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BECKER: America needs a new party for the middle

Written By | Jul 15, 2015

WASHINGTON, July 15, 2015 – While Congress has recessed for the next month to take a vacation from their campaign promises and Constitutional duties, it is time to consider our future as Americans.

We need to hurry while they have vacated the Capitol for junkets and elaborate vacations. Upon their return, they will take up budget issues and decide whether to shut down government once again, and resume catering to both extremes in the Democrat and Republican parties.

We can take this pause in rational political news to ask you to consider an important question:

“If the Republicans are now considered the conservative party, and the
Democrats are now the liberal party, who represents the vast majority of
Americans who are stuck in the middle?”

By the time our elected officials are done inflicting fiscal and rational impotence on the rest of the nation, we in the middle could have our own party up and running and have enough votes by election time to vote the majority of Congress out of office.

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What do you think, America? A fresh start, with new people in the position of making decisions that are in our best interests, not theirs? Harry Reid? Gone. John Boehner? Send him home and take his microphone away.

The rest would be swept out of the Capitol and banned from coming inside the Beltway, for life.

We have no intention to incite our country to revolution. Rational people don’t support anarchy, especially the majority of Americans in the middle. We have a good Constitution that has served us well for as long as we have been the United States of America, so we may as well start following the instructions. The proposal is for you to ponder the creation of a new political party that will elect non-politicians to run against career politicians and beat them soundly in the next election.

If we are going to do this, we have to pick a catchy name. We need one that has never been used before, so the words, Tory, Whig, Libertarian, Tea Party, and even Know Nothing are off the list. They are the parties of the past. Instead, we need to pick words that have no baggage. The words Patriot and Progressive have acquired distorted meanings by the press and career politicians, so they are out of consideration until they have been rehabilitated, laundered of misinterpretation, and revived in the national lexicon.

We are only limited by our imagination. The prize is the recognition that your idea is the kernel of thought that will be the base of a new party, one that represents the interests of a substantial majority. Until now, the voice of those in the middle has remained un-heard . You are invited to create new words to name this new party, as most of the old ones have been used.

Democratic candidates - Caricatures by Donkey Hotel for Flickr -

Democratic candidates – Caricatures by Donkey Hotey for Flickr -


Republican candidates – Caricatures by Donkey Hotey for Flickr -






If you think that this idea is just another rambling of a political junkie, consider this:

We are a nation of 314 million people. From our population of U.S. citizens, 150 million are registered to vote. There are 226 million eligible to vote, but 76 million don’t even bother. Out of the voters registered as Republican or Democrat, 83% are unhappy with Congress, and are likely to bolt if a better party comes along. If this idea takes off, the huge number of Americans who are dismayed and disenchanted are likely to move to a new party if given the opportunity. America in the Middle will only make that move if they believe that doing so will improve their lives, and at this time in our history, it looks like a no-brainer.

That is what Congress fails to recognize and acknowledge. We are so fed up with what is happening in Washington that we are looking for a better way, and this time, we mean it. Recent polls reveal that 60% of us would toss Congress out of office, every one of its 435 members. This presumes that we would replace them with someone, and this is where the New Party comes into the American consciousness, once we arrive at a catchy name. If the rest of the eligible voters could be convinced to register, we’re talking landslide.

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The traits that voters seek in a candidate for president are changing in very interesting ways. A recent study by the Sachs Media Group has revealed that younger voters want a president who is highly educated, charismatic and motivating, and compassionate. Older voters value a leader who is strong and decisive, patriotic, and can command respect from other countries. More revealing, though, are the qualities that all voters value in the candidate they want to be president regardless of age: They want a president who is open-minded, has a sense of humor, and who is honest and trustworthy.

Perhaps this shift in values has prompted Berke Breathed to take his politically-oriented comic strip, Bloom County, out of a 25-year retirement. Surprisingly, older voters appear to require a sense of humor, and each of those candidates in the running will seize the opportunity to provoke a laugh, usually at the expense of their opponent.

The other universal qualities, open-mindedness, honesty, and trustworthiness, may not bode well for the conservative candidate who seeks to return America to the values of the 1950’s, or the liberal candidate who is under congressional investigation for erasing e-mails. The voters will be looking and evaluating each candidate with new and captivating filters, and each one could knock them off the list.

This places the New Party candidate in a unique position in the race for president or a seat in Congress. Democrats and Republicans are all career politicians who have more baggage than the lost luggage room at any large airport. They have to run on their record, while the third party candidate can run on new ideas. As we have seen in the past decade, Congress and the departing president are fresh out of ideas, and politics as usual is as satisfying to America as listening to yet another speech about healthcare.

We need to re-invigorate politics and our nation with new ideas, and we can only accomplish that goal by electing people to higher office who are willing to deal with problems by proposing solutions. Then we can attend to the business of saving the United States of America.

Mark Becker

Mark E. Becker, Esq. is a mediator and problem-solver resolving more than 5,000 disputes over a career spanning over thirty years with the attitude that all disputes can be settled. An author, Becker's column will focus on resolving our nation’s most urgent issues, some old, but mostly new from outside of the Beltway in the Real America, where most of us live. Learn more about Mark at:, and connect with him on Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, and Twitter (@Markbeckerwrite). To order his books, go to his website or to