Donald Trump is the Republican antidote to leftism

Grab your spoonful of sugar. Donald Trump is precisely what conservative America has been looking for - an elephant not shackled to the political circus

Donald Trump is an emerging force to be reckoned with. (Photo: Donald J. Trump campaign website)

HONOLULU, July 12, 2015 – The question that baffles today’s political experts is why Donald Trump is surging in popularity polls even after the media has marked him persona non grata, labeling him as a “racist” who hates Mexicans.

Corporations dumped Trump faster than they discarded Confederate Civil War memorabilia just weeks earlier, but unlike the Confederate battle flag, Trump refuses to be banned in the U.S.A. and flies higher and higher with every institutional challenge to his name.

Donald Trump is all the rage

So why is he still winning?

Welcome to the American circus

To understand Trump’s sudden success in the polls, it helps to first use the example of a circus to describe the current moral, intellectual, and cultural atmosphere we are living in. Life in modern America is very much a circus, complete with a vast freak show of internet “celebrity” personalities, stunt-performing, chimpanzee news pundits who keep countless issues juggling in the air for the American public to watch with awe, and my personal favorite of all, giant elephant Republican candidates who stand quietly in the background, though no one really knows what they’re there for.

Circus elephants are trained to behave from an early age through a brutal training regimen that includes a combination of pain infliction, food and water deprivation.  Through intimidating shackling that communicates the message that a captured elephant isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Once an elephant’s humiliation is complete, the animal can be trained to do anything from standing peacefully to performing any number of unusual tricks a circus trainer wishes.

Conservative Republicans are similar to circus elephants, as the liberal control matrix has convinced them from “early childhood education” to behave passively in public, to accept as normal being whipped by the mainstream media, and to be indifferent to the unnatural array of clowns that liberal policies exalt as the centerpiece of the American circus. Having been trained to “stay put” with legs chained to a post, Republicans actually believe that they can’t win elections, that they can’t be influential outside of the prison walls of their own mind, and that any attempt to escape the circus will be met with overwhelming defeat.

Trump, immigration, and a RINO’s nightmare

It is no accident then that today’s Republican presidential candidates have nothing to say of substance about any controversial issue. Republican candidates are addicted to public approval like circus elephants are addicted to cheap peanuts, because if at any time the liberal circus masters become displeased, the public will starve them out of campaign money by ceasing donations or worse, voters will ignore the elephant display for the chimpanzee show, denying the lonely elephants much needed attention and affirmation.

Donald Trump, unlike many in the GOP candidate field, is not a circus elephant. Trump is not running for office out of a desire to be the boss for once, he is the boss. Trump does not need money nor is he desperate to fundraise based on a tight electoral time table, he already is a billionaire.

Unlike Democrats and Republicans that stake their entire existence on winning a series of elections just to prove that they are “somebody” to the Beltway’s cobble of pathetic, overpaid, narcissistic, thin-skinned, dainty socialites, if Trump loses the presidential election, he will “sadly” still have his own executive jet, his own limousine complete with his own chauffeur, and a global private empire at his command.

Democrats and Republicans only get these kinds of resources through government, and when banished from power or vanquished in an election, they all revert to what they were at the beginning – nobody.

Because Trump has no one to please and nothing to lose, he can therefore say anything he wants and do anything he wishes. He is an elephant that refuses to be chained and will not play nice for the liberal performers.

Conservatives who have long been used to circus elephants cannot help but be shocked that Trump can actually say anything he wants without reaching for a bottle of Maalox whenever the liberal hate rent-a-mob shows up with protest signs.

Unlike cheat-and-retreat Republicans, Trump can deliver invectives, engage in wild, brazen displays of resistance to the status quo, and still play the role of candidate and businessman without fear or hesitation.

America has grown tired of the passive-aggressive, politically correct culture which bows in reverence before circus clowns. Real Americans – the ones that don’t spend all day on Twitter, that don’t clip image macros with absurd slogans to post on Facebook, that work in back-breaking jobs that afford them no time to look at Instagrams of twenty-something sponsor junkies posting pics of fitness powders, beauty scrubs, exotic cars, and comped vacations – are fed up with the circus and tired of the Democrats.

When such people as these get home from work, eat their dinner, and briefly turn on the TV to hear about Trump denouncing clowns, calling out cowards, and aggressively promising to make American great again, they don’t have to be Ivy League professors to know that this is a guy they like and want to know more about.

Like it or not, Donald Trump taps into the silent majority

Say what you will about Trump; at the end of the day, he knows what sells, he knows what the people in his market segmentation like, and he knows how to get attention. These qualities make him an antidote to the poison of modern corporatized liberalism, and a powerful force multiplier to the Republicans, who should be thankful he chose to run on their side.

The Democrats, with their impatient desire to turn Lady Liberty into a bearded lady for their circus freak show of change at any cost, have gone too far, too hard in too short a time for most Americans to handle. Trump knows this well, and is tapping into the nerve that runs through the American spine.

Liberals can reach for their dictionary of defamation and cast all the aspersions they like, but Trump is a (free) elephant that is on a stampede to victory.

Dr. Danny de Gracia is a political scientist, an ordained minister, a former elected official, and the author of the new political thriller “American Kiss,” available from, Barnes and Noble, and other major bookstores.

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Danny de Gracia
Dr. Danny de Gracia is a political scientist and a former senior adviser to the Human Services and International Affairs standing committees as well as a former minority caucus research analyst at the Hawaii State Legislature. From 2011-2013 he served as an elected municipal board member in Waipahu. As an expert in international relations theory, military policy, political psychology and economics, he has advised numerous policymakers and elected officials and his opinions have been featured worldwide. He has two doctorates in theology and ministry, a postgraduate in strategic marketing, a master's in political science and a bachelor's in political science and public administration. Writing on comparative politics, modern culture, fashion and more, Danny is also the author of the new novel "American Kiss" available now from
  • Haleiwa_Dad

    Good one, Danny! Now let’s get an entire nation behind either he and another, or two of the other elephants, and trample the donkeys!

  • Martha Bartha

    I hope Trump gets the Nomination!