Beheadings an Islamic tradition, source of healing

It's really very therapeutic. / Photo: iamsupriyo, used under Flickr Creative Commons license
It's really very therapeutic. / Photo: iamsupriyo, used under Flickr Creative Commons license

CHARLOTTE, N.C., September 14, 2014 — One thing Islamists know for sure is that no matter how often they behead someone according to their barbaric practice, it will never be perceived as commonplace in the West. That is why each new beheading is treated with as much repulsion as the last.

Despite overwhelming evidence that the Islamic State is following the tenets of Islam as taught by Muhammad himself, the Obama Administration and liberal academia continue to insist that ISIS is not Islam.

Writing in his blog, Raymond Ibrahim explains in detail that beheadings are not only part of Islam’s traditions, they are also a source of “healing” for extremists.

Beheadings are nothing new in Islam. They date to the first major victory of the Prophet Muhammad at the Battle of Badr in 624.

The Battle of Badr was more of a skirmish than a true battle, but the significance of the conflict was that Muhammad gained a victory even though his army was outnumbered three to one. It had such an impact on Muhammad that he believed Allah had ordained the triumph.

The rest is history. Had the Muslim forces lost, there would be no Islam in any form today.

But there is more to the story of the Battle of Badr that is relevant given the three recent beheadings of westerners.

As Ibrahim explains, “’Amr bin Hisham (was) a pagan Arab chieftan originally known as ‘Abu Hakim (Father of Wisdom) until Muhammad dubbed him ‘Abu Jahl’ (Father of Stupidity) for his staunch opposition to Islam.”

‘Amr was mortally wounded during the battle and an ally of the prophet noticed the “’infidel’ chieftan collapsed on the ground.”

Ibrahim continues, “Among other things, Abdullah grabbed and pulled ‘Amr’s beard and stood in triumph on the dying man’s chest.

“According to Al-Bidaya wa Al-Nihaya (‘The Beginning and the End’), Ibn Kathir’s authoritative history of Islam, ‘After that, he (Abdullah) slit his (‘Amr’s) head off and bore it till he placed it between the hands of the Prophet. Thus did Allah heal the hearts of the believers with it.’”

As Ibrahim points out, “The logic here is that, pious Muslims are so full of zeal for Allah’s cause that the only way their inflamed hearts can be at rest is to see those who oppose Allah and his prophet utterly crushed—humiliated, mutilated, decapitated. Then the hearts of the believers can be at ease and ‘healed.’”

Humiliation is the ultimate source of victory for Muslim warriors. It is also the most heinous way for a Muslim extremist to die.

Shortly after the war in Iraq began in 2003, the Arabic news service “Al Jazeera” ran footage in the Middle East depicting one of Saddam Hussein’s fighters mocking a room full of dead American soldiers.

“Al Jazeera’s” editorial philosophy was to broadcast footage in its entirety rather than to edit the pictures the way Western media would. The belief was that unedited footage tells the entire story without being “manipulated.”

During the sequence aired by “Al Jazeera” the Iraqi soldier kicked his dead American enemies with total disdain. He pointed to them and mocked them in front of the cameras. A couple of times he ripped open their shirts and stepped on their chests while raising a rifle in the air and yelling “Allahu Akbar.”

There were no beheadings this time, but the footage was still despicable, distasteful and disgusting.

As far as the Islamist was concerned, the humiliation factor was foremost in his conscience as a means of “healing the hearts” of the extremists.

Mutilation, mockery, decapitation and humiliation have been at the core of Islamic teaching since its inception in the 7th century. No manner of Western revulsion will alter that. In fact, if anything, Western disgust only encourages further such assaults.

Combined with the fact that such actions were wholeheartedly endorsed by the prophet himself, these make the Islamic State a perfect example of precisely what Islam really is.

Apologizing for Islam, making excuses for “the few,” and failing to acknowledge what the true meaning of Islam really is only adds fuel to a raging fire that is burning out of control.

Islamic history defines what the Islamic State is all about. Islamic texts are their guides.

Gruesome beheadings are not new. They are only new to us in the West. They are actually as old as the sands of the Arabian desert.

As Raymond Ibrahim says, “This is the true cult of jihad which few non-Muslims can begin to comprehend—and little wonder, considering that their political leaders, professors, and media continue to babble foolishly about how Islam is the ‘religion of peace.’”

Bob Taylor has been traveling the world for more than 30 years as a writer and award winning television producer focusing on international events, people and cultures around the globe. Taylor is founder of The Magellan Travel Club (

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