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As it turns out, the next American Revolution will be televised

Written By | Jan 6, 2021
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Protestors storm Capitol Hill. NBC News screen capture.

WASHINGTON. Trump supporters protesting the stolen 2020 presidential election stormed the Greek-columned and marbled corridors of Capitol Hill, sending some members of Congress diving under their desks. Meanwhile, Capitol Hill security officers escorted Vice President Pence and other congressional worthies to safety.

Under the dome

Protestors storm into the US Senate chamber. NBC News screen capture.

Protestors draped in Trump banners entered the hallowed confines of the US Senate chamber in clear violation of Rule XXIII:

“Other than the Vice President and Senators, no person shall be admitted to the floor of the Senate while in session…”

Television images showed insurgents, who many are claiming are ANTIFA actors, sitting in the very chair where moments earlier Vice President Pence rose to preside over the Senate’s certification of the fraudulent election of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States.

Another occupied the office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, sitting defiantly in her office chair, resting his feet on her desk.

Protestor sits at the desk of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. NBC News screen capture.

In a tweet from his safe, undisclosed location, Vice President Pence wrote:

“The violence and destruction taking place at the US Capitol Must Stop and it Must Stop Now. Anyone involved must respect Law Enforcement officers and immediately leave the building.”

And it’s been reported Capitol Hill Police shot an unarmed female protestor who later died.

Is it time to start a New American Revolution? For Patriots to take a stand?

Our phony President-elect reacts

An angry Joe Biden denounced the protestors in a statement to reporters.

“What we’re seeing is a small number of extremists dedicated to lawlessness. This is not dissent, it’s disorder, it’s chaos. It borders on sedition.”

Strong words from the man who knelt in solidarity with the violent rioters of Antifa and Black Lives Matter last summer.

Former Vice President Joe Biden takes a knee at the Bethel A.M.E. Church. Twitter screen capture.

The media mob

But in marked contrast to those major network reporters insisted were “peaceful protestors” while buildings and vehicles burned in the background, the media quickly labeled Capitol Hill demonstrators a “mob.”

But unlike Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the Capitol Hill resisters stormed what they see as the epicenter of American crime and corruption.

And it’s not capitalism. It’s the aloof political class in Congress.

Congressional Democrats kneel in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. Voce of America screen capture.

It’s unlikely the animosity fueled by the stolen presidential election of 2020 will end anytime soon. And the anti-Biden demonstrations to follow will likely be many magnitudes larger than the Antifa and BLM’s clashes of last summer.

So, hold on to your hats. Contrary to Gil Scott-Heron’s classic 1971 protest poem, this revolution WILL be televised.


Top Image: Protestors storm Capitol Hill. NBC News screen capture.


Steven M. Lopez

Originally from Los Angeles, Steven M. Lopez has been in the news business for more than thirty years. He made his way around the country: Arizona, the Bay Area and now resides in South Florida.