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Apocalypse’s four horsemen: Medicine, Quarantine, Pandemics, Politicians

Written By | Apr 15, 2020
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WASHINGTON: These are not the times that try men’s souls.  The Bible’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death, are pounding their way through our cities.  Only the names have changed.  Today we have Pandemic, Quarantine, Politicians, and Medicine steering these thundering hooves.

And the first of the contemporary steeds line up well with the first of Revelation’s Biblical lore. Pandemic to Pestilence and Quarantine to War.

The question is, how do the last two, politicians and medicine, match up to pandemic and quarantine?

Such times of apocalypse, now before us, reveal most men have no souls

apocalypse, covid-19, virus, governorsIn the American Crisis Thomas Paine was receptive to the idea that men have souls. But today, the crisis is a pandemic, and politicians, with politics as their being, (heart and soul) have infiltrated every aspect of human existence. They call for quarantine, in the name of medicine, and lie and spy to those whom they and their M.D.s claim to help.  We have substituted politicians’ thuggery, along with medical quackery for God and Liberty.

Damn the United States Government and damn the state governments. The people need a quarantine from politicians. Lost souls are damnable. This is not in any U.S or state, code. It is in the Heavenly code.

They demand people remain away from God’s love (incorporated in his instruction) by remaining away from corporate worship. But both politicians and the many (too many now) corrupt doctors of medicine, degrees claim quarantine and isolation is the new god. Such advice is veiled in their affirmative action degrees.

Of rats and bats: From the bubonic plague to the Coronavirus

The government keeps them from Church at gunpoint but allows them to pick up pizza and whiskey.

The Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards (D) has openly told Louisianans that he is spying on them by tracking their phones. This would be a dictatorial hack actually saying: “We have too many people moving around.”

This is the sort of ilk who will call himself a public servant. (Louisiana school closures: Gov. Edwards to issue proclamation keeping buildings closed through May)

But, he is one of only the many thugs in politics who stand before the cameras and prattle on about something they cannot correct by their totalitarian edicts.  A global apocalypse: Edwards, a Democrat Louisianna politician, is simply one member of this tribe of debauched elected and/or appointed vermin.

From Washington, D.C. to every state capital the politicians feast off the taxpayers’ flesh while claiming to serve them. Now, the feast is served by pandemics and its cooking sauce, the quarantine.

The praetorian guard is the once-revered profession of medicine.

Quarantine – the battle of those for, and against

On any given news night, there will be a doctor speaking in favor of quarantine, or one speaking in opposition. Doctors on T.V. have become like lawyers. There is one every evening seemingly giving opposing opinions and prognosis. They are like politicians and lawyers who know little about the law (the constitutional version).  Doctors too have become nothing more than entertainers. And doctors, except for perhaps, proctologists and their hemorrhoids, seem to know little about diseases (the infectious version). At least, if they do know, they play it as a politician plays with taxes. They aren’t particularly honest about it.

None of this means anything to “we the people.” We are supposed to remain in our houses like good little children obeying the creeps and bums in the political worlds who stand next to those guardians of medicine. (Quarantine and the Constitution – The Bulwark )

The CDC and WHO are a virus unto themselves: Chinese canine cuisine, and they bark                  

Doing every pandemic over the last 100 years, not once had the entire world, nor any single country been ordered by the politicians into quarantine. In fact, such measures probably would, when lifted would offer staggered outbreaks.  (COVID-19: The history of pandemics – BBC Future )

But politicians, who love to demonstrate power, now supported by former practitioners of medicine, gleefully order people locked up in their homes. This they do while they print money and tell “we the people” they are being fed with it.

And the doctors who once studied an art and science to protect and heal, now genuflect to the government.  Or to the CDC or the World Health Organization (WHO), the lowest rats of the medical ship. (Now doctors are ignoring quarantine orders: Medics from cruise jump on flight | Daily Mail Online)

Physicians, heal thyself.

Your first, medicine, dear doctors? Quarantine yourself from politicians and television.

Only six years ago in 2014 during the Ebola outbreak, the following statement was made by the New England Journal of Medicine in response to Christine Whitman, Governor of New Jersey.

“The governors’ action is like driving a carpet tack with a sledgehammer: it gets the job done but overall is more destructive than beneficial”

In 1953 most people heard Dr. Jonas Salk’s name for the first time with the announcement of his polio vaccine. For those (of us) who lived through those times of the polio epidemics, Jonas Salk was a hero to all. We had no contact through radio interviews or any self-serving advertising.

He was a hero because he had irradicated a monster without holding hands with politicians or holding press conferences. Dr. Salk practiced his art because he understood the science available to do so.

He worked in his field—medicine. Not radio or television. Not politics

Who is famine and who is death, insofar as medicine and politicians?

Politicians fit well with death. But medicine?

Hopefully, the future doesn’t have only three horses.


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