Republicans Beware: Hillary can win


SAN DIEGO, February 2, 2014 —Will Obama’s heir apparent Hillary Clinton be an easy candidate for Republicans to defeat due to her association with the Obama administration’s failed policies and scandals such as Benghazi? Anybody who thinks so is living in an alternate quantum reality.

Still many Republican pundits and strategists are expressing optimism, including some of the brighter ones like syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer.

“I don’t see any impediment on the way to her nomination,” Krauthammer said on Fox News Channel’s Special Report, but his assessment of Hillary’s chances in the general election were quite different. He described her as “a relatively weak opponent” and predicted that Republicans will be treated to “a really good shot at the White House,” if Hillary represents the opposition.

This prediction of sorts was consistent with an earlier statement Krauthammer made about Hillary while being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly.

“Name me one thing she accomplished in the four years….The only thing that came out of her Secretary of State period was a memorable line, ‘what difference does it make,’ about the Benghazi catastrophe – the first slaying of an American ambassador in three decades.”

Krauthammer is a brilliant columnist and commentator but he’s mistaken if he thinks Hillary will be an easy obstacle for the 2016 Republican nominee. One could perhaps argue that he’s partly right. Hillary should be easy. Her track record is laced with scandals and her impressive accomplishments are microscopic. Unfortunately, the brains of many American voters also come in small sizes. For proof, one need look no further than the reelection of President Obama.

Prior to November 2012, few conservative commentators, strategists, or candidates believed that President Obama would get reelected. Krauthammer’s optimism was joined by the likes of Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Michael Medved and an endless list of others.

Perhaps GOP candidate Ron Paul summed it up best  in the middle of a Republican primary debate by saying “Anybody up here can beat Obama.”

We were told that incumbents seldom win reelection in the midst of a bad economy. We were reminded of scandals such as Fast and Furious. And then the whole Benghazi fiasco popped up late in the game. Obama should have been easy pickings. He wasn’t. None of the blemishes on his record mattered.

In that same vein, Hillary’s  ‘what difference does it make’ speech during her Benghazi testimony would have finished the public life of most politicians. But like Obama, Hillary is not your average politician. Many of her fans have made an emotional decision where their heroine is concerned and they are unlikely to confuse themselves with actual facts.

While those who objected to Obama’s policies were immediately dubbed “racist,” anybody who objects to Hillary will be promptly labeled “a sexist.” We will hear once again how America has a chance to be history making by electing the first woman president. This will show the world that we are still on a roll after electing the first African-American president.

Some Republicans think they can counter this maneuver by nominating a female candidate of their own. They forget that  conservative females are no more embraced by liberals than conservative African-Americans.  Just as Herman Cain was labeled an “Oreo, black on the outside, white inside” by a member of the Black Congressional Caucus, conservative females are not accepted by the left as real honest-to-goodness women.

Sometimes this laughable  perception is actually stated in precisely those words. Back in 2008, Prof Wendy Doniger of the University of Chicago said of Palin:

“Her greatest hypocrisy is in her pretense that she is a woman. The Republican party’s cynical calculation that because she has a womb and makes lots and lots of babies (and drives them to school! wow!) she speaks for the women of America, and will capture their hearts and their votes, has driven thousands of real women to take to their computers in outrage.”

She went on to mention Palin’s position on abortion and war as examples of crippling faults.

The left just makes up these rules as they go. But it works! In order for a female candidate to truly represent women she must be Pro-Choice, anti- gun, and frankly, she must not be a conservative, period . 

This is not to say that Republicans should refrain from nominating a woman. Certainly there will be some thinking people who realize that if Republicans can get behind a Sarah Palin, or a Jan Brewer, or a Nikki Haley the so-called “war on women” does not really exist and is instead a battle for ideas in which males and females alike holding differing views.

But male candidate or female, candidate, Republicans must be ready for a fight.

Even if most people aren’t paying attention to Benghazi, evil cover ups should be brought up until they can no longer be ignored, either by the mainstream media or the average voter.

Hillary should not be let of the hook. The next time she is asked about what truly happened in Benghazi and shouts back ‘what difference does it make’ somebody should be prepared to say, “Madame Secretary of State, to the families of the victims who heard you and President Obama lie through your teeth and blame this terrorist attack on a video, it makes a big difference!”

Republicans must be as relentless as the Democrats.  Whatever Romney paid his campaign advisors, the amount was too much! For the most part, they encouraged him to go after Obama only on the economy and leave the scandals alone. Perhaps they were afraid of being dubbed ‘racist’ if they dared to challenge Obama’s character. Instead we kept hearing that Obama as a man was a nice guy. It was just his economic policies that were bad.

Meanwhile the Democrats are never shy about taking off their gloves. They created a Romney that did not truly, exist, some rich tycoon without any sympathy to the poor who cannot relate to the average person.

