As Israel bands together over their kidnapped boys, the world’s silence is deafening


GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel  June 15, 2014 — As the brilliant Simon Wiesenthal famously said, “for evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing.”

In the case of the three young Israeli boys who were kidnapped late Thursday night by Islamic terrorists while heading home from school, far too many people have done worse than nothing.

Perhaps nothing would have been better than incessantly calling these young innocent kids, two of them just 16 years old and the other only 19, “settlers” at every opportunity, somehow implying these high school kids had it coming.

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Perhaps nothing would have been better than the anti-Israel ‘pro-Israel’ lobby J Street calling for the return of the “missing” kids and nothing more.

Perhaps nothing would have been better than Human Rights Watch director Ken Roth’s pathetic tweet that “Attending school at illegal settlement doesn’t legitimize apparent kidnapping of #Israel teens.”

Perhaps nothing would have been better than the idiotic piece in the Jewish Daily Forward criticizing Jews everywhere for using the #bringourboysback because, “It’s wrong to capitalize on the virality of one nation’s desperate and grief-soaked social media plea in order to increase the virality of your own campaign.”

Perhaps nothing would have been better than UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon’s urging for Israeli restraint while Islamic animals run around the country doing G-d knows what to three faultless children.

Or perhaps not.

The nothing that has been US President Barack Obama’s response to the kidnapping is pretty awful in its own right. This petty tyrant in the White House has rushed headlong into nearly every miniscule political gripe in his presidency, yet three young innocent Israelis don’t warrent his time. Heck, Jews are not even worthy of the milquetoast hashtag diplomacy of the First Lady. Perhaps if the young kids were kidnapped by complex carbohydrates she would have made a statement already.

John Kerry’s know-nothing statement, in addition to his irreparably tarnished track-record vis-à-vis the Jewish State, does little to assure anyone in Israel or abroad.

The muted outcry against Fatah’s Facebook post of a cartoon depicting the kidnapped boys as three dead rats, in their best Nazi impression, is also deeply unsettling.


The condemnation that never came following the dancing and candy allocation in the streets of Gaza following the news that these children had been taken, a stark replay of the Gaza parties post-September 11, is equally appalling.

Is it possible that the gut-wrenching pain every Israeli has had lodged in their stomachs as they went about their Sunday is so controversial that it isn’t worth acknowledging?!

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Is it possible that the tears that have rained down from the eyes of every Israeli parent and child in the past few days are so grossly misguided as to be reproached, re-appropriated, equated or discredited?

Has the world we live in become so blinded by ideological and political divisiveness that it is too much to expect that no matter what side of any political spectrum you fall out on, the grabbing of three kids under the age of 20 who were on their way home to their families for the weekend can be anything but horrific, tragic and unconscionable?!

Where are you justice of the world?

Where are you lovers of life, liberty and freedom?

Do you know something, world, about Gilad, Eyal and Naftali that we don’t, which deems them unworthy of the world’s uproar at their horrendous abduction?

Have the international community’s mirrors fogged so completely that looking at ourselves in the eye has become a practice as extinct as the dinosaurs?!

For their part, most Jews are doing something. As the world abandons the Jewish People for the umpteenth time, the people of the State of Israel and many of the other Jewish communities around the world are turning to the only thing that will always be there for them; the grace of G-d. The Chosen People have risen up, organizing mass prayer gatherings with lightning speed. The Jewish People have seen this story before, and know how contagious silence can be in the face of atrocity.


(Image 2: Mass prayer for the safe return of the three kidnapped boys in Givat Shmuel Sunday (Source: Doni Kandel) Image 3: Fathers hold on a little tighter to their children at a mass prayer for the safe return of the three kidnapped boys in Givat Shmuel Sunday. (Source: Doni Kandel)) 

If you truly consider yourself a person of morality and compassion then you should be doing everything in your power to bring these boys back home safely from the hands of the despicable miscreants known as Islamic Jihadists.

May G-d empower the Israeli government, the Israeli soldiers and any other person, place or thing that may be required to return these sweet young boys home to their family, their friends and their nation as safe and as soon as possible.

That’s Right I Said It!

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  • cassie1655

    My heart goes out to those kidnapped young men, to their parents and families and to the Israeli State and its people! May God show mercy and bring them safely back home to their families. Don’t expect any real concern from NObama, nor his regime, who are too busy inflicting their own form of terrorism against the people of America. The whole world has come against Israel while spewing their hatred and blatant lies against God’s chosen land and people. All those who love Israel must continue on in prayer for God to be with these young men, their families and for Israel.

    • Borris

      You cannot possibly be serious

    • Borris

      Someone is either paying you to troll on here or you are completely lost.

      • cassie1655

        So, what’s your problem with what i said, Judy? i stand with Israel. Is that an issue for you?

      • Dan Borden

        Boris, so you are defending these Islamic savages who kidnap children? Perhaps you object to having African children kidnapped, but Israeli children are fair game? This is simply more TMB, Typical Muslim Behavior.

