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Bernie Sanders once tax plan: 100% tax over $1 Million

Written By | Nov 20, 2015

WASHINGTON, November 20, 2015 – Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders told Los Angeles Times author Sam Pizzigati that his op-ed outlining Franklin D. Roosevelt’s plan for a 100% “war super tax” on the rich was something that “needed to be explored and considered.

While serving the state of Vermont in Congress in 1992, Bernie Sanders liked Pizzigat’s opinion so much that he submitted  article into the Congressional Record.

Alexis de Tocqueville warned us that Bernie Sanders was coming

Sam Pizzigati wrote the following,
“Could a maximum-wage proposal ever get a hearing today? Stranger things have happened. Between 1894 and 1917, for instance, the top federal tax rate on the income of the wealthy rose from 2 percent to 88 percent. If the nation’s top marginal tax rate could jump by that much, why not a jump from 31 percent, the current top rate, to the 100 percent necessary to create a maximum wage?”
According to Bloomberg,
“In a 1974 article titled “Concentrated Wealth Is Causing Economic Illness,” from an unidentified newspaper that was in his papers at the University of Vermont library, Sanders is described as wanting to “make it illegal to amass more wealth than a human family could use in a lifetime.” He would do that, the article said, with “a 100 percent tax on incomes above this level ($ one million per year)” and “would recycle this money for the public need.”

Socialist policies have undergone a renaissance in recent years and those on the left, including Sanders, often cite the governments of countries like Sweden, Canada, and Denmark as beacons of economic prosperity.

Sanders has said that he understands that the word socialist, which reminds many of the deaths of millions of people under socialist rule, makes people “nervous”.

That angst has not been enough to deter Sanders from spreading his message of wealth redistribution which surely risks alienating some on the left who agree with him on many issues but aren’t prepared to support a federal mandate dictating how much Americans are allowed to earn.

Wealth over $1 million is something that Bernie believes is more money than any one person deserves to have.  He told the Burlington Free Press in 1974 that, “nobody should earn more than $1 million”.

Socialist Bernie Sanders: America’s desperate cry for help

Even if you were adjust that number for inflation, Bernie’s statement still supports the idea that everyone in this country who makes over $5 million a year, should no longer be able to keep it.

In a political climate where Republican presidential candidates are lambasted for high school bullying, trying pot as a teenager, and not properly explaining every nuance of a scholarship offer from West Point, it remains to be seen whether the media will hold Bernie to the same standard for his repeated calls to put a federal cap on all income over one million dollars.  Surely, this represents an issue that will affect the lives of more Americans than Jeb Bush’s marijuana use in high school.

Sanders doubled down on these positions Thursday afternoon while speaking at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C and made it clear he has no intention of toning down his far left rhetoric.

Andrew Mark Miller