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Barack Obama’s shadow government of coup plotters in exile

Written By | Jun 24, 2019
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WASHINGTON: It used to be a truism of American politics that we only have one President at a time. That there was a strong tradition ensuring the ‘peaceful transition of power” from one administration to the other. President Barack Obama is obliterating those quaint traditions of American democracy. Indeed he seems to have set up a government in exile, in Washington DC, while he seeks to undermine and sabotage the sitting President.  (Trump claims ‘Obama had to know about’ efforts to undermine presidency)

His actions are unprecedented. The impact of his activities may well lead to a string of criminal indictments against a plethora of senior Obama Administration officials. Both in the senior levels of his cabinet. And in the upper echelons of the Obama White House staff and the Oval Office itself.

A coup d’etat by the outgoing Obama administration

There is no instance where a two-term President has left the Oval Office and then actively sought to destroy his successor. Until Barack Obama. There is no situation where the outgoing President weaponized the intelligence agencies and the DOJ to target, frame, and decimate the incoming President, even before he has taken office.

Durham probing Bond villains in the Obama White House

No President has ever sought to stage a coup d’etat against his successor. Until now.

Now we know the origins of the Russia hoax against Donald Trump. It was to cover up the systematic abuse of NSA surveillance systems by the Obama Administration. That the Obama White House had been illegally and systematically spying on an array of prominent Americans since 2012.

In order to to keep the actions of the Obama White House hidden, extraordinary measures had to be taken to ensure Hillary Clinton’s election. She had to be exonerated of multiple criminal activities relating to her pay for play scheme at the State Department and with the Clinton Foundation.

Clearing Hillary, Framing Trump

Hillary had to be cleared of using an unsecured server to transmit sensitive and classified information. She had to be cleared of obstructing justice for deleting 33000 emails under subpoena.

Clinton, Emails, Hacking, China, L.J. KeithOnce she was corruptly exonerated, the Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, had to be destroyed.

The full measure of the CIA, State Department and DOJ were unleashed against Donald Trump. John Brennan initiated operations against the Trump Campaign using the Italian, British and Australian intelligence services.

They used CIA assets Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer and Stefan Halper to frame and entrap George Papadopoulos. Their purpose, to falsely depict Donald Trump as a Russian agent.

The Steele Dossier, FISA abuse, and the phony ICA

Peter Strzok used the fruits of the illegal framing of Papadopoulos to initiate a counterintelligence operation against

Strzok, Weissman, Hoax, Clinton, Obama

(l) Peter Strzok (r) Andrew Weissman – Images courtesy of Wikiped and official government portrait

Donald Trump. When they knew all along it was a setup. Strzok and Andrew Weissmann used the Clinton, DNC Kremlin disinformation Steele dossier to illegally obtain FISA warrants against Carter Page.  (Was the Steele Dossier Used to Obtain a FISA Warrant Against Trump’s Campaign? – National Review)

John Brennan spent much of September and October of 2016 leaking the Steele dossier to the press while putting together a phony Intelligence Community Assessment with Peter Strzok. Accusing Russia of helping Trump at the same time that they were using Kremlin disinformation to frame Trump.

They were all certain that Hillary would win. That it would be business as usual. That they would get away with everything. No one would be the wiser.

Hillary loses and panic sets in

James Clapper and John Brennan were certain they would be rewarded for their service to Obama and Clinton. That unfettered access to NSA surveillance systems would continue undiscovered and unpunished.

That political spying and using the Government to punish your adversaries would continue unabated. That they would have carte blanche to run roughshod over the Constitution, and cover up their crimes for at least another 4 years.

Also Read: Durham has questions for Brennan, NSA’s Mike Rogers has the answers

Except that Hillary lost. And then all hell broke loose. Obama and his minions were in a mighty predicament. Everything they had done to Trump, and everything they had been doing for at least 4 years, was about to be exposed.

As a drunken enraged Hillary Clinton famously said to John Podesta on election night when Donald Trump won, “If that F**king bastard wins, you better do something about this or we’ll all hang from nooses.”

Whatever could she have been talking about? Maybe she was referencing what we are all now discovering over the last three years.

Weaponizing the CIA, NSA, and DOJ against political opponents

That a cabal of senior officials in the CIA, State Department, DOJ and the White House illegally weaponized the intelligence agencies and organs of government against political opponents. Systematically. Consistently. Illegally. Over an extended period of time.

