America’s racism charge debunked: Why blacks vote Democrat

The idea that America is a racist country is supported by those who benefit from that mantra: it is not the reality.


WASHINGTON, March 20, 2016 – America: Why is it such a racist country? Unfortunately, that is what some people think, feel and believe. But is it true? No. Not by a long shot. So why have some people bought wholeheartedly into this misconception?

Such views are predicated on, and spread via propaganda, innuendo, and lies. Stereotypical notions, such as “Republicans have never done anything for blacks,” are cultivated, magnified and expressed as gospel truths by self-styled community leaders, politicians, and by a compliant media, all who stand to profit by these untruths.

No stone is left unturned in keeping blacks on the low end of the political, social and economic scale and forever on the Democrat welfare plantation. This suppression kills one’s spirit and one’s will, and moves the dependence agenda forward. How is this possible in 2016, when information is so available, one might ask?

It’s easier than you think.

Democrats have long used racial discord, class envy and slavery as the prism through which blacks have viewed America. They have been very successful with these tactics. They have for all intents and purposes replaced the virtues of Christianity with those of liberalism and multi-culturalism. They have taken over our school systems and used our classrooms as centers of indoctrination.

Will race baiting at Democrat Convention determine election outcome?

Blacks were a people historically raised with deep moral and religious values. They were patriotic, too. They fought bravely and proudly in the Civil War and later wars, and they helped build this country into the economic and military juggernaut it became.

They were as skilled as workers and professionals as their white counterparts, although they were paid much less and not given the same recognition or total compensation.

Black communities, comprised of proud and self-reliant people, once thrived. From the twenties up through the sixties, they had as neighbors, lawyers, doctors, business leaders, and other professionals of the same color persuasion. On Flag Day, they placed American flags on their porches. And with conviction, they sang God Bless America.

In school, they placed their hands over their hearts proudly when they recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Unbelievably, the majority of blacks still vote Democrat. They are so entrenched in the lies and the victim game that they are unaware that their humanity and their moral compass have been compromised. Most of all, their religious upbringing often runs contrary to their political leanings. Blacks also support the Democrats on the issue of same sex marriage, even though it runs contrary to the teachings of the Bible.

The Democrat Party believes in, and supports, abortion. Planned Parenthood — an organization founded by a hardcore racist name Margaret Sanger who believed blacks were inferior and needed to be exterminated — has murdered thousands of black fetuses in the name of personal choice.

Fetuses are the real victims in this madness, and their plight is something the Left tends to ignore. No one is out there chanting ‘Hands up! Don’t Abort’ on their behalf. Perhaps they have enough victims under their wings and influence. And that may not be too far from the truth.

Huddled under their bloated umbrella are the animal rights movement, the LGBT community, the Black Nationalist Movement, the anti-war movement, the environmental movement, the anti-gun rights movement, the anti-capitalist movement, the free love movement, the Communist movement and the open borders crowd, all which are labeled “victims.”

The Bible teaches Christians to love their enemies, but this does not mean they have to become accepting of their enemies’ sinful ways. Because Democrats have been so successful in their propaganda campaign and their outright lies, blacks have come to despise and hate the very political party (Republican) that liberated their ancestors from slavery.

Using techniques put forth by Saul Alinsky and other anti-capitalist Marxists, liberal Democrat leaders have conned the black community under the pretense of caring about them and wanting to help them.

In a stroke of genius, liberals have married their agenda to various religious teachings, presenting themselves as angels of mercy and the gatekeepers of morality in a world of victims: victims they themselves helped to create.

To those who see through their agenda, liberals come off as being pompous, sanctimonious and self-serving. They are experts at getting blacks to respond on cue.

When they need Blacks to rally to their cause or to act out, they cry racism, or they raise the issue of inequality (class envy). They are also quick to reinforce the notion that blacks remain society’s most hated and oppressed victims based solely on America’s past history of slavery.

Sadly, the black community often responds. When they do, the tragic results are Ferguson and Baltimore.

