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Another China Syndrome: How many China viruses can there be?

Written By | May 13, 2020
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Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection.

WASHINGTON: Which China virus is worse? The one the Chinese sent or the one the Chinese sent? They did send two, after all. The one that might take your life through pneumonia, etc. or the one that destroys your soul through tyrannous bureaucrats.

The first has allies among weak bodies and mediocre doctors who ply their trade as quack bureaucrats. The second has allies among those people in government (not who govern) who desire to rule as Chinese politburo dictators do.

As well they have a second ally among ill-read, ill-tutored media-wannabes. It is claimed, though doubtful, that precaution can be taken by wearing masks for the first virus.

As for the second, those people have been wearing masks for most of their “careers.” It is required attire for robbers and crooks.

It is past time to remind the government that they don’t govern.

They are hired through (often corrupt) elections to do (by fiat), the bidding of the people’s governance. They are not elected to be in charge of the people while they (the elected) pilfer the treasury. That is the Communist Chinese way—the China syndrome if you will.

In America, we have adopted a political party/lobbyist syndrome.

God bless America.

It may do little good to remind them of anything.

They continue to do as they please while they steal.

Nancy Pelosi’s non-heroic Hero’s Act

Presently, chief thief, Nancy Pelosi is attempting a three trillion-dollar heist while she wears her precious little mask for the cameras. It is unclear if she’s concerned about germs or is just trying to cover her lousy facelifts.

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In the meantime, this second China virus (tyrannous bureaucrats) spreads through carriers like Ralph Nordam, Gavin Newsome, Gretchen Whitmer, Mike Dewine, and numerous other idiot bureaucrats such as various mayors and judges. (Most Rigged, Fraudulent, And Corrupt U.S. Elections In History)

So, while these thieving idiots are “playing government” people are committing suicide, turning to the bottle, losing their jobs, and going out of business.

Again: God bless America.
Hiding from the Boogey Disease

As well, people who wear masks and hide in their closets from Boogey diseases because they are ordered to do so are like the Warsaw Jews in 1942-43. They seem to accept that which any fool can see is evil government overreach.

The Jews finally rose up. Unfortunately, too late. The same could be said of the Chinese Tiananmen Incident in 1989. Too little, too late.

In one of his columns, the late Charley Reese said.

“Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.”

The politicians didn’t create the virus that biologically kills. They did, however, create the second China virus which panics and cons people into subservience. Emulating the Chinese Communist ways.

They supposedly are always there for “the people.” No. They are there for what they can steal from the people: Their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. (Elections Corruption – How to Rig an Election)

This is what the contemporary “American System” is about.

American politicians are as corrupt and dishonest as the Chinese Communists. And in their speeches and preaching and stimulus-note-printings, they are “there for the people.”

Once again: God bless America.

These bums are still getting paid because they apparently consider themselves essential. Presumably essential, they will say as they hide in their basements, to serve the people.

Politicians and Frankenstein monster bureaucrats are about as useful to the people as Butch Cassidy was to the Northern Pacific Railroad.

But there are those, many in the so-called media, who believe the politicians. But why shouldn’t they?

After all, many Jews believed that Hitler had a solution for them as a people. They waited until too late to find out it was his final solution. (Warsaw Ghetto Uprising | Definition, Facts, & History | Britannica)

Elections Corruption


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