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Andrew McCabe Grand Jury looking at FISA abuse

Written By | Sep 13, 2018
Grand Jury, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, Joel Berliner

WASHINGTON, DC: A Grand Jury has been empaneled in the District of Columbia in the case of disgraced Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe. McCabe was referred for prosecution by the Inspector General and was fired from the FBI for lying to investigators on multiple occasions.

The Grand Jury will investigate McCabe’s role as FBI  Deputy Director in intentionally abusing the FISA process, and conspiring with Peter Strzok to use the phony Russian dossier as a basis for framing and destroying Donald Trump as President.

Attempted Coup: The depth of the Conspiracy

McCabe engaged in these activities as part of a larger conspiracy to subvert Justice and maliciously abuse the authority of the intelligence agencies and the Justice department by going after and destroying political adversaries.

McCabe’s co-conspirators include, but are not limited to, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Christopher Steele, Glenn Simpson, John Brennan, Sally Yates, Loretta Lynch, James Clapper, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Samantha Powers, Hillary Clinton, The DNC, Valerie Jarrett, and Barrack Obama.

Each of them are material witnesses to an unimaginable abuse of governmental authority on an unconscionable level against the leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Bruce Ohr: Mueller Inquisition is Peter Strzok’s “Insurance Policy”

A litany of crimes, finally exposed

Sending a succession of spies into his campaign, numerous times, under an official code name, Crossfire Hurricane, to entrap Trump advisors, like the hapless George Papadoupolous. Gaining State Department approval to use a foreign Ambassador as a source to spy on the Trump campaign.

Using a ludicrous disinformation dossier from Kremlin sources, paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, for Gods sake, that were completely fake, and then funneling it into the FBI through multiple sources. Thru John Brennan, John McCain, Bruce Ohr, and  Fusion GPS.

Using those phony documents to lie to the FISA court to spy on not just an American citizen but a Presidential campaign, knowing the documents are both partisan, and unverified. Knowing they are fake.

Crimes against the Republic and the Constitution

Just these abuses alone would be the greatest crime in American political history. But to then extend that criminal campaign to a duly elected  sitting President in an effort to destroy his Presidency, and use official powers and channels to do it, is nothing short of Treason.

To recertify a FISA warrant four times, on a sitting President, with discredited documents that are known to be a lie in a conspiracy scheme of flagrant sedition, is an unconstitutional crime against the Republic. It must be thoroughly exposed and the perpetrators indicted.

So a Grand Jury has finally been empaneled. Now all of those who have participated in this attempted coup must be brought in to testify and face the consequences.

Coup plot leader Barack Obama just won’t go away

A series of Felonies for the Grand Jury to look at.

Who leaked the confidential documents on the Michael Flynn intercepts to the New York Times and the Washington Post. We know it was either John Brennan, or James Clapper, or Jim Comey. Possibly all three.

Who intentionally  leaked the confidential briefing on the Russian Dossier, generating thousands of stories about  the salacious underpinnings, sabotaging the President before he even took office. Those leaks were felonies.

When Peter Strzok leaked the FISA warrant information about Carter Page through Lisa Page to the Washington Post and New York Times, and then congratulated each other on their treachery, they committed felonies.

When Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok devised an “insurance policy” in McCabe’s office to launch a Russian counter espionage investigation of Trump with the fake Russian dossier, use the fake dossier to obtain a succession of FISA warrants, feed the dossier to Andrew Weissman, and prepare for the appointment of a special prosecutor to bring down the Trump presidency, they committed felonies.

Hillary, the DNC, John Brennan and Fusion GPS

When Hillary Clinton and the DNC hired Fusion GPS to pay Kremlin operatives $9 million dollars for disinformation, which they fed to the FBI in order to fraudulently abuse their authority to destroy Donald Trump, in cooperation with the White House, CIA, State Department, Justice Department and FBI, they all committed felonies.

When John Brennan allowed CIA operatives, with State Department approval from John Kerry, to spy on the Trump campaign in an FBI sting codenamed Crossfire Hurricane, to frame and entrap a major Presidential candidate, they committed felonies.

When John Brennan, CIA director, passed the dossier to Harry Reid to pass to the FBI, in a conspiracy to use the intelligence agencies and justice department to destroy the political opposition, he committed felonies.

John Brennan: Conspiracy, Sedition, and the coming Grand Jury

James Comey and Rod Rosenstein: Answering to the Grand Jury

When James Comey leaked memos to trigger a special prosecutor by his buddy Rod Rosenstein. When he leaked confidential information about other matters, on numerous other occasions, he committed felonies.

When Rod Rosenstein signed the fourth renewal of the FISA warrant against President Donald Trump. Knowing that it was complete garbage. Knowing the extent of the sedition and criminality that surrounded the entire process. Knowing he was appointing the Special Prosecutor to fulfill the “insurance policy” of a conspiracy that stretches all the way to the White House, he committed felonies. Crimes against the Republic.

