people that profiteering is evil. Notice what the presidency, or for many Congressman, has become: A politician’s quest for wealth.

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are the most recent and ghastly examples of the cash cow the presidency has become.

All of these people, political socialists, seek nothing but riches for themselves. The best big-ticket item for a good politician today is the presidency. And anyone of them is available to the highest bidder.

To be sure there are plenty of Republicans who are kissin’ kin to the above. Remember the Bush family gained its prominence, first in politics, not in business.

Trump has a heavy load to push away. Hope springs eternal



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