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Biden’s puppet govt. puts America at risk of being a Chinese vassal state

Written By | Jan 27, 2021
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WASHINGTON, DC: A Chinese puppet government was installed in Washington DC, as “His Fraudulency” and Xi Jinping quisling Joe Biden took the oath of office as President of the United States. Continuing the Democrat’s push of America into a Chinese vassal state.  Of course, Biden is hopelessly compromised by China. Overt, and now well-known bribery schemes, involve the Biden Crime Family.

The endless blackmail exploitation due to the extreme kiddie pics as seen on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Not to mentions, Hunters filmed liaisons with a string of underage Chinese girls while on “business trips”. (WHISTLEBLOWER: HUNTER BIDEN RAPED CHINESE CHILDREN)

It is no surprise that our enemies are celebrating the end of the Trump Presidency.

They are dancing in the streets of Beijing and Tehran. But the jubilation in China and Iran at the prospects for a Biden presidency only assure that our enemies will be emboldened. That America will become a vassal state of China under a puppet President who they control.

It gets worse. The odds are that Biden will soon be replaced by the even weaker President Kamala Harris. Who has no idea what she is doing. A weak and compliant America will then takes its subservient place in the Globalist alliance against sovereign states.

Forget leading from behind. This is following from behind. Bow down to your Chinese masters.

Canceling the Keystone Pipeline and American energy independence

Already Biden has canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, taking 70000 American jobs with it. $90 million dollars a year in royalties going to local and tribal governments in Montana alone evaporated. He is banning the leasing of oil and gas on federal lands. (Oil And Gas Producers Should Prepare For High Stakes Fight With Biden Administration)

With the stroke of a pen, and in his first act as President.

Eliminating the oil and gas boom in New Mexico and Nevada, where 70% and 90% of the land in the state is Federal land. Burning hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties to those state and tribal governments. (America in the crosshairs: Biden’s EOs and America last policies). Increasing unemployment while increasing hunger, suicides, and drug addiction.

The Chinese puppet government of Joe Biden has declared war on oil and the American energy industry.

Biden wants to destroy the oil and natural gas industries and all the jobs they provide.  He wants to eliminate American energy independence. It makes no sense. He will destroy millions of well-paying energy jobs across the country. The only winners in this scenario are Iran and Russia, who are already boosting production.

China is the biggest winner as America flounders under the weight of a self-inflicted strategic error and a weakened economy. Saudi Arabia and all the Middle East oil states will be a big beneficiary of Biden’s war on America’s own economy.

The Keystone XL pipeline was carbon neutral.

Billions of dollars have already been invested. Expensive pumping stations are in the process of being installed. Biden cancels it in order to fend off the dangerous carbon emissions.  Only Biden has forgotten to do the most minute of research, much less as a question.  The XL Pipeline is basically carbon neutral That oil from Alberta will still be removed and shipped. Only by rail or truck. A much more dangerous and carbon inefficient mode of transport. (Keystone XL Oil Project Pledges Zero Carbon Emissions)

But even worse, Biden’s EO opens the door for China to build a pipeline from Alberta to Vancouver and import it for their own purposes.  Stealing energy that America has invested in for their own use.

Biden is also rejoining the Paris Climate Accords.

Where China, Russia, and India continue building new coal-fired power plants for another 12 years, America will pay for their crimes against the environment.  Biden joining the PCA has nothing to do with the environment it is about transferring wealth from American taxpayers and the west to developing countries to subsidize corrupt third world governments.

All while allowing unchecked coal-fired power plants to be built in Asia for the next twelve years. (Coal Rush: China, Japan & India Back Coal-Fired Future With Hundreds of New Plants) With no discernible positive effect whatsoever on climate change or global warming. At the expense of the United States economy and the American worker.

America is now a net exporter of oil. Look for that to change.

The approach to oil is a metaphor for a petulantly radical administration that will seek to wreak havoc on wide swaths of the economy and society. That will continue its hysterical rhetorical war on 75 million Trump voters. Who will relentlessly label those they previously branded as racist and white supremacists as insurrectionists and domestic terrorists.

Under Biden’s policies, you can look for the price per barrel to skyrocket as American energy production comes offline. (GasBuddy: Prices at pump could jump significantly in 2021)  As Chinese supertankers filled with foreign imports fill the gap. Foreign oil production will ramp up, filling their coffers with American dollars.

Iran and Russia are desperate for cash. China is desperate for oil.

All of Biden’s policies favor our enemies and place unconscionable burdens and costs on our economy.

The real political sedition is the Deep State plot against Trump

These are people who will vindictively impeach a former President after creating the very tumult at the Capitol that they blame him for. Pelosi and McConnell deliberately left the Capital unguarded. Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer use the terms insurrection and incitement at their peril. Especially after 4 years of open insurrection, vicious hate speech, character assassination, sabotage, and sedition by the Democrat Party and the Deep State against the Presidency of Donald Trump. These are the real domestic enemies of the people.

