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Barack Obama is the architect behind Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

Written By | Feb 25, 2020
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CHARLOTTE, NC, February 25, 2020 – It appears at this time that the 2020 election will come down to incumbent Donald Trump vs. socialist Bernie Sanders – both of which exist due to Barack Obama. One indication the Democrats are in full panic mode at the early primary successes of Bernie Sanders is the sudden re-emergence of James Carville, the lead strategist of the successful presidential campaign of then-Arkansas governor Bill Clinton. (“We’re losing our damn minds”: James Carville unloads on the Democratic Party)

Carville is famous for the now-classic four-word slogan “It’s the economy, Stupid” which was a key factor in putting Clinton in the White House.

Deep down everyone knows that the foundation upon which Sanders’ socialist agenda is rooted lies in the entitlement loving freebie endorsing souls of the Millennial Generation. It’s that growing momentum with each new ballot that has Democrats wringing their hands.

By themselves, a Millennial base is not enough to unseat Donald Trump, and the Democrats know it.

The Democrats have only themselves to blame for the ‘Sanders Phenomenon’ going all the way back to Hillary Clinton and the author of the Millennial’s playbook, Barack Obama. Democrats would happily run Felix the Cat or Popeye the Sailorman if they could oust Trump in the process.

As Michelangelo sculpted The David and The Moses, Barack Obama and his cronies chiseled out Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Thank you, Mr. Obama, it took eight interminable years but, in the end, accidental as it may have been, you finally did two good things for the American people; removed Hillary Clinton from the headlines and vacated 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Unable to destroy President Trump, Pelosi and Schiff are targeting AG William Barr

Setting the national stage for Donald J. Trump’s Make America Great Again program.

Once elected the Democrats continued to refine Obama’s work by immediately inaugurating the continuous Russian Hoax – Mueller Report – Ukraine Impeachment war on Trump.  There was also Sen. Diane Feinstein’s (D-CA) obvious last gasp 11th-hour effort to derail Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.  If the outcome of the Kavanaugh confirmation was ever in doubt, to the last Democrat, successfully throwing Trump out of the White House never was.

As such, the wasted time, energy and money did absolutely nothing to further the Democrat’s cause. It was all a misguided failure that reeked of partisan politics.  Endeavors that did not play well on the national stage created by Barack Obama.

The final Democrat partisan straw breaking America’s back

The American people will tolerate hanky-panky and tricks until the bounds of fairness are crossed. And the Democrats with their attempts to discredit the President and prove that he is an agent of Russia and Vladimir Putin have crossed all bounds.

Both Sanders and Trump became the unintended beneficiaries of the Democrat’s blindness and stupidity. A lack of intellectual intelligence toward the president further enhanced by the mainstream media piranhas whose appetite for sleaze is never satisfied.

Deep State insurance policies, the press and Intelligence Community coups

Despite the Democrats, and Mitt Romney’s, non-stop assault against the President, he has consistently kept the promises he made during his election campaign.  “Actions speak louder than words” goes against the grain of Washington’s political class who would rather listen to themselves pontificate than anything else.

President Trump has given assistance to constituencies that have previously been ignored by Republicans in the past. The last time Americans were this comfortable with the economy, Ronald Reagan was in the Oval Office. The military is holding its own while the President is keeping us from becoming mired in new wars. And working to extract America from Afghanistan.

Trump has followed through with conservative goals and priorities.

One important Presidential action has been the appointment of judges. To the Supreme Court, Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh and to the US Court of Appeals (51 judges). To the United States District Courts (137 judges). He has also appointed judges to the US Court of International Trade, Federal Claims, Tax Court, Appeals for Veterans Claims, Military Commission Review, Appeals for the Armed Forces and Territorial Courts.

Amy Jackson Berman and Roger Stone: Judge not lest ye be judged

Donald Trump has pretty much accomplished what he set out do and, in the process, he is rebuilding trust with many of his former detractors.

Let the Democrats continue to implode under their present leadership and fantasyland ideals of Bernie Sanders. They deserve each other. It’s the one thing Republicans can thank Barack Obama for.

There is always the outside chance that four more years of Trump’s success could snap the Democrats back to reality.

One can only hope.

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