Benghazi Special Committee: Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war

Benghazi Sunrise | by Wisaam Salem for Flickr CC
Benghazi Sunrise | by Wisaam Salem for Flickr CC

WASHINGTON, May 5, 2014 – House Speaker John Boehner has given the green light to a Select House Committee to investigate what happened at the consulate in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

He has placed Trey Gowdy in charge of the investigation.  The Democrats are screaming like stuck mules.

House Democrats are telling Nancy Pelosi not to appoint any Democrats to the committee and Jay Carney has refused to confirm that the White House would cooperate with the investigation. If the past is any indication, they won’t.

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The House issued subpoenas for Benghazi documents. The White House was not very forthcoming.  When Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, then sued, they finally received the emails. Shockingly enough, the emails released through the FOIA lawsuit included emails that the House had subpoenaed but amazingly enough did not receive.

If Benghazi is not a scandal, why did so many people in the Obama adminstration lie so often? Why is the Obama Regime so anxious to put this behind them without any investigation?

Certain things are obvious. The Obama White House lied. Instead of worrying about Americans dying, Obama was working on debate preparation, then flying off to a Las Vegas fundraiser.

The Obama camp was warned days before about a possible attack and the military knew immediately it was a terrorist attack. Yet there was no request for military assistance to rescue Americans in Benghazi.

Obama has treated congress with the same contempt that Vladimir Putin has for Obama. And Congress is just like Obama.  Obama won’t stand up to Putin and John Boehner won’t stand up to Barack Obama.

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The obvious question is why not?

Obama and his team do not want to cooperate.  That’s no great shock.

What will the House of Representatives do?  What they will probably do is nothing.

What should they do? The House of Representatives has had a nuclear weapon in its arsenal since the GOP took over in 2011.  But no one has the courage to use it.  They don’t even have the courage to threaten to use it.

The House of Representatives has the power of the purse.  Appropriations bills must originate in the House of Representatives.  If the House wants to, all it has to do is cut off the flow of money to the Executive branch. If the Republicans in the House of Representatives wanted to, they could cut off all of the money to the government or selectively do it.

The Republicans could and should cut off funding to the IRS just on general principles.  If the Obama Regime does not cooperate and help with the investigation, then all funding for Air Force One should be eliminated.

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The Republicans can and should eliminate the funding for Obamacare.  If Obama will not cooperate, eliminate the funding for the White House staff.

Republicans have the power to force the Obama camp to cooperate.  The Republicans need to start pretending like they are Congressmen and act.

There is good reason for the Obama administration to hide. The Benghazi scandal is far worse than most Americans realize.  Americans were left to die. Officials lied to the American people and to Congress to hide the truth. The truth of Benghazi is far worse than Watergate.  Nobody died at Watergate.  If Watergate happened today, it would not be a blip on the news radar.  We have the NSA snooping on all of America.

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Abuse of Americans through the IRS was enough to merit the impeachment of Richard Nixon.  What Barack Obama and his team did was far worse. It rates more than just impeachment, it rates indictment.

This is why Benghazi is so important.

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  • Ralph

    My concerns are the dems are allowing Boehner to allow this knowing they will not cooperate which will make Trey look foolish and ineffective.

    • DavBow

      Since it is a Select Committee, as such it will have broad authorities of subpoena and compelling testimony. They will also have the authority to jail non-cooperating persons. Those who do not cooperate will risk jail time. I believe that some will actually go to jail before others realize they must cooperate. This should have happened long ago, but better late than never!

      • DerangedMuppet

        GOD I hope so!

        • mariesnylife

          YOU ARE RIGHT, “GOD I HOPE” is the answer!

  • signalfinder

    The true reason they will not act is they have been threatened with all out riots in the streets by African Americans for a white southern congress trying to impeach or destroy our first black president. Eric holder has made this statement several times in a way that congress has gotten the message. Act and you will be acted upon. That’s why they have no back bone!

    • TokyoTengu

      That dog won’t hunt, Signalfinder. As nasty as the potential for riots are, the sad fact of the matter is that the danger of an out-of-control and unaccountable Executive branch is far worse, and the rest of America is getting totally sick and tired of being squeezed by partisan Feds on one side and the threat of outraged African Americans on the other.

      Americans want rule of law and American values, and they are coming to the realization that the historicity of America’s first African-American President is absolutely meaningless if he is a incompetent thug: which, by all evidence, Obama is.

      That to one side, the only reason that Boehner gave Gowdy the committee is that (crybaby Boehner) is in far worse shape reelection wise than he ever expected to be at this point, and is now in very real danger of being primaried out of office let alone the speakership, so he cannot afford to go squishy at this point.

      Whatever. Gowdy is a trained and tenacious prosecutor who will get the truth regardless of who — or what — gets burned in the process. And you know something? If the partisans of the President want to start another civil war, it will not go well for them.

      • signalfinder

        I agree but after speaking face to face with my congressman they believe waiting him out is the solution. I was adamant about impeachment as there is enough evidence now to do so. The response I received was it was a little more complicated than just starting the procedure of impeachment. I ask what complications? His response was that the focus was on uniting the Congressional parties instead of dividing them to resolve the problems. I asked again if it was the fear of congress concerning the threat made by the administration to encourage unrest.His statement was that was one of the factors along with the declaring of martial law. The administration has put everything on the table to protect this white house to include all out martial law and the suspension of the constitution. So i believe there will be a hearing with no action and that Mr Gowdy will be personally attacked and reduced to a southern white racist to include a incompetent twit.The liberals will stop at nothing to bring this nation under communist rule for all Americans exept them. How many in the administration are millionaires?

  • Obama Lied, Americans Died; Clinton Lied and Rice Lied; The LameStream ObamaMedia Covered-up a Cover-up; and the Democrats Don’t Care

  • Sandra Goetz

    Go Get Em Trey!

  • bumpkin

    ARREST Obama and his abettors! Arrest and Imprison him for accessory to murder!

  • jimmyrourke

    This is the beginning of the end of the Progressive Party.These Communist’s are a bunch of lying ,stealing cowards. If they don’t want to be part of it thats there choice.It will not stop Obama being Impeached

  • Cool Ranch, Texas

    How many lies has Obama told today?

    • DerangedMuppet

      lol! Enough to make a drinking game out of it, I’m sure!

  • mariesnylife


  • Blazerjeff

    It is quite normal that Democrats don’t want to participate in the select committee. They have been used to bullying, creating damaging programs and cramming destructive legislation down the throats of Americans…. Obamacare, written 100% by Dems and “You have to pass it to see what’s in it”; forced gay marriage legislation and openly-gay approval in the military; forcing closure of coal production, forced spending increase in debt limit, forced bail-out of GM, destroying small business growth and incentives, forced (and growing) legalization of marijuana, Benghazi, IRS, Fast & Furious, etc… So now that Republicans have issues which can be legally, and fairly addressed, Democrats refuse to participate. They have ram-rodded their ideals and programs through so much that they are not use to being legally and aggressively opposed. When the facts, truth and irrefutable evidence of Benghazi are truly revealed, they will resort to the biggest denial of our lifetimes by claiming “witchhunt”, racism, sexism, on a larger scale than any time in history. Hold on to your seats my friends…As the battle grows, the blows will become much, much bigger!

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