Benghazi mom Pat Smith: Hillary Clinton is a “terrible person”

Benghazi mom Pat Smith: Hillary Clinton is a “terrible person”
Benghazi mom Pat Smith: Hillary Clinton is a “terrible person”

LOS ANGELES, May 27, 2014 — On Memorial Day, many Americans paid tribute to fallen soldiers. As painful as it is for families to visit the graves of loved ones lost in war, the cemetery allows for some closure. The survivors know where their loved ones are, how they died, and why they are gone. Clear answers eventually help lead many survivors to places of solace and peace.

Conversely, not having those answers can be a constant source of torment. Pat Smith is a tormented woman. Her son Sean Smith was one of the four Americans murdered in Benghazi, Libya on the eleventh anniversary of the original September 11th attacks. The day after the 2012 attacks, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Pat Smith that her son died due to Muslim anger over an anti-Islamic internet video. The truth was that the video played no role in the attacks, and the administration knew this. A recently released email confirmed that blaming the video was a deliberate strategy to bolster the president’s reelection chances.

Pat Smith was promised answers. She has never received a single phone call. When Cindy Sheehan embraced Hugo Chavez and cursed President George W. Bush, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd glibly declared that a grieving mother’s viewpoint was “absolute.” Since Smith is critical of a liberal administration, the word absolute means nothing.

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On Memorial Day, Pat Smith was asked by Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace what she thought of Hillary Clinton. Smith twice said, “Don’t ask me that.” Yet Smith could no longer hold her tongue, saying about Clinton that “she is a terrible person.” Smith also added that Hillary wants to run an entire country, but she cannot run anything.

Hillary defenders will claim that conservatives are using Smith to score political points. They will deflect to Bush and the Iraq War. They will even claim that critics of Hillary are sexist in the same way critics of Obama are supposedly racist.

Even if all of that toxic bile were true, the ultimate truth remains the same. Smith is a legitimate victim. Hillary has played a major role in violating Smith. Hillary has a history of such violations. Hillary Clinton is a terrible person.

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Only a terrible person would be part of an administration that left people to die to protect a false narrative about defeating al Qaeda.

Only a terrible person would take part in blaming an innocent film-maker and staying silent while he went to jail to protect the administration.

Only a terrible person, when asked how Sean Smith died, would respond, “What difference at this point does it make?”

Only a terrible person would deliberately lie to a grieving mother about how her son died.

Only a terrible person would refuse to answer questions that would give the grieving mother a sense of peace.

Why was Sean Smith left to die? Why did the Obama-Hillary government refuse to try and save Smith’s life? Who gave the order for those planning a rescue mission to stand down? Why was the American government unprepared for the attacks in the first place?

Hillary Clinton knows that the truth coming out could damage her chances of being President. A good human being would put doing what is right above an obsessive quest for power. A terrible human being who has often been compared to Lady MacBeth would trample over people and show an utter disregard for their humanity. Can any Hillary defender claim that she cares about people like Pat Smith? Can anybody claim that Pat Smith is a partisan gunslinger?

Smith is an ordinary American woman who wants to know what happened to her son. Every day for her will be Memorial Day until she gets some answers.

Hillary Clinton has not given Pat Smith or anybody else in America answers about what happened in Benghazi in the 20 months since the attacks happened. There is no reason to expect that Hillary will voluntarily ever give those answers. Winning at all costs requires shrouding the truth and wrecking the lives of innocent people.

Inflicting that carnage is the very essence of Hillary Clinton.

That is what makes her a terrible person.

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  • vespo08

    To Pat Smith, very sorry for your loss. You have been lied to by two individuals who looked you straight in the eyes and that is evil & sick! Sick, these two individuals Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama & Hillary Clinton had the cold hearted audacity to lie to you! What’s also disgusting is the flippant narrative adopted by the Democratic Party – including Hillary’s -What difference does it make and Charlie Rangels cold remarks – No one is going to lose sleep over it. What a disgrace by these individuals and the democratic party talking points! You deserve better Mrs. Smith! Some day the truth will come out and expose how dishonest both Clinton and Obama really are. Please know there are still some of us who will not stop asking questions and not forget your son Sean or his fellow Americans who died in Benghazi: Amb Stevens, Glen Doherty & Ty Woods. God Bless You Mrs. Smith, heart goes out to you.