The constant drumbeat of spy-ops and psy-ops misinformation. From the Russia Hoax to the 3 year Mueller inquisition, to the impeachment farce. From the summer of Soros funded Antifa/BLM riots, to brazen Big Tech censorship, to the stolen election. And now the impeachment farce two. An unconstitutional exercise that is worthy of Robespierre and the French Revolution. Pelosi is the crazed insurrectionist. Biden and his fellow Obamagate criminals like Susan Rice and John Brennan are the real seditionists.

The Stalinist corporate media has no credibility.

The very people telling you there was no election fraud are the very people who lied to you for 3 years about the Russia Hoax. Who lied about the FISA warrants. Which Democrats (Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer?) were behind the phony impeachment that charged Donald Trump for crimes Joe Biden committed. Who called for Republicans to be told they are not welcome here, before being harassed to leave the store, the restaurant, or the play.  (President-elect attacks Hamilton saying Mike Pence was ‘harassed’ by ‘very rude’ cast who stopped the show to confront VP sitting in the audience – while the crowd BOOED him and his family)

The same media that is now spewing hate speech

CNN is like Radio Rwanda, a constant stream of vicious incitement against Trump supporters about the Capital Hill “riots” and “insurrection”. What is next?  Rounding up the Hutu “cockroaches” for slaughter?

These partisan “news” networks have no credibility. Whatsoever. The same people who have lied to you repeatedly for four years are now supposed to be believed?  (Democrat’s call for ‘unrest in the streets’ is sedition, pure and simple) About anything?

CNN’s vehement slanders and virulent hate speech. MSDNC lies and propaganda. State television worthy of North Korea, without the stylish robes of course, as Don Lemon gleefully sings the praises of America’s own Kim Jung Un, Uncle Joe Bribem.

Biden’s nominees consistently have ties to China.

As the new Puppet Government of “His Fraudulency” Joe Biden takes shape we see nominee after nominee with ties to China, to Chinese business interests, or links to the Chinese Communist Party. We know that Chinese banking and oil interests funneled millions directly to the Biden family. Tony Bolbulinsky says that Joe Biden was sent $5 million dollars. That he personally met with Joe Biden twice.

Whatever the American media reports, the Chinese government knows they have Joe Biden by the short hairs. Xi Jinping knows Biden is as compromised as his son Hunter. Hunter was just the bagman for the Biden Crime family. Rest assured, whatever the tech giants are censoring, our enemies already know. (Hunter and Joe Bribe’Em: The Biden Crime Family and Corruption Inc.)

Joe Biden is a puppet President.

A front for Chinese and globalist interests. Invoking a radical agenda on a shaken America. On a quest to destroy the American economy. The Bolshevik leftist authoritarian agenda of “His  Senility” will grow radically apparent as the days progress. As will the drags on the economy. The loss of jobs. Growing desperation with a broken system. The flagrant corruption and abuse of the political process.

Growth will slow to 1% a year, or worse. Markets could freeze and crash if commercial real estate derivatives tumble. Its the Obama economy all over again. With a hefty dose of censorship, vilification, and domestic spying to keep you on your toes. Crushing the political opposition by labeling them domestic terrorists, racists, and white supremacists. A new McCarthyism for a new decade.

Joe Biden is Xi Jinping’s own personal Pooh Bear puppet

All while China flexes its muscles in the South China Sea. Makes increasingly aggressive moves toward Taiwan. China will never be accountable for the Covid 19 pandemic. For launching a biological attack on the West and the world that has killed millions and destroyed life as we know it. A biological Pearl Harbor on the world. (Did the Coronavirus escape from Wuhan bio-warfare research lab WHCDC)

China mocks the Trump Presidency and openly brags about its influence in senior American circles.

Knows they have the goods on Joe Biden. That he is their puppet. A Chinese asset. Like Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell who, as a member of the house intelligence committee, has access to our military and technology secrets. . (Rep. Eric “Russia Hoax” Swalwell caught in Chinese Honeypot Spy scandal

China has Hunter’s kiddie pic as the embarrassing kompromat China has on the Biden heir. A personal Pooh Bear for Xi Jinping, the living Winnie the Pooh.

Hunter’s laptop is just the tip of the iceberg of what China has on Uncle Joe Biden

From Beijing to Tehran to Moscow, they know Biden is compromised, bought, and paid for. They know the United States is a mess. They watch in bemusement as leftist globalist radical political forces in America sow hate and division. It’s a nefarious spectacle as America devours itself for China’s benefit. The new McCarthyism disguised as a Chinese police state. The better to brand you a domestic terrorist. The CCP would be proud.

Joe Biden is a quisling of Xi Jinping. A stooge at the head of a puppet government.  Who will turn America into a vassal state of China? The damage to our country will be immediately apparent in the year ahead.

It may well be irreversible if left unchecked.



L.J. Keith

LJ Keith is a non-partisan commentator taking aim at all aspects of governmental domestic and foreign policy and the American socio-political landscape with an eye toward examining the functional realities of the modern age, how they can be understood, and what context to view the changing face of life in America and its place in the world at large.