Barack Obama, the anti-Martin Luther King

Obama, the anti-MLK / United States Government work license
Obama, the anti-MLK / United States Government work license

Photo: Obama, the anti-MLK / used under a United States Government Work license

By Eric Golub

TALLAHASSEE, Fla., January 20, 2014 — On this day to honor the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., one sad conclusion is certain: He weeps over what has become of race relations in America, and over what has befallen black America.

Today marks the fifth anniversary of President Barack Obama’s first inauguration. On that day he vowed to uphold the United States Constitution, bring people together, heal old wounds, and usher in a new era of civility. That last promise was the first to be broken when, in that same speech, he uncivilly attacked his predecessor, long after the campaign had ended. It wouldn’t be the last promise he broke, though.

We’ve reached the point, five years later, when people are accused of racism just for criticizing Obama and his policies. It would probably compound the egregiousness of that racism, in their view, to attack Obama on MLK Day. But if ever a day existed to examine and criticize race relations under Obama, today is it. Dr. King fought for civil rights so that Obama could be President. Obama has returned the favor by dishonoring King’s values.

Both Obama and King were masters of oratory, but King’s words have stood the test of time; they were backed up by substance. King was imperfect, but everyone is. King inspired people black and white because he truly believed in a noble cause; he lived it, suffered for it, dedicated his life to it, and ultimately died for it.

King understood that equality for blacks was imperative for the future of white America. While blacks were not free, America could never be free; while America’s promise was denied to blacks, it was no promise at all. He understood the words of Abraham Lincoln, preached malice towards none and charity towards all, and stood witness that seeking vengeance or holding on to bitter hates would poison blacks and cripple America.

King was not anti-big government. Republicans are wrong when they say that he would have supported conservative principles. He supported a mixture of government action and personal responsibility. But that’s just policy. Above government policies he stood for principle, and that is what made him great.

Obama is the anti-King. He’s all about policy. His every failure is met with excuses and blame, usually of white Republican straw men. After five years, the only equality we know in America is the equality of shared misery. All races are hurt by high energy and food prices, economic stagnation, and an increasingly unstable world.

Obama inherited a tough situation, reminded us of that ad nauseam, and then made it worse. Black unemployment skyrocketed, Americans dropped out of the labor force, and only Obama’s friends have had reason to cheer.

U.S. government policy has been stacked against black Americans for decades. That’s not Obama’s fault, but he has improved nothing. It is not Obama’s fault that two out of every three black children are born out of wedlock. It is his fault that he cares much more about “green” startups than about black kids without dads. It is his fault that he things fathers are easily replaced with daddy government, and the private sector with a government dependency culture.

It is not Obama’s fault that drugs destroyed inner city communities. It is his fault that he’s done nothing to rebuild inner cities and breath economic life back into them.

It is not Obama’s fault that racial resentment exists in America. It is his fault that he and Attorney General Eric Holder use the Justice Department as a cudgel to exact vengeance for past racial societal wrongs. The New Black Panthers, the knockout game and the Trayvon Martin case are among many examples of their selective interest in justice.

King was a man of principle; Obama’s only principle is Obama. He could even turn Nelson Mandela’s funeral into a selfie moment.

King saw how a lack of opportunity blighted black America, and so he fought to bring about equality by extending opportunity for all, not taking it from those who had it. His goal was liberation, the right of people to chart their own course and succeed regardless of skin color.

Obama wants more regulations, constraints, and burdens. He wants to mandate what products people buy, including healthcare. He targets those who disagree with him, using tools like the IRS. The irony there is that in the late 1950’s, the I.R.S. began auditing Dr. King. They went after his lawyers and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference as well. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s Counter Intelligence Project — COINTELPRO — had unlimited access to the IRS files of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the National Council of Churches, and used that access to go after King.

King, like Mandela, wanted unity and reconciliation. Obama seeks to rip people apart, pitting neighbor against neighbor. He invents a fictional war on women. He attacks job creators as plutocrats. He laments that his critics cannot stomach a black president. What people cannot stomach is his constant failures and tiresome excuses.

Obama won a chance to lead the greatest nation on earth. He squandered his historical moment. King rose to the occasion. Obama shrinks from anything meaningful.

King wanted people to be judged “not on the color of their skin, but on the content of their character.” Obama has black and guilty white liberals who worship the color of his skin while turning a blind eye to problems he creates. August 28, 2013, was the 50th anniversary of King’s speech. Obama did not think it important enough to have prominent black conservatives like Colonel Allen West or Tim Scott speak. On a day to honor a man committed to peace, Obama was exacting political retribution and demonizing men who would have made King proud.

On this MLK day and BHO anniversary, America has come far despite Obama’s attempts to undo real progress. It is the perfect day to send him a clear message:

Criticism of Obama is not about his race (equal parts black and white). It is not about his religion (Christian, not Muslim). It is not about his national origin (U.S., not Kenya). It is not about his gender (male, with an unhealthy dose of Pajamaboy metrosexuality).

It is all about his lack of results, lack of substance, lack of civility, and insistence on demonizing anyone who recognizes him as failed, divisive and incompetent.

King would have beamed with pride on January 20, 2009. Five years later, he would most likely be ashamed. Nobody would have wanted Obama to succeed more than King. This is why King weeps, and why Obama and his like are not fit to shine King’s shoes.

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