America’s destruction: Obama budget defunds Tomahawk and Hellfire programs


WASHINGTON, March 26, 2014 — On Tuesday, it was reported that President Obama’s 2015 budget will eliminate two very successful weapons programs: The Navy’s Tomahawk  cruise missile, which has been used to powerful effect in several conflicts since the 1980’s; and the AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-surface missile, which is probably the best anti-armor missile fielded by any military today.

Together, these missiles are a cornerstone of our military superiority. The planned cuts would reduce our stores of Tomhawk missiles, which are regarded as the world’s most advanced cruise missile, to zero in 2016.

The move to eliminate those two missile programs is stunning because their elimination is not for budget reasons. Savings in 2015 will equal about $128 million. Putting that in perspective, the Obama family cost American taxpayers $1.4 billion in 2011 alone. Where did it go? Vacations for the family, vacations for Michelle, 469 senior staff members, a White House 24-hour movie projectionist, and $102,000 for a handler for Bo, the first family’s dog.

Obama’s trip to South Africa for Nelson Mandela’s funeral cost about $11 million. The first family’s Christmas vacations in Hawaii have cost an average of $4 million each — over $20 million so far. Their 2013 Africa trip to sub-Sahara Africa cost $60-100 million — almost the entire savings from eliminating the Tomahawk and Hellfire missiles.

Seth Cropsey, the Director of the Hudson Institute’s Center for American Sea Power said in the Washington Times, “It doesn’t make sense. This really moves the U.S. away from a position of influence and military dominance.” If someone were trying to reduce America’s ability to project power, “They couldn’t find a better way than depriving the U.S. fleet of Tomahawks. It’s breathtaking.”

This makes total sense if Obama’s goal is to destroy America’s status as the world’s superpower.   This is what conservatives have warned about since Obama first ran for office. He does not view America as the shining city on the hill, but as the focus of evil in the modern world. In that view, the United States should not be a superpower.

Obama believes America should not even be a first among equals. The best way to achieve that goal is to weaken our military defenses.

According to Robert Gates, the former secretary of defense, there was only one military issue that excited Obama. It wasn’t readiness, success or even killing Osama Bin Laden; it was repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Hundreds of retired Generals and Admirals protested this decision, saying it would hurt the armed forces. Obama pushed it through for just that reason.

According to Commander Guy Snodgrass, a former Top Gun fighter pilot who is about to become Executive Officer of an F/A 18 Hornet squadron, these policies are crushing the Navy. Writing for the U.S. Naval Institute website this month, Snodgrass said the Pentagon’s constant fixation on social issues is destroying morale and causing retention problems for officers.

This is no problem as far as Obama is concerned. There only part of the military he worries about preserving is Air Force One.

Ronald Reagan said the duty of the government was to protect its citizens, not run their lives.  Obama turns that on its head; he will interfere in our lives with reckless abandon, but protecting us is not on his agenda.

Obama views the world as a better place without America as the dominant superpower.  So does Vladmir Putin. A lot of Americans disagree with that opinion, and as events have played out in the last few weeks, everyone now sees what the world is like without an American superpower.

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  • James Simpson


  • Jim Bozeman

    Absolute madness! God help us recover before it’s too late.

  • Blkojo

    Great column.

  • petsnpeopletoo

    He is doing exactly what he said in his book…Daddy said he wanted the USA brought down to size and he is doing it without anyone in this country stopping him…I just don’t get it…

    • Grizz

      The red blooded American’s ten points of urgent notice, your urgent actions are required urgently IF you want to keep YOUR America!!!!!!!

      1. This man is NOT incompetent he KNOWS exactly what he is doing!!!.

      2. He’s trying (& succeeding) to turn America into a third world country!!!

      3. He wants to be another Ida Amin, another African dictator but in America!!!

      4. Eventually he will want Sharia law brought into to being (Beware ALL women)!!!

      5. We will have NO Military & only Muslims will be allowed to be armed & carry arms!!!!!!

      6. Some Christians might be be made into slaves ALL other Christians will be annihilated/exterminated!!!!

      7. All things to do with freedom of religion will be destroyed, churches ect., only mosques & kneeling mats will be in existence ALL pointing towards Mecca!!!!!

      8. America will be financially broken!!!!!

      9. The Constitution will NOT exist anymore!!!!!!

      10. Beware he will dispose of our election rights, please remember NO Constitution means he & ALL his muslim cronies can remain in the WH for as long as he is a dictator,

      NB: Please good people of America, please, please open your eyes & ears, he has already shown more than enough dictatorship qualities don’t believe us, just look at obama care!!!! He is showing & proving to people whose eyes are already open that he IS a typical African Despot/Dictator!!!


      Only True American’s who can immediately prove their loyalty & dedication to America should be White House, Pentagon, Department Of Homeland Security & Department Of Justice staff!!!!

      Please do NOT wait until November it could be too late, demand Congress impeach him!
      Demand that Congress have his SEALED papers OPENED at once!!! Impeach & then deport him, he IS a FRAUD(Allegedly)!!! Also he IS An ILLEGAL ALIEN (Allegedly)!!!!! He came into America as a foreign student(Allegedly)!!!

      Seen from the outside of America!

  • James

    Obozo is a complete idiot. The end. God please help us ;/

  • the Luciferian’s have to dis-arm us so they can attack and get their slaves, when they work their martial law… why do you think the 2nd amendment is being attacked get your weapons now….. they will come for you, they are already attacking religious freedoms….you have been warned.

  • Aaron

    And courtesy of the American tax payer, we’ll have to pay him retirement and provide he and his family security for the rest of his life! The Conservatives have got to start getting out and voting!

  • robertdavidhummel

    >>>> President of The United States. …PERIOD.

    Many of the Documented “Failed Leadership and Profound ERRORS of The President of The
    United States, ..aka- Obamaghazi, aka- Barry Soetero, aka- Barack HUSSEIN Obama”, are IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES, …HOWEVER..MANY of the same ,..”SHOULD be Adjudicated as TREASONOUS OFFENSES”, …PERIOD.

    FAILURE of the Present Congress to Perform their “CONSTITUTIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES”, , along with the POTUS, …Promotes the IRE of “We The People”, in that…The CONGRESS, whom are REPRESENTATIVES, TRUSTEES and SERVANTS “of, We The People”, and at all times, …AMENABLE to, “We The People”, …PERIOD.

    “Whenever government shall be found inadequate or contrary to these purposes, the majority
    of the community hath an indubitable, unalienable and undefeasable right to reform (IT) … in such a manner as shall be the most conducive to public weal”. …George Mason

    Timely and appropriate action of, “We The People”, on or about Nov., 2014, and 2016,
    “MAY BE TOO LATE”, THERE in, ..One First Efforts of “We The People”, “To engage
    the Will of the Public Majority”, particularly Oath Keeper’s, ALL of the Nations Veterans Organizations, and …All Freedom Loving Patriots and The (now), “SILENT MAJORITY”, at large, …are beckoned and invited and requested …to participate in a PEACEFUL, …but Demanding Specific Corrections to Our Existing, …INCOMPETENT -Executive and Legislative
    Leadership. ..via… “OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING”, at Wash., DC., on, May 16, 2014.




    History, “WE NEED LEARN from IT”.
    Tomorrow , “We NEED PRAY for IT.

    “All it takes for EVIL to PERSIST, …IS For Good Men and Women, TO DO NOTHING”,

    I am Liable and Accountable for this POST.
    I APPROVE this message.

    Robert David Hummel USA RET, INVERNESS FL. 34452-5754