WRIGHT: Barack Obama: The first Black President may be the worst

President Obama / Whitehouse.gov
President Obama / Whitehouse.gov

WASHINGTON, April 23 2014 – Barack Obama is a terrible president who just so happens to be the nation’s first black president.

His first trip abroad as president in 2009 was to Cairo to give an apologist speech to the Muslim world for America’s greatness and might in fighting terrorism. He bullied Congress into passing his $800 billion stimulus package, which didn’t stimulate anything, but has instead kept unemployment above 7% for the past five years.

Obama recently chose Iran over Israel and agreed to allow Iran to keep its nuclear program under promises it will stop uranium production. In exchange, the US will ease economic sanctions on the mullah run nation, which sponsors terrorism against America and promised to eradicate Israel from the face of the earth.

How can we forget after two years of avoiding any action on Syria, Obama asked Congress to vote on whether the US should take military action, effectively absolving himself of responsibility.

Then Obama outsourced America’s foreign policy to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who negotiated a deal with Syrian President Assad to turn over his weapons of mass destruction to the United Nations. This further removed our Commander in Chief from the responsibility of leadership of world’s greatest super power.

Does this read like the resume of a great president? No.

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Yet, it wasn’t until the calamitous rollout of Obamacare, exposing the lies he told the American people in order to get the bill passed, that people are finally allowing themselves to see the real Barack Obama.

His approval ratings at the end of 2013 tumbled to the lowest of his presidency with 55% of Americans saying he’s doing a bad job. A whopping 63% of Americans think Obama “fumbled” the launch of Obamacare.

Yet Queen Bee of Talk TV, Oprah Winfrey would have the world believe all those people polled are just a bunch of racists who “disrespect” Obama only because he’s black.

That is a lie.

What many people have known about Barack Obama since his first year in office was that he wasn’t capable of the job. He was a novelty, a celebrity, a president in name only. Conservatives criticized him openly but for liberals it was,  “the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody’s thinking it,” as Winfrey said in her BBC interview.

Yes, politically correct liberals and the liberal dominated mainstream media whispered about Obama’s shortcomings for a long time, but their collective white guilt invested too much in electing America’s black president to admit defeat. Blacks elated to have finally gotten the first black in the White House were equally determined to ignore how blacks suffered under his administration with high black unemployment and diminished wealth.

Blacks vowed “to give Obama a pass” because of the color of his skin.  So, forces united and pledged to make Obama a two-term president no matter what.

Obama’s worshippers silenced Obama’s critics by accusing them of being racists. A docile mainstream liberal aided and abetted the progressive cause, propping up Obama’s  every misstep from a lousy economy his entire first term (it was Bush’s fault) to the Benghazi lie (it was a spontaneous protest which killed four Americans before it was a terrorist attack).

Then of course the most irresponsible reporting came during the 2012 election, when the media declared Obama needed another four years to turn this country around. Unlike his predecessors, who were held accountable to their records for re-election, Obama got a free pass on accountability and in many ways it is because he is black.

But the unveiling of Obamacare was just too big a failure to ignore, even by democrats who supported it, the media who gushed over it and voters who twice voted for its creator. Thanks to the Unaffordable Care Act, Obama’s supporters are finally seeing the incompetence beneath the man’s personality. They see what Obama’s critics have said since 2009.

This president isn’t up to the job.

The problem is Obama has always believed he’s something bigger than he is. He’s no Lincoln, no extraordinary POTUS. Not now or ever.

Too bad this great reveal didn’t happen in 2012. But that was by design too.


This story original published November 2013


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Crystal Wright is a journalist and a black conservative woman living in Washington, DC. She writes for The Guardian, The Root DC and Townhall web sites. Crystal is also a communications consultant, editor and publisher of the blog, The Conservative Black Chick. Crystal earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Georgetown Universtity and a Masters of Fine Arts in Theatre from Virginia Commonwealth University. Ms. Wright is the principal owner of the Baker Wright Group, LLC , a full service public relations firm, specializing in communications counseling, media relations, message development, media training and crisis communications.
  • keribari

    Actually…hes bi-racial…according to HIS story. He never claims to be negro…and DNA by CIA shows that The Dunhams are not his blood.

  • Retired_CSI

    The “Great American/African American Presidential Experiment” is an UNMITIGATED Failure…..period! I predicted it would happen (if elected) back during the 2008 presidential campaign! I STUDIED HIS HISTORY BEGINNING EARLY 2007!!

  • Michael Watson

    And that’s because the undisputed “Liar of the Year” King EGObama has zero character. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin. Period.

  • Pam

    Hillary Clinton would bring down the same judgement on women. It is such a shame that the opportunity was wasted on a man who did not love this country. Has put us on the brink of disaster, and will take years to reverse the damage if ever.

    • code4blue

      So true he has squandered the greatest opportunity of any human in a life time.

    • Guest

      So, you think Oobama is bad, and Hillary Clinton would have been great.
      …..People who think there’s a difference between H. Clinton and B. Oobama should not be allowed to vote.

      • Pam

        Where in my post did I say I would back Hillary Clinton! This woman is as bad or worse than Obama. She is not only corrupt she is a stone killer of anyone who stands in her way. Again, when we do have a female President, please women of America vote in someone that will make us proud!
        You sir,
        can not read and comprehend a statement.

