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Barack Neville Chamberlain Obama declares peace in our time

Written By | Nov 24, 2013

LOS ANGELES, November 24, 2013—Only days after President Obama gave Iran the green light to obliterate Israel, he took time for a victory lap to celebrate his most epic failure to date.

America and other world powers have just agreed to ease sanctions on Iran in exchange for an empty promise. Iran will pretend to stop its quest for nuclear weapons as the West celebrates the greatest meaningless paper agreement since Neville Chamberlain declared “peace in our time” with Hitler.

The enforcement mechanisms in the agreement are only as good as Obama’s spine. Ask the Syrian people about the Scoliosis Obama developed after his “red line” disappeared in a sea of invisible ink.

It is one thing for Obama’s word to mean absolutely nothing on domestic policy. Republicans can fix his healthcare debacle once he leaves office. Foreign policy is not the place for a man who prefers his own ideological blinders to analyzing empirical evidence.

Obama was able to undermine an ally and embolden an enemy because the politically liberal Jewish community worships Obama more than their own traditions. Liberal Jewish senators Barbara Boxer and Charles Schumer may love talking, but one phone call from the White House is enough to muzzle them. Boxer and Schumer are known for comparing Republicans to domestic abusers and Jihadists, oblivious to Iran’s leaders actually including both of those hobbies as cultural government staples.

In the same way Iran gained acquiescence from Obama in exchange for absolutely nothing in return, Obama will extract that same deal from liberal Jews in Congress. They will respond by saying, “Thank you Lord Obama, may I have another?” Privately, liberal Jewish leaders will insist that they stand up for themselves, and that sharp exchanges between “friends” should stay private.

It is at this point that liberal Jews must again be reminded that while Obama does not indiscriminately murder people, his word is no better than that of the mullahs. Verbal assurances from Obama to Jewish leaders is like listening to W.C. Fields dismiss children with his signature “go away boy, you bother me” hand gesture.

Obama desperately wants to believe that the power of his words will lead to success where every other president has failed. Iran will behave normally and enter the family of nations simply because Obama spoke flowery words that healed the planet and stopped the rise of the oceans.

Liberal Jews desperately want to believe that liberalism on foreign policy is not a complete failure. They cannot handle the shock to the system that 9/11 brought to many people. If only they try extra hard for peace, there will be peace regardless of how the other side behaves. If only they conduct more interfaith dinners, radical Islam will fade away from the public discussion.

Liberal Jews desperately want to believe in Obama so that they are not seen as giving up on a partially black president who represents their hopes and dreams. They keep hoping that if they love him more, that love will be returned. The alternative would be accepting that devout Christian conservatives from Sarah Palin to Michele Bachmann were right all along. That would lead to mass suicides at worst and expensive therapy bills at best for liberal Jews.

Desperately believing and wanting something to be cannot be a substitute for what actually exists. Chanting “yes, we can” does not make it so. “Hope” is a platitude. Iran funding global terrorism is the reality.

Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry will offer nonsense about how the agreement can be revised in six months, and that sanctions can be reinstituted. This means Iran has freedom to kill at will for six months. The sanctions genie will not be put back in the bottle by an “Old Europe” desperate for Iranian oil.

The mullahs in Iran learned from Syria. They know that the penalty for defying Barack Obama is absolutely nothing. The only good news is that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows this as well. Obama has managed to unite the entire Israeli community against him. He even managed to unite Israel and Saudi Arabia on the same side. Even former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, an ultra-dove famous for trying to give away the Israeli store, is against this deal.

Liberals will insist that we should be “open-minded” and sing John Lennon’s “give peace a chance.” Their peace pipes have become as addictive as crack pipes. America has always wanted peace. It is Iran who funds global war and instability. Now the people Vladimir Lenin called “useful idiots” have given Iran an early holiday president.

Some liberal Jewish organizations will “talk tough” now that the agreement already exists. They were silent when it mattered, and a safely reelected Obama no longer needs them.

The question will not be if Iran breaks this agreement, but when. As long as Obama has liberal Jewish politicians in his hip pocket prepared to blame Christian Republicans for the actions of radical Islamists, there is no hope for peace.

The world continues to burn, and Obama owns this decision to coddle Iran. The blood of the next Jewish terror victims will be on the hands of everyone who supported this agreement. No amount of excuses from self-loathing Jews or New York Times and MSNBC correspondents at the Obama defense department can change this.


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Eric Golub

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