Italy, UK’s MI-6 aid the Durham probe of Brennan, Mifsud’s Trump Spygate

That this operation was conducted and run by Barack Obama from the Oval Office of the White House. That Obama’s senior staffers, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, and Valerie Jarrett were intimately involved in every aspect of the illegal activities. That John Brennan, James Comey, and James Clapper were illegally accessing NSA surveillance systems to spy on thousands of Americans for over 4 years.

When NSA director Admiral Mike Rogers learned of the abuse of the NSA systems, he stopped the illegal access to the systems by the three contractors authorized by James Comey. Contractors who reported directly to James Clapper and John Brennan.

Brennan then collected the information from the illegal surveillance and compiled secret “eyes only’ briefings for Barack Obama. Secret briefings based on illegal surveillance of American citizens.

FISA Judge Rosemary Collyer: Years of illegal NSA surveillance on Americans

Again, this is not an opinion. This is the ruling of FISA Court Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer, who found systematic violations of law, the 4th amendment, and the civil rights of each person surveilled. Of 40000 inquiries made by the 3 contractors over 4 years, Judge Collyer found that 85% or 32,500 were illegal. 32,500 violations of law.

Violations of the civil rights of each and every target. Thirty-two thousand, five hundred individual criminal acts.

So Hillary Clinton loses, Donald Trump is President-elect and Barack Obama and his co-conspirators seek to destroy the incoming President. Susan Rice heads an “extraordinary committee” of senior officials that serves as the coordinating ‘junta” of the coup plotters.

Valerie Jarrett, Ben Rhodes, VP Joe Biden, James Clapper, James Comey and Bond villain John Brennan all sit on the “junta”, coordinating the next steps of the Russia Hoax.

Coup, Coup de' Etat, Comey, Rosenstein, Clapper, McCabe, Steele, Mueller, Strzok, Page, Brennan
Obama and Brennan target Michael Flynn

Incoming National Security advisor Michael Flynn is targeted by coup plotter Sally Yates at the DOJ over the Logan Act. The man who was instrumental in winning both the Iraq and Afghan wars for the United States is illegally targeted and framed by his own government. His life destroyed. At the time it was an outrage. Now we know it was part of a long-running continuum.

Italy sacks Intel chiefs over Mifsud – Brennan Russia Hoax fiasco

Michael Flynn, Russia, Hoax, Trump, President Trump

Adm. Michael Flynn, Wikipedia – Official Portrait

Because Obama has been targeting Michael Flynn for years. Ever since he became the head of the DIA, then after Flynn’s firing for objecting to Obama Administration military policy. Flynn was undoubtedly one of those 32,500 American names subjected to the illegal surveillance using NSA systems, including PRISM, by Brennan and Clapper.

And when he started working for Donald Trump, alarm bells rang in the Obama White House.

Peter Strzok’s “insurance policy”

Peter Strzoks “insurance policy” begins to take shape in the form of the Mueller inquisition.  From January 2017 to May 2017 the remnants of the Obama sleeper cells mounting the coup d’etat shift into overdrive.

When coup plotter James Comey is finally fired and his minion Robert Mueller begins the Mueller inquisition, many of the coup plotters are already on his team.

Its full steam ahead with the Russia hoax.

Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Russia Hoax, FBI, Insurance Policy

Lisa Page – Open Use image

Andrew Weissmann, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page to name three.

The same people who framed Donald Trump are now in charge of persecuting him. And they do so over the next 22 months. Even though every single member of his team knows the entire operation is a frame job.

Mueller and his partners in the Mainstream media lay down a constant barrage of fire accusing the President of being a Russian agent. Of course, they knew it is a lie from the start. Now we know they knew it was a lie.

Shadow government in exile in Kalorama

Barrack Obama himself never leaves Washington. He moves into a multimillion dollar house in the tony Kalorama neighborhood in DC. Just a couple miles from the White House. His minions, including co-conspirator and principle dragon lady Valerie Jarrett, join him.

Its as if he has set up a war room to combat the incoming President.

Durham investigation: President Trump can’t be indicted but Obama can be

Clapper, Comey, and Brennan spend the next 2 years attacking the new President vociferously. Repeatedly. On every television appearance. It is unprecedented. The former head of the CIA accuses the sitting President of being a Russian agent. Over and over. On national television.

This isn’t just irresponsible behavior. It is criminal admission of consciousness of guilt.