  • Tabitha Bliss

    Thanks Crystal! Great assessment as always. 🙂

  • heilbama

    He hates America, he hates Israel; he loves power, loves the ‘holy’ Quran and makes fun of the Bible. He isn’t JUST a failure; he is a fraud. This is the man who traded ‘free’ phones for votes from people he wouldn’t otherwise give the time of day and allowed non-citizens and breakers of the law to vote in an American election. He has surrounded himself with the lowest of the low, the most voracious power-mongers and those who are devoid of integrity, blatantly dishonest and share his anti-American agenda – to destroy the country from within. Today, the honest citizen has to fear governmental repercussion for merely practicing Freedom of Speech. Well, give me Liberty or give me Death, you sons and daughters of Satan. .

  • Jose Elizabeth Allen Hawkins

    I think it was my hero, Mr. Cain , who said “O’Bama does not share the American Black experience. That is true; he hates The British , he hates Christians, and I suspect he hates Americans and especially those who are black.



  • simonzee1

    So, according to Kiev Russia wants to start WWIII.

    Well now. Aren’t the stooges in Kiev led by the West well schooled in the application of “projection” by the West and its left wing activist media. They all share a distain with the E.U for religion…custom and tradition in their leftist group think and unhinged projection.

    You see…if you support Bundy you must be a racist. If you support traditional marriage you must be a homophobe. If you go onto a site like pinknews to defend Christian men and women you are a closeted gay. If you criticise Obama you are a racist. If you back the Keystone proposal you are an evil oil lover. If you don’t agree with the dubious hyberbole and dreaded warnings around climate change you are a “denier” a “heathen” an “apostate” ruled against by The New Climate Change Religion.

    And then we get to the foreign policy and lack thereof by Kerry and Obama. If you pump half a billion in illegal weapons into Libya in contravention of international law like America…France and Britain and their Sunni partners you are a “freedom” fighter but if you protect the interest of minorities and ethnic groups in your border from being treated as second class citizens by un-elected thugs and fascists brought to power by a Western organised coup you have contravened international law.

    And so we get to the end “projection” aided by these left wing facists in the Obama administration who are so at home with the facists in Kiev. The end projection is that Russia wants to start WWIII.

    That idiotic statement could only come through Washington onto Kiev. It is like a game of Chinese whispers starting with morons like John McCain and Kerry going along the line to Biden and Brennan who whisper to Kiev at the end of the line of ignorance and stupidity….”Tell the media that Russia wants to start WWIII.”

    Perhaps Americans are better at shock and awe because when you see the train slow down as we have in Libya and Ukraine all you see is a whole lot of disfigured characters looking out through the carriages who don’t know who they are…what they stand for… and where the train is heading.

    What they are good at telling their stooges in the media and Kiev to use is “projection.” What these lefties do not realise is that it is the lowest form of wit and intelligence.

    The world is not fooled. It knows which side is pushing the wheelbarrow of this conflict and by the blogs on every site I have been on; the impressions on the ground show a cognitive imprint from the wheel which leads back to Washington in everyone’s mind. You can take that as Gospel truth.

    • supercoop

      This is the worst president the US ever had!
      Nothing else needs to be said.
      Can’t wait to see him go!
      I voted for him the first time and I was wrong.
      Obama care give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • donna

        I voted for him the first time. I bought into “hope and change” now, i think he’s the antichrist

  • Such a stupid article this is! Obama has his faults, to be sure, but in the face of an unprecedented number of filibusters, the stock market is at its highest level ever, corporate profits as well, we are out of Iraq and leaving Afghanistan, Libya is free(r) with did highly regrettable casualties but less than one-thousandth the cost of Iraq, Syria is getting rid of its WMDs…. The absurdity of this article is most clearly shown by the emphasis it places on Syria, a nation that is so irrelevant to America that the 2012 GOP candidate got its location wrong (he thought it was somehow bordering on Iran lol). When you have to fulminate about Syria, you’re confessing that you got nothing

    • nmgene

      You cant fix stupid!!! rewinn is another leftie loon who does not undeerstand the truth in any way shape or form.

      • I agree that I can’t fix stupid – so I won’t try fixing you.

        P.S. You didn’t dispute any of the facts in my reply – probably because they are … you will note … facts.

        • kenny baldwin

          Libya is no more free then other place, its now even worse then it was under quaddafi. Sure corporations are better of but you dont see corporations giving or solving any of the real issues like famine, poverty and hunger to the many millions around the world. Instead it is the ngo’s and those with limited funding who try and solve those issues. Like any politican he is a puppet who keeps the social order intack.

  • GiantClam

    Wow…Great article, Crystal. Lifting the veil on America’s novelty president is no small task – though quite easy to do. You nailed this fraud beautifully. It would have been nice – and much more substantive – if America’s first black president were someone competent and trustworthy, someone we could admire, and who championed the qualities that made America great, instead of denigrating us, and fostering divisiveness. Good job.
    PS – You’re gorgeous!

  • Gonsalvo

    Obama is a nice-looking man, a good father, and a fine speaker. He has been, however, a horrible President, clearly over his head from day one. His programs (bailout, Solyndra, etc.) have all been horrible. His international statesmanship has been a laughing matter for our allies. He has done nothing to help our economic recovery. We can only hope that the next President will be pro-business and protective of America.