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Amy Jackson Berman and Roger Stone: Judge not lest ye be judged

Written By | Feb 24, 2020
Amy Jackson Berman, Roger Stone

WASHINGTON: How do lying miscreants like Amy Jackson Berman stay out of jail while sentencing others, like Roger Stone, to jail. Denying citizens their rights protected under the Bill of Rights? How do women like this get through law school without learning the law? How do they become a judge? (Judge Amy Berman Jackson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |

What protection do the people have against vicious narcissistic women like this who seemingly love to lie more than they seek justice? Just questions it seems Tucker Carlson was asking recently.

Perhaps the answers are multifold. But so are the victims–many. Victims of the courts, which largely have become corrupt, dishonest, and often put their victims into financial ruin even if these victims avoid incarceration.

And these same judges salivate to have their personal soldiers of the FBI, who make the Gestapo seem as if they were rabbis on the police force, provide muscle.

Visit the carnage of a fine soldier and man, Michael Flynn, for the work of the so-called justice system with its gods and goddesses of law and order.

First they came for the Jews: The midnight arrests of Stone, Flynn & Corsi

One wonders whether lady Justice has been under the fine hand(s) of a Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein. She certainly has been defiled by political decay, at least in Washington, the home of political and judicial rot.

But who is there to arrest the judges? Courts are, generally, a law unto themselves. This isn’t supposed to be the case but it is. Try and defy a lawful order (there are some) of a judge and you’ll be arrested. Defy an unlawful order and you’ll still be arrested. No? judge Jackson threatened Roger Stone with jail if he spoke about his case, after the trial.

Then she added:

“He wasn’t prosecuted for standing up for the President. He was prosecuted for covering up for the President.”

This is a consummate bald-faced lie by a woman who put her hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the law in truth and justice. She should be impeached (ain’t ever going to happen) removed from office, and then be charged with perjury before the law. She violated her oath. This is irony that should be rich enough to be sealed in Fort Knox.

GOP political operative Roger Stone with t-shirt that says it all.

She was an Obama appointee who was approved by the same congress whom Roger Stone was tried (one of the charges) for lying to—not for “covering up for the president.” (Roger Stone Found Guilty of All 7 Charges Brought by Mueller Probe)

More irony; it is against the law to lie to congress but apparently Congress can lie to the people (constantly) with impunity.

Roger Stone mistrial? Trump hater Tomeka Hart was Jury Foreman

One would suppose this would-be judge of people has denied an appeal of her decision to any appellate court. No? If you can’t speak, how might you appeal? Facial expressions? The sixth amendment says a defendant has a right to counsel. It doesn’t say he “must” have counsel.

Law schools are about as scholarly as public schools anywhere i.e. they are a joke. (How Corrupt Is America’s Judicial System? – Seeker)

Defending Roger Stone

Tucker Carlson spoke right up the other night in defense (or lack of) Roger Stone. He let Jackson have it with both barrels. She is no more than many judges, often federal, who believe they are the law, and not referees for the authority of law.

These judges also are under the misguided conception that they have a “lifetime” appointment.

They have no such appointment. They are appointed for a period of good behavior. Judge Jackson’s “lifetime” appointment should end. Her behavior has not been good.

William F. Buckley once said in one form or another “I would rather be governed by the first 2,000 people in the telephone directory than by the Harvard University faculty,”

If he were alive today, perhaps he might suggest that he would rather be judged by Judge Roy Bean than Judge Amy Berman Jackson.



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