America’s First Family third taxpayer funded vacation – this year

The Obama family returns from vaction - EyeWitness News - Video Screen Shot
The Obama family returns from vaction - EyeWitness News - Video Screen Shot

WASHINGTON, March 20, 2014 – Michelle Obama and her daughters and mother are on the first day of their excellent China vacation. It is costing the taxpayers millions of dollars. 

Meanwhile, the Obama’s are planning for the Obama family vacation this summer in Martha’s Vineyard. The Obama family has gone there every year they have been in the White House, except for 2012.

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That year, Barack Obama had to campaign so he could keep taking taxpayer-financed vacations.

It is only March and Michelle Obama is on her third vacation of 2014. She went to Hawaii with the family over Christmas, then stayed by herself, at government expense, for another ten days to prepare for her fiftieth birthday.

When she was ready to come home, Barack Obama sent an Air Force plane to pick her up. The conservative estimate of the cost of that flight was a million dollars and that was just for the plane.

In February, she went to Aspen Colorado, again at the taxpayers’ expense.

Now she is going to China.

Last year, the Obamas went to Africa, in a vacation jaunt that only cost the American people $100 million. That is actually an incomplete estimate, as the cost of security arrangements is never disclosed.

On that trip, the Obama daughters were listed as “senior staff.”  One wonders what is Michelle Obama’s mother listed as on the China trip? Very senior staff?

Obama vacations used to inspire outrage in the conservative media. Even conservatives are getting tired of complaining about the Obama vacations, but they should stay on target as the Obama vacations are a symptom of a greater problem in Washington.

Today, Barack Obama is leaving Washington for an event in Orlando, Florida. Then he will go to Miami for a DNC fundraiser.   What is the cost for Obama to take Air Force One and his entire entourage to Miami? They have to pay the price of a first class airline ticket.

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Obama is not the first to misuse Air Force One. George Bush used it to go to fundraisers and campaign. Bill Clinton did it before him and so did George H.W. Bush. Just because the precedent has been set, doesn’t make it right.

If the Obamas want to take these vacations, let them pay for them, themselves. If Michelle Obama wants to take her kids to see China, let wealthy Democrats pay for it. If Barack Obama wants to raise funds for the DNC, let the DNC pick up the cost for Air Force One and the Obama entourage.

Republicans in Congress should step in, especially if the GOP takes control of the Senate next year. Unfortunately the Republicans do not want to clip Obama’s wings because they will have to live by the same rules. And they believe in 2017 there will be a Republican in the White House and they want that President to have all of the perks of office.

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They want that President to be able to fly around on Air Force One and raise funds for Republicans the way Obama is doing for the Democrats.

The real problem is not the abuse of the Presidential perks it is Washington. The closer to the center of the beltway you get, the more it intoxicates and beguiles. And once in office, it  brings out the worst in the people we send their to work on our behalf.

Perhaps we should all remember the words of Frank Underwood from Netflix’s House of Cards.  “The road to power is paved with hypocrisy.”

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    republican DON’T NEED to waste tax dollars either..all president need to obey rules and follow the laws we have, not create more..i don’t give a rats hind end, what party it is..but I will say if TEA PARTY TAKES OVER, YOU WILL SEE MONEY HANDLED CAREFULLY AND LAWFULLY…WAKE UP VOTERS…

  • Mason

    I cannot understand how they can justify doing what they’re doing … and yet, here they are; going on yet, another vacation … costing MILLIONS of Dollars.

    • mreichard7

      Because they confuse themselves with royalty deserving of the vacations.

      • Merrie Sinnzzninzzall

        1st Entitlement Family who needs a Section 8 Eviction

      • Mason

        If it happened to King Louis the VXI and Marie Antoinette — history can repeat itself and happen to the current ‘Royalty Wannabees’ — If they’re so dumb as not to recognize the severity of their actions … they could end up losing their heads over those actions. All it takes is for the people to ‘RISE UP’ and say “WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH of YOUR ACTIONS’ … One of the reasons that ‘WE the PEOPLE’ need to stand in UNISON as a REPUBLIC to say; You do not have the WILL of the PEOPLE or its interest at heart … and a ROGUES PIERRE will be there to help in taking back what the ‘WANNABEES’ have taken. But, do not forget what Dr. Ben Carson said when he quoted from the BIBLE; Romans 8:31 “What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If GOD is for us, who can be against us?”

  • Merrie Sinnzzninzzall

    However, NO where in the US Constitution does it say we will use our tax dollars to fund NONE STOP vacations for the President and his family and no president before this one has ever vacationed like this ….

    US Constitution, Article II, Section 1

    The President shall, at stated times, receive for his services, a compensation, which shall neither be increased nor diminished during the period for which he shall have been elected, and he shall not receive within that period any other emolument from the United States

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      The loser in chief’s net worth is nearly $4 million, yet he’s not sharing his wealth.

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    democracy means you get what you vote for.

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      Sad part is we have more oil then any country but he wont allow the pipeline so we can sell our oil and become the rich country because we would destroy his brotherhood. We would crush Russia and China and all the middle east if we had the pipeline, read up on how much oil they are pumping out of ND and how much they could with the pipeline. Probably why he wants to have illegal immigration so lenient to have more mooselimbs to make America a mooselimb country to steal OUR OIL!!!!!!! We need to be ready to fight back

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    Kids were listed as senior staff, so they can collect pay….is that not against the child labor law ??

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    I hate to see the incorrect “there”.

    “And once in office, it brings out the worst in the people we send THEIR to work on our behalf.”

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    He is steady raping this country with a sandpaper dildo and laughing every time he puts it to us again. No one in Congress or the Senate has the balls to confront him and even if they did he would tell them he had the right and it was for the good of the country. Then they would back down.

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    They go on a vacation once a month.

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    ……but “the White House is like a prison” so another vacation is the only humane thing we can do for our First Family.

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    Laura Bush made 5 trips to Africa in her husband’s second term alone….

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      They were all outreach trips. Aids, breast cancer, malaria. Michelle is not interested in any of those. She travels in style. No stinking villages for her.

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