Brenna, Clapper, Strozk, Comey, Russia HoaxAll of them. Andrew McCabe goes on 60 Minutes and virtually confesses to treason. John Brennan doesn’t seem to let a day go by without making outrageous statements that no politician, much less the former head of the CIA, should be making. The nervous chatter of the coup plotters has become far more pronounced. And desperate.

From Hillary to Susan Rice: Consciousness of guilt

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton goes on one speaking engagement after another where she makes a mockery of herself and our Democracy by continuing to attack the sitting President. It sounds a lot more like sour grapes and bitterness, which it is, of course. But there is an underlying subterfuge. Hillary is up to her eyeballs in the whole affair.

She commissioned the Steele Dossier. She is a principle co-conspirator.

But the hypocrisy and sociopathic victimhood is mind-boggling. She proclaims that” no one is above the law” with absolutely no apparent self-consciousness of her overwhelming litany of serious criminal wrongdoing. Her attacks on Trump are a squealing expression of her consciousness of guilt. On all of their parts.

Susan Rice writes the ‘cover your ass’ “by the book” memo on January 20th, 2017, claiming that her “extraordinary committee’ of junta coup plotters did nothing wrong. John Brennan, James Comey, James Clapper have been ubiquitous on TV. Their co-conspirators at CNN and MSNBC are only too happy to continue to let them spin their garbage of lies to try to cover up their crimes. It is revolting.

Crimes against the Republic

And crimes have been committed. US Attorney John Durham is hot on the trail of the entire criminal scheme. He is looking at the whole corrupt morass of despicable behavior. The illegal use of NSA surveillance. Abusing the  FISA court process. Using foreign intelligence agencies to spy on Americans.

FISA Court exposes Obama’s abuse of NSA to spy on Americans

The use of the Steele Dossier.  The ‘insurance policy” by Peter Strzok. Unmasking Trump associates. Spying on the President of the United States. Seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by using extrajudicial means. In other words, staging a coup d’etat.

Globetrotting with Obama while he undercuts Trump

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is globe trotting trying to undercut Trump with our own allies. Just as John Kerry has become an apparent unofficial advisor to our enemies in Iran.

Obama, President Obama, Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Barack Obama Credit: Cyrus Farivar (Creative Commons BY NC SA)

Obama is apparently telling European governments and our adversaries to just wait Trump out. Open subterfuge in direct conflict with Administration policy. Talk about actual violations of the Logan act. That is why there is only supposed to be one President at a time, right.

Obama is making a high profile tour of Europe as we speak. Commiserating with Angela Merkel in Germany. Reassuring Macron in France. Lunching with Bono in Eze. Hanging with George Clooney in Lake Como.

Meeting with former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, undoubtedly to do damage control over disclosure’s that the Renzi’s Italian government worked with John Brennan’s CIA to frame George Papadopoulos.

The coup plotters just won’t go away…until they are indicted

On the same day that Obama was meeting with Renzi, VP Mike Pence was speaking with 5-star movement leader Matteo Salvini on the extent of Italian intelligence interference in the 2016 election.

Obama acts like he is the American government in exile. Bemoaning Trump in private. Actively working against his own country, and the duly elected President. Undermining his efforts. Openly contradicting and sabotaging American foreign policy. Plotting with his co-conspirators from their war room in Kalorama.

Obama Clinton Coup Attempt: Decimating the “peaceful transition of power”

Just last week Valerie Jarrett and Ben Rhodes emerged in separate network appearances to attack President Trump, declare their own behavior impeccable, and denounce the current President as dangerous.  Brennan, Clapper, and Comey have been remarkably silent in recent weeks.

They seem to know the noose is tightening.

Obama had his 8 years and he blew it

America can only have one President at a time. Barack Obama has not only ignored that. He and the senior members of his corrupt government have been conducting an active conspiracy against the duly elected President.  They have been doing so since well before the 2016 election. Those activities continue to this day.

They need to be stopped, exposed, and prosecuted.

Never before in the history of our country has a former President acted in such an illegal and despicable manner. The former President, by effectively running an opposition government in exile, has betrayed the Constitution and the people of the United States.

“POTUS wants to know everything we are doing”, Peter Strzok texted Lisa Page

Well, so do we.

John Durham needs to hold all of them accountable. All of them. From Strzok to Brennan. From Jarrett and Rice to Rhodes and Obama. For the sake of the Republic. It seems clear that Durham is well on his way to bringing them all to justice. A grand jury has already been empaneled. The scope of the investigation continues to expand.

No wonder the coup plotters are nervous. They ought to be.



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Obama in the Oval Office Supplied: White House/Pete Souza





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