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Baltimore & Cummings: Democrat grifters peddle racism and broken cities

Written By | Jul 30, 2019
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WASHINGTON, DC:  In the uproar over the condition of Elijah Cummings Congressional district in Baltimore, one conclusion is inescapable. Apparently, Democrats think they are immune from criticism, accountability or being confronted with the facts of the actual existence of the constituents that they feed off of. And if you dare to criticize their actions, judgment, record, or clear evidence of corruption then you are racist.

Elijah Cummings: Hypocrite and race-baiter

After holding his congressional seat for three decades Elijah Cummings and his wife live atop a congressional empire worth millions while a vast swath of his constituents lives in squalor. Nothing President Trump has tweeted about Cummings district or the horrific state of the city of Baltimore is inaccurate.

When Bernie Sanders called Baltimore a third world country it was a considered a reasoned critique.   When Donald Trump does it it’s called racism.


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Except that Trump is looking out for the people that Cummings uses and despises. Trump is concerned with the plight of all Americans, black or white. Cummings is happy to feed at the public trough and enrich himself and his family at the expense of the taxpayer and the long-suffering people of his district. Trump wants to help them.

How is that racist?

The Democrat-run cities of America are a mess

Baltimore is a mess and everyone knows it. 300 murders a year. Baltimore’s murder rate is second only to Venezuela. Over the last year, 80% of Baltimore’s murders have been black on black crime. The life expectancy for certain parts of Cummings’ district is lower than in North Korea.

After abortion and drug overdoses, violent crimes are the leading cause of death for black Americans in Baltimore. Sounds like paradise.

But it also sounds like Philadelphia, or Detroit, or Chicago, or Los Angeles, or St. Louis. Everywhere you have a Democrat in charge of a large metropolitan area, you have crime, pestilence, homelessness, hopelessness. Inarticulate leadership, corrupt malfeasance, and ever-expanding decay and increasing unlivable conditions in the urban centers of our country.

It is not racist to say that. It is a fact.

A Democrat agenda for destroying America

But as Elijah Cummings and Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff make a mockery of our Democracy with their incessant pursuit of impeachment and the Russia hoax, there are real problems in America. Problems they refuse to address.

Democrat homeless disaster killing San Francisco, Los Angeles, & Seattle (Shocking Videos)

Because they are too busy preening, and fundraising, and lining their pockets before fundraising some more to even begin to address the obvious issues all around us. In between calling Trump and all Trump supporters racist. Feathering their own nests while allowing their own districts to fester.

Pelosi’s fancy dinner at the  Belmond Cipriani Hotel in Venice

Nancy Pelosi, and Ilhan Omar and Sheila Jackson Lee and a number of other  Democrats were at the exquisite Cipriani Hotel in Venice, Italy yesterday having lunch at one of the most expensive restaurants in Europe, Cipriani.

Nancy Pelosi, The Squad, Democrats, Venice

The bill will exceed most peoples incomes for a month.

The Democrats are staying at the Cipriani, the most expensive hotel in Italy. At taxpayers expense.

Nancy Pelosi, The Squad, Venice, Junket

View from the Restaurant Daniello

The Democrats are on a congressional junket to Ghana to celebrate or mourn the 400th anniversary of slavery in the Americas. When Africans sold other Africans to Portuguese, Dutch and British slave ships for the unfortunate passage to the New World. Where most of those poor souls ended up in the Caribbean or South America.

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Their American descendants have been used and abused by the Democrat party for over 200 years. Democrats were the party of Slavery, Jim Crow, massive resistance, mass incarceration, and the continued deprivation of the black underclass. The irony abounds.

The corruption of hypocrisy

Billions have been spent and wasted on programs that never seem to make any progress for black America. Only Trump has shown the willingness to address the problem of poverty at its economic roots. Black people can see that. That is what is scaring Democrats. That is why they scream racism all the time. Trump is winning over black voters with jobs.

The contrast between Pelosi and the delegation of Black Congresswomen, including Ilhan Omar, staying at the Cipriani and dining at Cipriani Restaurant is the perfect contrast to the hypocrisy we see from Democrat politicians regarding Baltimore and America’s urban centers.

These people don’t give a damn about black America. All they care about are themselves.

Screaming racism at the drop of a hat

So Democrats scream racism at the slightest criticism of their extreme views, vicious attacks, ineptitude or corruption. Ilhan Omar and AOC and Rashida Talib can say the most demonstrably untrue, anti-Semitic, anti-American comments and they are untouchable. Pelosi quakes in their shadow and kisses their asses.

If you criticize their abhorrent views and statements then you are a racist.

Elijah Cummings can spend three years calling Donald Trump a Russian Agent. Abuse the authority of his committee. Lie about conditions on the border.  But he is immune to legitimate criticism about the squalid nature of his district. That is absurd.

Baltimore deserves better than Cummings

Baltimore has had three Mayors in a row thrown out or forced out for corruption and malfeasance. The murder rate and the unsolved murder rate in the inner city are through the roof. Popular TV shows like The Wire can depict the truth about life for the black underclass in Baltimore, but when Donald Trump does it he is racist. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Hillary’s People’s Republic of California Jungle Primary Voter Suppression

Trump is helping black America. Enterprise zones for urban areas. The lowest black unemployment in history. The lowest Hispanic unemployment in history. The greatest anti-poverty program in the world is a job. Trump is doing that for the underclasses in America.

The President’s criticism of Elijah Cummings and other Democrat leaders is on behalf of black Americans.

Democrats call for open borders refusing to work with the President to solve the problems our country faces. They would rather pursue the Russia hoax while their own congressional districts are in seemingly permanent decline. They do nothing about the border and drugs and human trafficking while homelessness and crime are endemic in Democrat-controlled cities.

Cummings has ethical problems that need to be investigated

Cummings has bigger problems. Ethical problems. His wife runs a non-profit that has received millions of dollars in contributions from interest groups with business before his committee. She has refused to disclose her donors as required by law.

The overlap between her non-profit and her for-profit enterprises are opaque. The ties between her ‘clients’ and donors and her husband’s duties in Congress is more than superficial. The ethical conflict is glaring and obvious.

FISA Court exposes Obama’s abuse of NSA to spy on Americans

So Elijah Cummings and Nancy Pelosi can continue to line their pockets at the public expense while their congressional districts crumble under crime, drugs, homelessness, and pestilence. Rest assured that when Cummings and his wife are finally held accountable for their corrupt practices, then maybe his district can get the representation it deserves.

Black America deserves better.

Where are the young black leaders and businessman of the future that will finally challenge and oust these hucksters who have fed on the blood and the depleted lives of their constituents for far too long? Where are the leaders of the future like BET founder Robert Johnson? Why are gentrification and black displacement the only answer to bleak cityscapes and decimated urban zones?

When does the black community come first with black politicians?

Donald Trump has done more for black Americans in two years than Elijah Cummings has done in 30. Please explain to me how that is racist. Black Americans know it isn’t. They are tired of being taken advantage of and taken for granted. Tired of their leaders eating dinner at Harry’s Cipriani and leaving them in filth and poverty. Baltimore and Detroit and Los Angeles and San Francisco deserve better. At least, Donald Trump thinks so.

Rick Johnson