    • Lucy Ball

      vespo)8 – I wish I could “like” your comments a million times!

      • vespo08

        Thank you Lucy! Pat Smith, Ty Woods Father, Amb Stevens Mom & Sister and Glen Doherty’s family deserves better. I’m absolutely sickened by the flippant position and responses by the democratic party designed to shield Pres. Soundbite for lying to the American people, murdering 4 Americans & lying to the world at his speech to the UN on 9/25/12.

  • liberalscum

    To Hillary Clinton, Berry Obama and the rest of you leftists who claim Benghazi is a conspiracy, may you rot in hell for this!

  • Terry Poupart

    Sorry Ms. Smith, Nancy Pelosi said that you wanted these investigations to stop. I’m sure she knows what you want.

  • Whenever it takes too long to get an answer, you know theres something to hide.
    If the answer comes too quick(a video) you know its not the answer.
    People in general cant wait to spill the beans if it gets them off the hook or drops a little glory on them.
    Answering in one sound bite to what took hours is a sure bust.

  • betspotter

    Benghazi was a terrible traitorous betrayal of good brave men. The shame should keep Obama and Hillary out of public view forever, but they have no shame, just ambition and greed. The pain of the families is heartbreaking. Every soldier killed in action has a family too. They suffer the loss and we suffer with them, but this was treachery, and that adds to the pain for them, I think. We must have answers.

  • Phil K McLeod

    As Ex Army Ranger we new from the start the Hillary and Obama lied to you Mrs.Pat Smith. They never come out to tell you who said what. Even the Stand Down. That because Hillary can not give the stand down. Only The president can give the Stand Down. He new all alone that those men and the Ambassdor going to die. He is the worse President of the United State Ever Had. He need to be Impeach and hang for sure. It would be an honer for me to do it. Ex Army Ranger.

  • trixiewoobeans

    This is the person the Democratic Party is asking us to entrust with our lives and our country. If she could not, or would not, save four when it was completely in her power to do so, because it wasn’t politically expedient, would she save MILLIONS??? Could she? Would she care? What difference does it make…to her?

  • guy r west

    to mrs smith and the rest who lost sons that night my condolences and prayers that the truth will come out and justice will be done.

  • djred678

    We’re not always going to have the most accurate intel a week after the incident. Like in Iraq, it took us months to find out that there were no WMDs and it resulted in a death of thousands of service men and women. Pat Smith is politicizing this issue to advance her partisan theory.

    • leewacker

      There WERE WMDS–but most of them–at least the hard armor ones had been removed by the time the invasion took place! What was left was a few very toxic poison gas ones–just ask a lot of the 101st men who were in the main area around Bagdad, and other spots: THEY were gassed, not once but several times!
      ASK THEM–I double-dog DARE you!
      My grandson and several others spent time in the hospital, and he STILL suffers from the effects–from mustard gas!
      Go ahead! Ask him–he’s only expert in hand-to-hand combat and is also 6’4″!

    • Mary Curry

      There were WMDs in Iraq. We have the satellite photos of Saddam moving them to Syria across the desert. Also, why not ask the Kurdish survivors of Saddam’s gas attacks if they were there? And asking for the truth is not politicizing a ‘theory’. Her son and three other men died and we still do not have answers. Maybe you should send your son over there and when BHO says he was killed because of a video no one saw, agree and go on.

    • IndianCowboy

      Read “Saddam’s Secrets,” by Georges Sada. I believe there are related YouTube videos.

    • ClearthoughtNY

      …do not feed the troll tool…its useless…

    • Lets get this straight once and for all.

      After a one year interrogation, right before he was hung,Saddam confessed to FBI agent Piro that he intentionally gave the impression he had WMD so his enemies would leave him alone.


      “hat June 2000 speech was about weapons of mass destruction. In talking casually about that speech, Saddam began to tell the story of his weapons. It was a breakthrough that had taken five months.
      “Oh, you couldn’t imagine the excitement that I was feeling at that point,” Piro remembers.

      “And what did he tell you about how his weapons of mass destruction had been destroyed?” Pelley asks.

      “He told me that most of the WMD had been destroyed by the U.N. inspectors in the ’90s. And those that hadn’t been destroyed by the inspectors were unilaterally destroyed by Iraq,” Piro says.

      “So why keep the secret? Why put your nation at risk, why put your own life at risk to maintain this charade?” Pelley asks.