  • Judy

    May GD watch over those boys and bring them back safely to their families and their country who are so worried about them! Heart wrenching to watch and follow but may GD watch over the land of Israel, the people of Israel and our soldiers to bring them home safely!!! We are one family and feel this pain together!!

  • AWB

    As usual, don’t look for help out side the greater Jewish community. Let
    us all turn to G-d and go forth, and pray that we find them in time.

  • Guest

    Doni Kandrel! The one true God, The God of Abraham loves you. You are a great voice and He enjoys you. Please don’t every think that God Almighty does not have a remnant and a couple of witnesses who have ears tuned into his voice. He talks through the Holy Spirit to us. Just like He did to Abraham. I have a need to listen to the Spirit. You have a need to talk. Keep up the good work. God is Angry. Watch what will happen on the 32 Lat. and above
    all around the globe.

  • thorhasgardson

    GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel June 15, 2014 — As the brilliant Simon Wiesenthal famously said, “for evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing.”

    The “Brilliant Plagiarist”

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
    Edmund Burke

  • montlasky

    I’m lost for words. Doni has said it all. What more can anyone say about the anti Semitic world around us. Pray we must for the return of the young boys BUT an iron fist is required more than ever before. The anti Semitic world that we read about every day gets more vitriolic by the minute. What are we doing about it or more importantly,we MUST do something about this and it must be severe retalitaion from Israe. Whatever we do we are in the wrong so the hell with it! We must now retaliate or suffer a new Holocaust sooner that later!!!!

  • uforserious

    yea look at those faces. pure evil. *facepalm*

    calling another human being “vermin” is evil. saying they got what they deserved is evil.

    • Dan Borden

      Pinar is probably another Muslim spreading his anti-Semitic diarrhea.

  • delta mike

    Israel and its people is a beautifull country.
    to stand alone in this world to fight for it survival and its future against all this evil and still be positive takes guts and their must be something so spe ial that only GOD will k ow and understand.
    I am not a Jew but I have fantastic friends thT are Jews and I love every one of them. I like strong people, I like people who can make mistakes and say sorry. I like people who stNd up for what is right and stick together and believe in God.
    I am sorry For up to now no muslim had ever impressed me and by the way who is killing whom?
    the day I ever understand what is going on in that crazy m8nds of muslim people, for normal people cant or will never be able to live with so much hatred and allow evil to enter their minds and still be sane. Juzt look look What is going on in Irak why muslims killing each other like that. Crazy!,,
    lets get our kids back safely and doing everything possible to bring them back safely.
    I pray for them and Israel and their safe return.
    God bless Israel.

  • Janice Allen

    What is the definition of the word used here World? Why would the world care about 3 boys kidnapped? Most of the world is being slaughtered by muslims, they don’t have time to care, many are dirt poor struggling for shelter and food, why would they care? and yes there are many in EU and US are self indulgent and don’t care; even about what happens in US. Myself, I pray I have hope in Elohim, the Almighty El to do what’s right and bring them home without harm to their mothers and fathers; families. Israel is getiing what they bargained for Oslowm mulsim NWO terrorism. The borders have not been declared as HaShem declared them and His C ovenant Governance is not the law in Israel; so read the book do what it says trust in HaShem; out the ites.

    If no allegiance to The Great King, through His Commands, Statutes and Judgements; they must leave.

  • WorldPeace

    what about when IDF kidnaps palestinian kids in the middle of the night in a raid?

    • Please provide the details for your statement. A link, a citation, something backing this claim. A search on the world wide web which is mostly anti-Israel comes up empty. Thanks

      • Borris

        Are you seriously going to sit there and wonder why everyone is anti-israel?? Where have you been the past few decades??

    • Jesse

      For the last time they were ARRESTED! They are affiliated with Hamas which is dedicated to wiping Israel off the map!

  • Joe the plumber

    I agree with most of what you said, but the Jews are NOT gods chosen people anymore because they rejected the divinity of Jesus and because they refuse to proselytize and spread the word of god

    But Allah knows best

    • Simon

      Jews are the chosen ones and always will be! Jesus is not a god nor the son of god . It says in our bible to not believe in others gods and that’s why we rejected Jesus . When the real mosiah comes we will know

  • Dan Borden

    Exactly what planet do you reside upon? If the Gazookans and Pilis would stop lobbing rockets into Israel, maybe the IDF would not have to spank the savages.

  • olahmama

    Amen! What a well written description of the world. We made aliyah 2 years ago from the U.S. When I heard that only 200 people showed up outside the NYC Israeli embassy to show their support, I was in tears. I am now a proud Israeli but I have always been a proud American too. It pains me to see the apathy in the U.S. – even from many Jews. Yashar koach to all those who went and to everyone organizing and attending prayer vigils.

  • olahmama

    Wow – I just read some of the comments below and I am shocked that this is turning into a religious debate. No need to insult each other – whatever the religion. If you are a moral person, you must agree that unarmed civilians and children are not an acceptable target in any war. These unarmed teens have been taken and the world needs to say that this is not ok and they must be returned. That’s all. Everyone’s religious rhetoric need not enter this conversation.

  • spongeblog

    The world hates us. Thats it.