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What should America’s role in Syria and the Middle East be? Aggression, sanctions, all of the above?

Written By | Apr 11, 2018
Syria and the Middle East, Syria, Mose Maryles

By Petty Officer 3rd Class Robert S. Price –, Public Domain,

WASHINGTON: With the recent events in Syria and the Middle East, including the seriously under reported crisis in Yemen, the questions of whether to further invest American troops and power in the Middle East has once again arisen. When it comes to Middle East conflicts, both Republican and Democrat administrations have adopted a pro nation-building attitude. It allows America, by physical force, to tell others how to live.

Our politicians continually push for more and more intervention.

Should our foreign policy be an America First policy?

One may believe that America should get the hell out of Syria and the Middle East as a whole. However, this could not be further from what we need to do.

Certainly, nation-building, as well as getting involved in others conflicts has not worked well for America in the past. Nonetheless, when addressing the issue of the Middle East, we must be somewhat forgetful of our reticence to enter into the conflicts of other countries.

The issues faced today in the Middle East are unlike any since World War II. Chlorine gas attacks, perpetrated by the murderous Assad regime brings a whole new dynamic into this conflict. A dynamic that makes it very hard, if not impossible for America, to ignore.

If there is one battle to fight, it is Syria.

Simply, as the world’s super-power we must confront murderous regimes. Whether it be Hitler’s Germany, or Mussolini’s Italy, or Assad’s Syria, one thing remains in common; Murderous tyrant leaders have care little for life. Life is something that can be toyed with as long as a result is gaining more power.

What should America do about Syria and the Middle East?

Involvement in the wars and conflicts other countries seldom works out in America’s favor. They result in financial debts, which lay at the foot of the American taxpayers. But, Syria, like World War II, is different. People are being gassed by their government, for no other reason than that their leader would rather they be dead than alive.

With the assistance of bad actors Russia and Iran, Assad is committing these atrocities against civilians, brutally killing men, women, and children. President Trump along with European Allies, France and England must send missile strikes to destroy all of Assad’s airbases.

An inability to fly would almost surely ensure no more chlorine gas attacks.

Order strikes against Iran and Russia

Therefore, we must strike both Iran and Russia where it hurt them the most. Strike, not in a military sense, but financially. We must sanction these two countries to the likes never seen before. It is a tactic that seems to have been successful with the North Korean dictator.

Weighing into this conflict is that not only are people being murdered, but our allies, both Saudi Arabia and Israel are at risk of conflict with Iran. As Iran gains more and more influence in Syria, the mere existences of Israel, as well as Saudi Arabia, is at risk.

America must stand up for our allies, but most importantly, humanity as a whole. We are at a place in history that will forever be remembered. We need to decide how to be on the right side of history.

Only time will tell whether our leaders lead the world as a whole in the right or wrong direction.


Lead Image: By Petty Officer 3rd Class Robert S. Price -, Public Domain,


Moshe Maryles

Moshe Maryles currently attends Baruch college where he is a Political Science major and a history minor. Maryles currently interns for Congressman Dan Donovan (11th Congressional district of New York) in his Staten Island office.