The Grand Jury should be looking at all of this. Its all too convenient. Sally Yates needs to testify about her role in the FISA warrents and the Flynn leaks. James Clapper needs to be questioned about how he worked hand in glove with Brennan and Comey to deliberately target and undermine Trump.

“POTUS Wants to Know everything” – Peter Strzok

And then there is the White House. “POTUS wants to know everything we are doing” Strzok texted Page. Susan Rice and Samantha Powers unmasked Trump associates over 300 times in one year. Over 300 times. What the hell were they doing over there, and why doesn’t it concern anyone.

If POTUS Wants to know everything, then don’t you think Valerie Jarrett knows everything as well. What about deputy National Security advisor Ben “Benghazi Talking Points” Rhodes. How is it that the White House was fixated on creating this conspiracy. Not just on destroying candidate Donald Trump. That’s bad enough.

But once he had been elected, once he was President, they actively participated in nothing short of an attempted coup d’Etat. A prolonged, viscious, and extremely damaging unconstitutional putsch. Againt a sitting President. With a basket of partisan lies. That they knew full well were absolute garbage.

Former President Obama’s silent Coup d’Etat conspiracy unraveling

Truth prevail lest the heavens fall

But they did it anyway. A  stacked deck of illicit FISA warrants and the active seditious participation of the entire top level of the entire Justice department.

Do they think we are stupid. Do they think we are blind. The American people are not fooled by any of this. What America is waiting for is actual justice. Actual accountability.

So a Grand Jury is essential for some semblance of confidence to be restored. All of these people need to be called in front of it. All of these people need to answer for their crimes.

The truth prevail lest the heavens fall, and the country with it.

Declassifying FISA warrants, exposing the “Insurance policy”

The President is expected to declassify large portions of the Carter Page  FISA warrant application in the coming week. All of which will lead to explosive proof of the conspiracy at the top levels of the Justice Department. This will also serve to completely undermine the basis of the Mueller investigation, Peter Strzok’s “insurance policy”.

Why was Andrew Weissman, Mueller’s deputy, kept in the loop on the Russian dossier as early as August 2016. Because he was the “insurance policy”. Part three of the three legged stool to frame Trump.

It was a grand trifecta, all based on the phony Russian dossier.  Counter espionage investigation. FISA warrants. Mueller Inquisition. “Insurance policy”.

Thats not including operation Crossfire Hurricane, or Comey illegally leaking a memo in order to trigger Rosenstein to set the “insurance policy” in motion by hiring Mueller, who used the Russian dossier given to Andrew Weissman as the lodestar of their inquisition. It all stinks to high heaven.

Red Wave: The coming Republican – GOP Midterm Election Victory

Oh Lordy, let there be texts

But Oh Lordy, the incriminating texts and emails from Peter Strzok and Bruce Ohr and Lisa Page keep on coming. Like Barack Obama on the campaign trail, they are the gift that keeps on giving. And exposing the truth.

Remember, Lisa Page testified to the Senate Intelligence committee that Peter Strzoks texts “meant exactly what they say they meant.”  When he said he was going to stop Trump, he meant it.

Up to now it has been up to intrepid groups like Judicial Watch to uncover the litany  of crimes committed by the Obama Administration and Justice Department in this matter. And great reporters like Sara Carter and John Solomon. And yes, Fox News has been a genuine leader in pursuing this story.

But its not about partisan politics. Its more than that. This shouldn’t happen to anyone. Ever.

Because it involves a crime that should concern every American. Liberal or conservative. Using the intelligence services and the justice department to destroy political opponents is not just wrong. Its wrong on a scale and a degree that can’t even be calculated properly.  And neither can the damage.

It implicates the entire concept of our Democracy.

Indicting the enemies of the constitution: Holding the seditionists accountable

Andrew McCabe and James Comey and John Brennan did more to damage American Democracy than the Russians could have done in 100 years. Their crimes are finally being exposed, and must not go unpunished.

So a Grand Jury has been empaneled. Let us hope that the Prosecutor follows the law. Seeks the absolute truth. And indicts those who have committed crimes, without fear or favor. Justice demands it.

When McCabe and Strzok and Ohr and Brennan are indicted and have to pay for their crimes against the Republic, maybe then the rest of the media will pay attention to what has been happening right under their noses.

But who’s kidding themselves. The mainstream media have been active co-conspirators the whole time. Tools of the coup plotters. Forever tarnished. Blind to obvious criminality. Oblivious of curiosity. McCarthyite apologists.

The people will not be fooled. Lets hope the Grand Jury does its job, and restores honor to the Republic.

Election of Donald Trump, Deep State Failure


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