What Democrats insidiously fail to tell blacks is that it was their party, the Democrat Party, that sanctioned slavery. They fail to tell blacks that they killed, maimed, tortured and kept their ancestors terrorized via the KKK, the militant wing of the Democrat Party.

Amazingly, blacks know little about their own history in America, least of all that it was white Republicans who came to their ancestors’ rescue, liberating them via amending the United States Constitution.

Few blacks, or whites for that matter, know that the Democrat Party opposed every civil rights legislation ever brought before Congress going back to the 1860s.

But that was then, Democrats leaders say, and now is now. America remains a racist place for blacks, they rail. We’re the good guys now and the Republicans are the bad guys. This is what they have managed to get blacks to believe in. It is how the truth has been derailed, but now that story is coming out.

There was no switching of intent or party philosophy. What happened was the Great Depression, and the Democrat Party’s adoption of a civil rights platform solely to gain the black vote, simultaneous with the takeover of the Republican Party leadership by men who had no philosophical ties to its roots, conservatism, which the party was founded on.

Social programs such as FDR’s “New Deal,” followed by Harry Truman’s “Fair Deal” and LBJ’s “Great Society” have been the catalyst for why blacks migrated to the party of handouts and giveaways. Over time, they became beholden to and dependent on their government benefactors.

A legal misstep by Senator Barry Goldwater, which turned out to be a moral and political disaster, and a decision by Martin Luther King, sealed the Democrat Party’s hold on the black community as a voting bloc they could forever count on. Google these two men on the subject.

Many educated blacks, those who are critical thinkers, have finally awakened to the truth. They know that the black community has been deceived. Many have attempted to alert their family members and friends, but have been met with utter contempt and hatred for speaking out against the Democrat Party.

That is how deep and embedded liberalism has become in the black community. Many blacks simply refuse to admit they have been bamboozled, hoodwinked, and lied to.

Race in post-racial, post-MLK, post-Obama America

One would think that electing America’s first black president would have eased race relations in America. Instead, they have only gotten worse. Liberals have rallied around a man and philosophy, not the United States Constitution.

Unfortunately, blacks cry foul whenever criticism is leveled at President Barack Hussein Obama. They default to racism as the basis for these criticisms. In their eyes, America remains a racist society. They seem to have a short memory.

Forgotten is the fact that nationally, Obama won 43 percent of the white vote: 46 percent of white women and 41 percent of white men.

Also forgotten is that Obama won North Carolina with 35 percent of the white vote and Virginia with 39 percent of the white vote. He won Florida with 42 percent of the white vote, as well. In other words, Obama could not have become president without the white vote.

But because liberal blacks see everything through the prism of racism and class envy, they cannot accept that bad policies, not skin color, are why people do not care for this president. Blacks have also conveniently forgotten that Obama is of a mixed race.

Because they are being actively deceived, blacks do not envision America as a land of opportunity. They live in a world turned upside down. They view their oppressors as their saviors and their liberators as their enemies.

If we as a nation are going to live in harmony, blacks are going to have to put slavery behind them, knock the chip off of their shoulders, pull up their sagging pants, clean up their language and return to their once proud heritage.

America is the land of opportunity. No one is owed anything here. You get out of it what you put into it. Those who have come here for the right reasons know this and have fared well in America.

Many blacks born here have made it too. Just ask Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Dr. Dre, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Jay-z and Beyoncé, Denzel Washington, Janet Jackson, and many others. They succeeded with the support of a mixed audience across racial and political spectrums.

Long before liberalism destroyed it, blacks had a prominent and thriving middle class. They fared far better under Ronald Reagan than today. Sadly, the unemployment rate for black teenage males under Obama is 51%. Their parents have not fared much better.

So, to the question of whether or not America is a racist country, no it is not. Only the people who peddle racism and profit by the tenets of it are truly racists. Blacks who buy into this mindset will be condemned to live in denial, hate, disillusionment and fear.

Those who open their eyes and their minds will eventually find peace and perhaps make new friends. They will be the ones best positioned to prosper and live life to the fullest.

No, America is not a racist country. It is a place where dreams come true.

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