Barack Obama: President ‘Cool Aid’ destined for Mt. Rushmore?


LOS ANGELES, May 7, 2013 – Barack Hussein Obama has always been charming. But you can’t sell America’s Second Revolution, its “fundamental transformation” or the Obama Nation’s lessons in American self-loathing without a less than George Burns delivery. Plus the President’s own giggling narcissism. When the President giggles, America smiles.  The President knows that. Judging from the 2013 Washington Correspondents Dinner, Barack Obama governs his comedy writers with the breathtaking sanity one hopes he might have led the country with. But then the President listens to his comedy writers. Oh, well… it’s his last term. Isn’t it? The President’s comedy routine at these Correspondents Dinners, if only for the moment, raise his Presidential permanence to “Mt. Rushmorian” heights. For the benefit of Hollywood glitterati and the often-dense mainstream media, Stephen Spielberg was, once again, there, seemingly for the umpteenth time, to connect Obama to Abraham Lincoln.

This time we saw a self-deprecating Barack Hussein Obama  quipping about “The Muslim Socialist”.  Hold for laugh. The tactic? Paint the opposition – inferentially mind you – with thick coats of a “Tea Party”, humorlessness and prehistoric paranoia. “Take that, Mary Matlin, for painting our Obama as a narcissistic sociopath!” The Tea Party’s utter non-violence means nothing if its protests are the noise of mirthless neurotics or plain-old, conservative stiffs. The Tea Partiers are definitely not “cool”. How much more of the American Dream can you get than this charming husband and father of two lovely girls; This witty Harvard graduate, this 3 point shooter from “Downtown!” Chicago. Yet the very nation that lifted him into the White House is dealing with a “fundamentally transformed” and utterly bankrupted United States of America known as The Obama Nation’s Second American Revolution. What is really fueling this “fundamental transformation”? Third World “reparations” and American white guilt. The Third World is certainly getting its vengeance; and, far more painful than that, is America’s willing and very bipartisan submission, yea her leap into American suicide. “America will never be destroyed by a foreign power. If this nations dies, it will be by suicide!” Abraham Lincoln

Barack Obama, or Dr. Cool Aid, has the same, overly willing patients for his economic prescriptions as Jim Jones commanded while handing out his lethal doses of Kool-Aid. However, hundreds of millions of Americans voted for that very same flavor of Barack Obama’s economic Kool-aid. Not once. Twice!! Obama has destroyed the economy, perhaps permanently, with a single stroke of his pen. Obamacare creates nothing less than over-sixteen-trillion-dollars debt he then deliberately dropped on America’s back. The 2013 economy and the violent fallout from Obama’s Arab Spring will, from now till his departure from the White House, only get worse.

He even seemed to admit the fix he’s put not only America in but himself as well: “Maybe I should just pack up and go home. Golly.” – Obama, White House Correspondants Dinner. His federal spending in the past four and a half years has broken all per capita records set by any government in the history of the world. Add Pigford to Obama’s already hair-raising achievement, and one wonders why impeachment proceedings have not begun by now. Indeed, the Obama/Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and Jim “Golly” days are here but I doubt if the President seriously thinks he’ll be going home to Chicago any time soon. The President deliberately does to the American dollar what his greatest mentor, George Soros, did to the British pound: break the dollar’s worth and its worldwide meaning. Who taught Obama how to inflict such damage? George Soros. However, who’s allowed and applauded Obama for doing that? The American People. Need I say, twice!

“It’s all for the sake of the Progressive New World Order, a Universal Dream to be run ultimately by the United Nations, at the direct and terminally lavish expense of the United States.” Why? Roe v Wade. I once thought the great transition of America into suicide might have come with the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. But no. Kennedy became, in the Warren Commission’s version, a symbol of patriotic sacrifice. Death in the line of duty. The very corruption, the 5th Column and the 5th Estate of a Decidedly-Less-Free World which JFK was fighting has owned more of Washington than most Americans know or are even willing to admit; and the American people are increasingly aware of their political ignorance and have really done little about it.

However, that the American people have remained relatively silent before the 40 years of legalized infanticide contained in the Roe v Wade Decision of 1973?! And now the fiercest American defender of Roe v Wade’s legalized murder owns the White House?! And abortion’s purported opponents in the Republican Party have done absolutely nothing to overturn this suicidal decision, this virtual burning of America’s “unalienable right to life”?! “Really, kids”, sighs this Old Man in Canada, “You’ve repeatedly confirmed why I left my homeland.” I fled America when Janet Reno tried to convince my America that conversations about murder and its motives during Angela Lansbury’s Murder She Wrote provoke American violence. “Television violence”, according to her, needs to be controlled by the government. Now Janet Reno’s charming but equally pro-abortion doppelganger kicks his feet up on the White House desk.

Obama, kicking back with his feet on the historical artifact, the Resolute desk.

Obama, kicking back with his feet on the historical artifact, the Resolute desk.

Do you know what will have provoked a Second American Civil War? Not, as the New World Order might warn you about, America’s Second Amendment and the American’s Right To Bear Arms. The cause of another Gettysburg and Gettysburg Address by a decisively different President than we have now will have been America’s own refusal to defend either the Declaration of Independence or the two thousand year-old Golden Rule. The American Rule of Bipartisan, Political Convenience now reads: “Do unto gestating infants what you would not want done to your own gestating infancy.” What is really left of Civilization after that? However, the end of America is now the least of humanity’s worries. Why? All of mankind, not just the North American population, seems to have chosen legalized infanticide. The only consistent opposition to abortion used to be the Catholic Church. Her’s, Rome’s, the Vatican’s “fundamental transformation” with their new Pope Francis will be discussed in my next offering from Michael Moriarty’s Musings. As Voltaire might have mused, the “Enlightened Despots” of a New World Order now own the Earth as well as the Catholic Church. Is such “Progressivism” a better alternative to humanity’s spiritual faith in God and at least a few of the Ten Commandments? The most controversial yet persuasive voice for abortion  is the President of the United States, Barack Obama. Yet he can still make us laugh.



He’s also the best example of the American Dream. His achievement of the American Dream is why he was elected President of the United States. So it’s the very Fruit of The American Dream, Barack Hussein Obama, that will have authored America’s surrender to a Progressively Marxist New World Order and the worldwide sovereignty of an increasingly mighty and “Progressively” Communist United Nations. Harvard’s very own Dr. Cool-Aid as not only the President of the United States but the man that will have inspired Americans to go laughing into bankruptcy, bottomless debtor-status, America’s death as a nation and, what’s worse, eternal shame. On the other hand, there may be hope. Why? It’s Obama’s last term. “Are you sure of that, Michael?” Charles Krauthammer of the National Review thinks so. “Neither Wall Street nor the April Jobs Report do.” “Obama can’t have more than two terms, can he?” Try telling that to George Soros, Oprah Winfrey and The Obama Nation. President Obama’s greatest fans, an international 5th column within  the Third World might have more to say about the next American President than either Hillary or Bill Clinton or most-of-America would like to think.

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