August 2014 update to the Obama scandals handbook

President Obama - 2012 IRS Scandal
President Obama - 2012 IRS Scandal

LEWISTON, IDAHO, August 25, 2014 — In January of 2013, the Obama administration was rocked by a series of scandals. My May of 2013, the scandals were so numerous and severe that it became necessary to issue an Obama scandals user handbook.

READ President Obama’s “scandals user” handbook

The handbook was updated several times as new scandals emerged and new developments occurred in the original scandals.

To prevent repetition, people can refer back to previous handbooks for information about the original scandals and past developments.


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Here is the August 2014 Obama Scandals User Handbook.

  • IRS abuses — Breaking news today vaults this scandal to the top of the list. Judicial Watch has just gotten confirmation from Internal Revenue Service attorneys that all of the irretrievable emails are backed up and completely retrievable. This means that everybody who signed sworn affidavits to the contrary did so falsely. There is now nothing to prevent the IRS from releasing Lois Lerner’s emails, directly contradicting what Americans heard from IRS officials who testified before Congress.Internal Revenue Service Commissioner and Democrat donor John Koskinen appeared at one of those fiery congressional hearings. Lerner, the woman at the heart of the operation to deliberately target conservatives and deny their organizations tax-exempt status, had more facts come out against her. Lois Lerner sent an email to IRS IT officials asking if the internal messaging system was untraceable.After getting confirmation, she encouraged her colleagues to communicate by instant messages rather than email. An email of Lerner’s showed her referring to conservatives using an epithet involving a person’s rump.Democrats decided to invite an academic to testify at a hearing. Harvard Law Professor Charles Tiefer could not answer whether Lerner’s behavior and language was appropriate. South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy, a trained prosecutor, made mince meat of Tiefer.

  • Fast and Furious — The failed federal gunrunning sting that got an American border guard killed finally had a new development. U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson ordered Attorney General Eric Holder to comply with a congressional oversight demand for documents related to the investigation.The White House cited executive privilege, but Judge Jackson gave Holder until October 1st to comply. Whether Holder’s hard drive will crash is a 50/50 proposition given that other Obama cabinet officials engulfed in scandals have suffered conveniently timed technological glitches.
  • EPA abuses — While former Environmental Protection Agency Director Lisa Jackson will most likely escape punishment for using a fake personal email address to conduct government business, the agency is still in trouble. Now the current EPA Inspector General is being accused of covering up Obama administration abuses by issuing whitewashed reports. After 12 state attorney generals sued through Freedom of Information Act requests, congress began investigating the EPA Inspector General.
  • Benghazi — Gowdy’s select committee to investigate the coverup of four dead Americans at the American Consulate in Libya meets in September. Gowdy just appointed Retired Lieutenant General Dana Chipman to be the chief counsel for Republicans. General Chipman was the Army Judge Advocate General from 2009 through 2013. The JAG official was the top lawyer for the Army. Ben Rhodes pushed the video narrative. Still unknown is President Obama’s whereabouts the night of the September 11th, 2012 terrorist attacks and who gave the stand down order to let Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others including a pair of Navy SEALs die.
  • Bowe Berghdahl — The General Accounting Office just declared that the Obama administration’s release of five Taliban terrorists in exchange for the kidnapped American soldier Bergdahl was illegal. By not notifying congress 39 days in advance, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and his department violated the Defense Appropriations Act. The GAO also declared illegal the use of any funds to secure Bergdahl’s release, since illegal operations are unauthorized by definition and ineligible for funding. Army Major General Kenneth Dahl has said that he will release his report on his investigation of Bergdahl’s behavior in September. Bergdahl is accused of abandoning his post and deserting the Army.
  • Illegal Immigration — President Obama is threatening to provoke a constitutional crisis by granting amnesty to up to five million recent illegal immigrants from Mexico, South America, and Central America. With Democrats expected to lose the Senate in November, Obama is daring everyone that he is willing to act unilaterally now. The purpose is to flood the United States with as many Democrat voters as quickly as possible.Senate Democrats in tough reelection fights are pleading with Obama to hold off executive action, but he has repeatedly showed a willingness to go it alone. While granting this amnesty unilaterally would be an impeachable offense, Obama has correctly calculated that Republicans would never dare impeach him for fear of political backlash.
  • VA abuses — The conditions at the Veterans Administration was horrific enough. Again, the coverup is even worse. VA whistleblower Scott Davis is accusing the White House of leaking whistleblower identities and subjecting them to other forms of workplace harassment including demotions. White House Deputy Chief of Staff Rob Nabors is cited as the main enforcer in charge of targeting whistleblowers.
  • Afghanistan prison release — For once, the unintended consequences of an Obama action have accidentally led to a positive development. While Obama’s release of twelve Taliban prisoners from an Afghanistan prison was most likely illegal, the Afghanistan army and police have come up with a solution. The new orders are in: Take no prisoners. Human rights groups are upset, which means the new policy is correct. Killing terrorists rather than releasing them back to the battlefield is a novel idea that seems to show Afghanistan to be more modern than their American counterparts.
  • Executive orders — Although House Speaker John Boehner’s lawsuit to stop Obama’s executive orders was mocked by Democrats, Obama’s behavior since has been contradictory. He gave verbal insistence that he is bound by the Constitution and its separation of powers. Yet he simultaneously maintained his vow to act alone when congress will not. In addition to legal immigration, Obama recently issued another delay in one of the Affordable Care Act mandates. Every one of his changes to Obamacare has violated the very separation of powers he insists he adheres to.

There have been no recent developments regarding the Health and Human Services abuses, Census manipulations of jobs data heading into the 2012 elections, Associated Press monitoring of Fox News Reporter James Rosen and his colleagues, and National Security Association spying on ordinary Americans.

The overall Obama record remains the worst scandal. On domestic and foreign policy, virtually everything Obama does fails. When challenged to name a single success, liberals either change the subject, blame Republicans, or declare failures to be successes.

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Most of the liberal media still refuses to apply the same critical lens to Obama that they would with a Republican. Knowing he has a free pass, this leads to Obama becoming more emboldened, leading to more scandals.

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  • Jeffrey Ziegler

    You got to be kidding me! Dana Chipman was the most UNETHICAL top lawyer which the Army ever had. He promoted junior lawyers who would be have been disbarred if they did that in the private sector. And don’t ever get Chipman to answer anything. The US Army paid for him to go to Stanford Law School on the taxpayer dime and it was impossible for him ever to answer any kind of question which he did not like. He also was responsible for putting people in the Fort Leavenworth prison because he had his own “quota” system going on. Chipman is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to lawyers. Appointing him to investigate ANYTHING would be like appointing Idi Amin to investigate human rights violations. Makes me sick, quite honestly as I knew Chipman personally. He managed to scrape by on the skin on his bald head……..

    • blacktygrrrr


      The charges you make against Chipman are very serious. I have never met the man.

      Since you are making serious charges, I have to ask if you have any agenda. Do you have a personal history with him? Are your political views left of center?

      I do not take anyone at face value so I neither reject or accept your charges.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express