      “It was very important for him to project that because that was what kept him, in his mind, in power. That capability kept the Iranians away. It kept them from reinvading Iraq,” Piro says.

      Before his wars with America, Saddam had fought a ruinous eight year war with Iran and it was Iran he still feared the most.

      “He believed that he couldn’t survive without the perception that he had weapons of mass destruction?” Pelley asks.

      “Absolutely,” Piro says.”

  • leewacker

    @Mrs. Smith: I, too, lost a son to a shooting, but by a member of a Mexican cartel, not the Al Qaeda–can’t decide which is worse, though!
    Hillary Clinton and other Democrats haven’t given me–as one commenter put it so well–a flippant reply–to my son’s death–in fact, the Democrats don’t even care about my boy, he was way under their radar, and, besides, he was killed by a member of the cartel–that’s just fine in their book!
    Your son, however, let’s actually face the fact that HE was murdered–by his OWN government, who would NOT allow any help to the Four Heroes in Benghazi–and are extremely “flippant” in their regard to those four brave men, brave AMERICANS–who have been murdered, in retaliation to my thinking, for those of us American citizens who have been asking, nay, DEMANDING, action on the islamists all over the world, and especially in OUR United States–yet we hear nothing but very loud silence!
    You could have called Hillary anything you wished, my dear, and I would have backed you all the way!

    • blacktygrrrr


      May God bless your son in Heaven and you and your remaining loved ones on Earth now and forever.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

  • Zebowillis

    So Liberals are mad because the mother of one the victims of Benghazi is going after Hillary and they say the republicans are using her to score political points, while they are using the grief of the father of one of the victims of Elliot Scumbag murdering douchnizzle Rodgers to score political points and they don’t see the hypocrisy?

  • Green Eyed Lady

    Everyone Involved in the sneaky, dirty deed should receive what they have coming to them. Certainly Hillary is not someone we can count on in a crisis. Her flippant remark reveals her disdain for “we the people”.

  • Tberryjack

    If Hillary were to run for President and win, we could look for the same protection she gave those four. I remember when running in the runoff against Obama, she made the comment who would you rather call at 3:00 in the morning if there was trouble. Now we know what would happen… NOTHING! Nothing would happen with either one of them except they would both hide leaving all of us to fend for ourselves and then give an excuse that it was because of a video.

  • taliesin319

    Mrs Smith, you do right to speak out for your son every chance you get. Never will I speak, or write this miscreants name without mentioning Benghazi at least 3 times in the sentence.
    she should always have this heinous place as part of her title. Just as Kerry and Fonda will always be referred to as Hanoi Jane and John so should she be rememberted as the Butcher of Benghazi. She could have stood before Congress and told the fact that her boss was so
    insecure about his political viability that he allowed, in fact insisted that no aid be given them.
    No Commander, some of whom who would have set forth to help would have stood down unless the Commander in Chief ordered them to do so.She is just what Mrs Smith stated her to be, a terrible person and a poor excuse for an American. Benghazi will be her well deserved legacy.
    May there be a whole fleet of Swift Boats in her future.

    • Irish1025

      If that witch DARES to campaign any where near me I have a VERY loud Bullhorn/MIC I WILL shout it from the rooftops What Difference Do’s It Make!!! SHE will be forced to shut up and leave!! You can bet on that!!

  • Marsha Ford

    Anyone who says this is a conspiracy to make democrats look bad, will face the ultimate karma. Hillary and BO are self-serving devilish control freaks.

  • Hillary Clinton won’t be part of Benghazi “SLUGFEST”!
    This statement sounds BOGUS coming from an Official of the most TRANSPARENT PRESIDENTIAL ADMINISTRATION in U.S. HISTORY!

    Hillary Clinton in her upcoming book “Hard Choices” casts doubt on the motivations of Republicans who have continued to investigate the attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and says she won’t be part of the “political slugfest.” Politico obtained the Benghazi chapter of the book, in which the potential presidential candidate says to her critics: “Those who insist on politicizing the tragedy will have to do so without me.”

    The only WASHINGTON INSIDER who is willing to tell U.S. the TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING but the TRUTH about exactly what’s going on inside the OBAMA ADMINSITRATION is




    “EDWARD SNOWDEN has already exposed thousands of OBAMALIES, and is on-course to derail HILLARY CLINTON’S PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN!” (TRAINAISM)