But they don’t stop with one man. They demonize the  Republicans almost as a single entity. Obama continually accuses the Republican House of protesting the Affordable Care Act without coming up with any ideas of their own. In fact many ideas have been offered. The problem is not a lack of ideas, but rather a lack of ideas that Obama personally likes.

Obama has also stated that Republicans are in favor of “dirtier air,” and “dirtier water.”

Such lies are in the fine tradition of  former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean who once said, “Our moral values, in contradiction to the Republicans is we don’t think kids ought to go to bed hungry at night.”

Democrats get away with this stuff by inventing it. Republicans won’t throw a punch even when the accusation is true. Is it any wonder their recent track record for taking the White House is less than stellar?

Talking about the economy is not enough. The economy can always swing back and forth. Besides, Democrats are great at blaming Republicans for the economy. Frankly Democrats could help you blame the Republicans if you got stung by a bee or your car over heated.

Can Hillary be defeated? Yes. Will it be easy? Only if Republicans quit playing Mr Rogers. They will be painted with horns and a pitchfork even if they kiss Hillary’s behind. They may as well try a new tactic and speak the truth about her.

This is Bob Siegel making the obvious obvious.


Bob Siegel is a radio talk show host and columnist. Information about his radio show can be found at

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Bob Siegel
A graduate of Denver Seminary and San Jose State University, Bob Siegel is a radio talk show host and popular guest speaker at churches and college campuses across the country, using a variety of media including, seminars, formal debates, outdoor open forums, and one man drama presentations. In addition to his own weekly radio show (KCBQ 1170, San Diego) Bob has been a guest on many other programs, including The 700 Club, Washington Times Radio's Inside the Story, The Rick Amato Show, KUSI Television's Good Morning San Diego, and the world popular Jonathan Parkradio drama series, for which Bob guest starred in two episodes and wrote one episode, The Clue From Ninevah. In addition to CDN, Bob is a regular contributor for San Diego Rostra. Bob does a good deal of playwriting as well (14 plays & 5 collaborations), including the award winning, Eternal Reach. Bob has also published books of both fiction and non-fiction including; I'd Like to Believe In Jesus, But...and a fantasy novel, The Dangerous Christmas Ornament.
  • Maureen Chambers Huff

    We need party leaders who will stand with what we believe in, less government, less taxes and more personal responsibility, then we might stand a chance.

  • Bill Goode

    I suppose we should not count Hillary out, after all she will have the mainstream media on her side. But even the mainstream media are becoming less & less significant. Hillary will be saddled with Benghazi and her longstanding wish to force government healthcare on Americans, who may well have had enough of that. By November I suspect Americans are going to be pretty fed up with government involvement in healthcare.

    What is needed is a gutsy Republican candidate that will constantly barrage Hillary with questions about Benghazi. Senator Rand Paul has said he will do that, though he meant it from his current post as Senator. If we end up with another establishment crony like Mitt Romney or John McCain, then sure, Hillary might win. But if we get a REAL Republican candidate to pepper Hillary with questions on Benghazi and her stand on healthcare from the 1990s, then she will probably blow up in anger and respond “What difference does it make?”

    • biggeorge22

      LOL, go ahead and make her day on that Bill. Really? That’s your strategy? WOW!

      After the NYT report Benghazi is dead for you. Her stance on health care is solid. The GOP has not offered anything that will pass the math test so Health Care is a loser for your team.

      Do you guys have anything? A platform? Programs? Jobs plans? ANYTHING???

      • Bill Goode

        You think Obamacare passes the math test? Well, certainly it would pass Obama’s math, but not standard arithmetic.

        • biggeorge22

          Math has nothing to do with this Bill. Don’t fall for the Fear Tactics of the GOP because that’s all they got.

          IF we can afford to waste $24 BILLION on a stupid government shutdown we can afford healthcare for our citizens!

          IF we can afford weapons that the Pentagon doesn’t want we can afford healthcare for Americans.

          IF we can continue to subsidize Corporate America with tax breaks and subsidies we can afford healthcare for America.

          You really need to do your math before you ask me to do mine dude!

          • Bill Goode

            Anytime dollars and cents are involved, it has to do with math. If govt waste on shutdowns, weapons & corporate welfare is OK with you, then let them waste your money. It’s not OK with me for my money. Anything over a nickel spent on govt healthcare is a waste.

            Govt doesn’t know anything more about healthcare than they know about the economy, education, running a business, etc.

  • biggeorge22

    Sorry, no way any of the current GOP clowns beats her. Just no way. Benghazi is not a scandal and everyone except the GOP knows that. But I am sure you will keep saying it is trying to get ignorant people to believe it. But the public feels that Benghazi is history and has moved on. So GOP, tell me. Do you really have any issues to run on? I doubt it.

    Or is throwing Hillary in with Obama the best you can do? Because if it is, and I suspect it is, then no White House for you until 2024 at the earliest.